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GhostCraft @Player message displays to client publicly

Discussion in 'Technical Support' started by Glitchyy, Oct 2, 2013.

GhostCraft - @Player message displays to client publicly
  1. JuanDeags Platinum

    Server- All Ghostcraft Servers

    Region- EU/US

    Map- All maps

    Bug Type- Personal Message Display

    Bug- When PM'ing with @Player <message>, it will display the command client side(to self only) as well as the message.

    Recreation- PM with command above to any other player.



  2. AlecJ Administrator

    I've noticed this as well, and I believe that it also happens on other servers.
  3. TheAether97 Gold

    /w seemed ok.
  4. JuanDeags Platinum

    Well it does run off the regular minecraft command line. Not @. :3
  5. TheAether97 Gold

    Well then :3 nice to have a back up command at least. Its just a bit harder to notice.

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