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Tech Support Ping Issues With Players On The Server

Discussion in 'Technical Support' started by TotallyEnder, Jun 1, 2021.

Tech Support - Ping Issues With Players On The Server
  1. TotallyEnder Platinum


    Shotbow's Current Ping Issue


    [IMG] [IMG]

    A few weeks ago, a server-based issue developed where some NA players experienced drastic changes in ping, mostly by about 100ms. Interestingly, the issue has also occurred with some JP players with a similar ping increase. Speaking with a few admins, I have learned that the change in ping is NOT because the host has been moved, so what is causing the issue?

    The reason for the ping change is unclear, but any updates haven't been made widely available or accessible to the community. Especially for Annihilation, a game most players on the server are familiar with, ping is the most decisive factor in gameplay interactions: breaking blocks, knockback reductions, movement, and other combat related mechanisms.

    Because ping is such an important factor on the server, clarity would be much appreciated from the admins or developers as to what caused this ping issue and when it is projected to be fixed.

    This short post's sole intention is to bring more light to an issue that is seemingly going under the radar. Communication between the admins/developers and the larger community is essential, especially when bugs or massive changes present themselves. Without a bridge between staff members and the player base, frustration and miscommunication is bound to occur.

    In the future, I will post again about ping and how it specifically affects Annihilation in game-breaking ways. Hopefully the ping issue is officially by the admins and developers in the coming days with information as to how it is going to be resolved.

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  2. ClearlyEnder Emerald

    cant civ break no more ;/
  3. soto Platinum

    there are times when my ping jumps to 300 for ridiculous reasons. The issue isn't fixed if i'm on the EU tunnel; the frequency of it happening is quite bothersome.
  4. Aanni Obsidian

  5. wincing Gold

    yeah i play minez not anni but my ping went from 20ms to 123ms and when i logged in i thought the host had been moved or something, until everyone told me it wasnt
  6. alypt Platinum

    me and anni asked jt in a game if they planned to fix it. he said it had been brought up internally, but i dont think he mentioned anything about a fix. I know this isnt such a high jump but my ping went from 30-35 to 50-60
  7. Galap Developer

    Our current theory is that the issue is either with our host or upstream from them due to specific regions being affected. We've initiated contact with our host regarding the issue.

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