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Other PI PACK | A resource pack with legendary textures!

Discussion in 'MineZ' started by RisingThumb, Jun 2, 2019.

Other - PI PACK | A resource pack with legendary textures!
  1. RisingThumb Regular Member

    Hey you MineZ Player, want to see what legendaries you and your friends are using? Want to be able to identify easily whether a person is using protection helmets or depth strider leggings? Want a GUI that looks nice and steampunk with transparency so you can see enemies behind your inventory? Is the answer to any of these questions yes? Look no further than the PI PACK.

    The Pi Pack uses Minecraft Version 1.12.2 with Optifine's Custom Item Textures feature to give players custom item textures based on the name or enchantment IDs of what they hold. With this I have used it to retexture most of the legendaries in the game(Retired, Event and Elite Legendaries haven't been textured because this is just a free project for you guys).

    Developed by RisingThumb.

    • A Steampunk GUI for inventories that looks good and has transparency for use in combat.!
    • Custom Item Textures for Enchanted equipement!
    • Custom Item Textures for most Legendaries!
    • Custom potion Textures!
    • Textures for Event Legendaries
    • Textures for Retired Legendaries
    • Textures for stacks of items
    • Textures for Respiration Helmet
    • Create a language file for some items
    • Possibly model json modifications with some textures to make them bigger or smaller, or even 3D models
    Current Version: 0.9

    QUESTION: Is this against the rules?
    ANSWER: Technically not. The only software it uses is Minecraft with it's Resource Packs and Optifine. This takes advantage of a feature in Optifine which is explicitly stated as allowed by Rule 1 in the rules section. To quote below:

    To conclude on this point, technicalities point to yes as Optifine and Resource packs are both allowed on Shotbow, though it's pretty grey in terms of fairness.

    QUESTION: How do I install this and use this?
    ANSWER: Download the .zip file unzip it with winrar. Put it in your Minecraft resource packs folder. Download and use Optifine for Minecraft 1.12.2. In the settings for Minecraft go to Video Settings>Quality>Custom Items: ON.

    QUESTION: How do I modify this for my own texture pack?
    ANSWER: In the files for the resource pack, there is a folder called mcpatcher. In this folder is CIT(Abbreviation of Custom Item Textures). You can copy and paste the folders to your resource pack correctly. Notice that there's a .properties file and a .png file associated with each texture. The .png files is the texture we use. The .properties file is used for selecting and changing textures as according to the documentation on Optifine's CIT.

    QUESTION: Can I help you develop this?
    ANSWER: Yes, but I cannot guarantee your additions get added to the resource pack. If you have a texture or 3D model you wish to add to it, Message me on the forums, or on Discord at ODST#7648

    Thanks for reading this. Enjoy the textures!

  2. teaz3 Gold

    seems pretty cool, I know this has been done, but not publicly released so thank you
  3. RisingThumb Regular Member

    Yeah, I'll probably work on it line by line. Over the next few weeks. No problemo :)
    I was also aware it had been done before, but not publicly released. Hopefully this should make it easier for anyone else to modify their resource packs accordingly to level the playing field and make for easier identification in combat scenarios. Imagine if people had it back when Therum's Chestplates were being duplicated? Much easier identification to tell when to engage and not.
  4. teaz3 Gold

    It would've been even better when depth strider 2 & 3's were in the game
  5. cyclone_43 Silver

    Trust me, it was
  6. teaz3 Gold

    I remember your videos having it lol, everyone in my team wanted to know how you did it haha
  7. cyclone_43 Silver

    That pack took forever to make
  8. teaz3 Gold

    I bet lol but you finished it so it was worth
  9. Oraceon Obsidian

    I love the Elder Scrolls music on the menu. It fits well.
  10. wSaiz86 Regular Member

    dude this is epic
  11. cyclone_43 Silver

    Tbh it's been an on going process since like October of 2017
  12. RisingThumb Regular Member

    Updated the pack:
    • Fixed some legendaries not showing up
    • Removed any copyrighted content(Pretty much just the Music) that was previously in it
    • Added an imgur album of pictures to view, check them out here
  13. ShayminPlays Media Team Coordinator

    Uh oh someone fetch Jam
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  14. Treetop_Archer Platinum

    i c u with the lain splash

    nice pack though, makes dungeons worth it just to use the textures
  15. Klilly Platinum

    how did you make this? this is actually pretty cool
  16. RisingThumb Regular Member

    Thanks for the kind words! There'll soon be an update that adds textures for all the elite legendries, and also unique textures for potions thanks to a friend who has pointed me in the right direction for it. It definitely makes having an inventory of legendries actually look like an inventory of legendries.

    A normal resource pack contains assets which contain textures. You texture things normally as a resource pack would be textured. The custom item textures only work with Optifine's Custom Item Texture feature on. In the mcpatcher folder(changed to optifine folder in 1.13), you can define ways to select items then change the texture/model/tile to either json files for models(which work the same way item models do in Minecraft), textures or tiles which work as expected of textures and tiles. A video tutorial for this can be found here. I also found it useful to take apart other peoples resource packs to understand how they handled doing Optifine CIT, as well as the minecraft models for .json files. There's a lot involved in it, but the effect is so worthwhile, and is a huge help in distinguishing items in inventory, as well as fighting so you know what you're up against. Making the .properties files in Optifine takes a lot of time and effort, so you could always just hack on the images in the mcpatcher folder to whatever resource pack you use and modify it to your hearts content. If you give this a try, give me a shout if you need help- or just want to show it off :wink: I'd be interested!
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  17. RisingThumb Regular Member

    Version 0.9 of the PiPack has been released which includes elite legendary textures and custom potion textures for healing potions. You can get it here or from the download link above. Below shows what the textures will look like ingame. Special thanks to RoseFredricks for the help with potion textures!


    Now you can easily distinguish potions in inventory!
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  18. Mysterious_Seven Platinum

    You zipped a folder instead of all the contents, doesn't allow for plug and play.
    Piqued my interest since I'm in the process of making an Annihilation pack for myself. I could definitely see this getting introduced as a server wide feature. I remember reading about this in the 1.9 patch notes, are there any notable differences to packs like Itembound?
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  19. RisingThumb Regular Member

    Itembound uses Custom Item Textures the same way as this pack does. I'll update the pack eventually to just allow plug and play instead. The way it selects is based on NBT data, and I'm unsure if Annihilation gives different items different NBT data, like display names and lore texts. I imagine it does for spawn/class items but not for crafted items, but I haven't played it in so long that I wouldn't know. If you give it a try, give me a shout and I'll check it out!

    The main difference between this pack and Itembound is that I use a selector for named items like
    nbt.display.Name=\u00a7rSimoon's Melody
    This selects any items with the name Simoon's Melody. The /u00a7r is the equivalent of the §r format code which resets formatting. This is done because by default, items in names have the format code at the start to make them Italic. Itembound covers a lot more custom items than I have covered in this pack so I definitely recommend checking it out if you're interested.

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