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Discussion [Petition] Axle as admin?

Discussion in 'MineZ' started by Lil_Jeffy_com, Aug 17, 2017.

Discussion - [Petition] Axle as admin? | Page 2
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  1. XenoPVP Platinum

    Actually he told his team who then told me when they were acting hard and threatening that I would be banned once he was promoted

  2. FreeCookson Platinum

    He specifically told Technoskull and other people in his team to not be toxic so he could have a better chance at admin.

    Also considering who shotbow had as admins in the past Axle doesn't even look bad.



    Sacred btw got demoted for a really stupid reason but he confessed in a facebook group chat to abusing admin to gear his other accounts. he never got caught for this though.

    Stroby was breaking teamates into axis mundi and renaming diamond swords to "nigger."
  3. Axyy Marketing Team

    Sacred tpd members of his group
  4. FreeCookson Platinum

    To their zombies after they died to a hacker.
  5. InstantLightning Jr. Developer, Web Mod Lead

    Hello, some of you have been trashposting, and I have removed the posts in which y'all have done so. Feedback is fine, but the mocking is not constructive. Please keep this thread on topic.
  6. onyachina Emerald

    Axle blackmailed Princess Dreya with her own nudes, he made a fake twitter account and blackmailed her and other stuff, i don't have proof but i know alot of people know about it, but we all make mistakes, it's up to you guys at the end of the day.
  7. connor564 Platinum

    This is an all time low for the network :/
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  8. vampire_toothy Obsidian

    I do not wish to get involved with this thread any further than I have or am about to, but I do wish that you look into what I'm about to say. I'm not looking for people to agree with me, but I'm looking for you to take into consideration as to what it is that you're doing.

    I just fail to see where this is debatable at all. When you look at somebody who apparently strongly lacks support, apparently has blackmailed, is associated with DDoSers, somebody who has hacked and trashtalked to some degree, do you look at them and say "Now that's the type of person I want moderating on this network."
    Not really.

    Back when I was brought onto the team, if I even told a close friend that I was an admin in training or if I told them about even the smallest little change and somehow shotbow knew about that, I would've been removed instantly. Hell, me even making a joke about the secret update turned into a mess when that was first coming out and that wasn't debatable, yet somehow you as a leadership have looked at a member who has done all of this and it's debatable on if you want him on your team and then he stays on it? You've came to the conclusion that just somehow, this is just the type of person to represent your network to the hundreds of players online at any given time or otherwise more than a thousand unique logins everyday?

    Now, I have nothing personal against axle and I would really love to say that it's a great idea but I'm afraid that would be a big lie right to everyone's face. I strongly believe in the fact that people can change and clean up their act because I've seen it happen time and time again, but change just like anything takes a long time and you won't find that change in less than a year odds are, the red lights on this whole ordeal only begin to stack up more and more, at what point does something become such a bad idea that you simply just don't do it, what does it take for you to say that this is a bad idea? Here we have somebody who has broken just about every last rule on shotbow and they're being given a chance because they're going to clean up their act, yet here we are in 2017 and no other member who truly deserves it has been given this chance. I'll even give some examples infact! If you really want some people who really care a whole lot about shotbow and you want to give them a chance just like you gave to your little pal here, then I suggest you take a look into DutchBartje and DutchSurvivor because they truly cared about the network and were willing enough to stick around and help out in any way they were capable of doing so. Now, if you're just looking for people who deeply care about MineZ, take a look at both Acceptance and Rigby and then take a look at whoever has bothered to respond to this thread, you won't find people who agree with what is done all the time, but you sure will find people who fully cared about this gamemode at one point or still do.

    Personally, I was happy to see MineZ getting all these quick little well needed updates and changes (thanks abu!), but all it takes is just this one push in the wrong direction to make all of those efforts useless. If you still strongly believe that axle should still be admin, then please explain to the community what it is about him that you think will really make a positive impact on shotbow and how we can look past all the previous actions he has done, because right now I'm only seeing bias and a potential for a disastrous outcome.
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  9. onyachina Emerald

    I know that majority of the staff team won't even bother to read this considering who's writing it, but hear me out.

    Axle is the Co Leader of a MineZ group that has or still does DDoSed, trashtalked, duped and even hacked on alts, and i can assure you now without proof that Axle has hacked on alts before, i know it may not be linked to his account on your list or whatever, but i can give you my word witch wouldn't mean much, that he has hacked on alts before.

    He has Blackmailed Dreya Angele's with her own nudes, and he has even went to the extent of making a twitter account ' No E-Girl is Safe ' and uploaded her nudes to it, i have the screenshots of the account blackmailing her but i doubt it'll be of any help. If you were to ask Dreya AKA Princessdreya about this happening, she will tell you that Axle was infact the main character in this situation, he created the Twitter account, and he abused and blackmailed Dreya.

    Another thing Axle has done is cheated on his main account, and it is very very disapointing that there is going to be a player who's been associated with DDoSers and blackmail moderating your server, having acsess to commands that could be used to abuse with, Axle can not be trusted with any Staff rank on your server, and if he can then sure, his changed his ways but his done stuff, his done stuff worse than me that would count as a ' history '. But because he is freinds with the Admins, he gets a free pass? I think you guys should THURRERLEY think about what you're doing, because in majority of the community's eyes, and even a fellow retired Admin, this action you're taking is one of the biggest mistakes.

    I can also vouch that when Stroby was abusing, Axle was egging him on to do so when we were all playing, but i mean it is up to you at the end of the day to be honest, he even told me that IMBC banned Zuleth and he told me who had a certain amount of bans last night when were in teamspeak, ' Just_Jake ' had the most? He can't be trusted, his already done so many things that should have him removed from training.

    As i said, it's YOUR network and its YOUR decision, but speaking for everyone who is aginst this decision, have a long hard think about what you're about to do, because i can assure you Axle is not as ' crystal clear ' as you think he is, he has a pretty bad history, hence why all these people think it's a bad idea.

    Thanks :)
  10. Lil_Jeffy_com Platinum

    As the outstander, who started this step forward. Even risking a ban, this thread has been posted 2 times before by myself, I got told, another time such threads would appear, I'd get forum banned. Yet, I still went for it and posted this thread.

    Some time has passed by and more is to come, a ton of reactions flew in, now it's been geven a chance.

    Most of the people commenting on this thread, are old players, who know Axle, who are relevant to the community. I basically did not see anybody stating he should be staff in this post. If so many people are against him, we need to be heard! There's way more people out there who agree and didn't reply yet.

    Honestly, if even Axle gets staff. Why can't I? I'm not saying I want to be staff. But heck, even if I'd apply, I bet my application would just dissapear or something. I've been banned in-game (unbanned though, it was quite an abusive ban Imo), banned from Shoutblx, banned from Discord. And that history isn't even near as close as AXLE'S history. Besides that, I basically had a great history btw. But it's not like I want to be staff, but even me having a better history than Axle, I wouldn't get staff in any way possible. But Axle happend to be friends with a few lead admins... Hmmm!

    I haven't played Shotbow for "real" in ages. Yet, I do care in a way. Like vampire said, people who care about the game and community like acceptante and Rigby, they are relevant to this community, their opinions do matter a lot, and they think the same way as all of us. Even though I haven't played in ages, I still care about Shotbow, MineZ, the community.

    Those people still care, a lot. Even I still care a lot. I want the stuff that's better for shotbow to come out, just like them. Which is why I made this thread.

    There's basically so much evidence, so many people who don't agree with this decision, and almost all of them know the community, and are relevant to it. There's legit people who called me a "legend" for making this thread, who haven't even replied yet.

    This thread shouldn't be locked, because only more reactions will flow in. We have made clear this thread shouldn't be hidden from the public. I suggest we keep this thread open for further support.

    Please, keep supporting the thread. We have made OUR points clear, shown just "some" of OUR thread. There's still a ton of support out there that didn't do anything with this thread yet.

    So I, along with many others hope this thread keeps getting supported, so we Can get somewhere. And we don't want this thread to get locked either, because only more responses will come, if you agree, and want this thread to stay open, please include "#DontLockThisPost" in your COMMENT. :)
  11. 137 Regular Member

    You can't always judge a book by its cover, even look at when I (zerbias) was an admin. I looked fine, 2 days into being an admin boom and I am gone. But for Axle it's really a whole different situation. People have provided endless support to not give him admin, so just listen to the community for once please. Lately you seem to be doing pretty good at that, and I think people would like to hear opinions of the lead staff maybe? (If a staff can forward this in the slack to Andrew/Wayvernia that would be great)
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  12. SocomX1 Retired Staff

    Hi all,

    Just a reminder that typing '#DontLockThisPost' won't prevent us from locking this thread should things get out of hand with inappropriate comments, as we've had to delete a lot of low quality, immature posts already. The best way to ensure that both the community and staff get the maximum possible value out of this thread is for everyone posting here to think twice if what they're about to say is going to add something reasonable and of value to the discussion.
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  13. Kruziikaazjun Regular Member

    It amazes me how the very same people who disagree aren't very innocent themselves. It's like cheating for most part. It's only bad when other people are doing it and I don't think they actually care at all about admin abuse so as long as they're not in the sights of said abusive admin. Personally, I think they know they can't control him as he's only loyal to his group. The people who posted against him can't use him as a stepping stone to get what they want as they could with others. But I can guarantee you that they'd be quiet, silent and obedient if it's their buddy that's placed up there who can be just as bad and or just as stupid as long as they're "nice.

    A certain someone here who has posted extensive proof has used multiple abusive admins as well to their way against me and has even hung out and bragged about her connection with said Axyl to threaten me once and only because of me had that person sought out CloudBoyz... For what? To DDoS me and track me? And when Axyl turned on said person because she couldn't control she started doing a complete 180* and stopped bragging about it and hoping I'd never bring it up ever again. I remember. How fickle is that? Sometimes, I think the only way is methods like this to keep MineZ's balance of power. You're all rotten and frankly there's no way to bring it to a minimum in corruption, favoritism or abuse unless you grab it by the roots pull it out and start over again. This time, with the right seeds. Especially remove staff which are in clans or certain active groups.
  14. jinl3e Platinum

    wow "everybody gets a fair chance" I feel rigged
    Lets see what axle has to say for himself :wink: I thought axle was pretty nice but now I remember him. That filthy no good son of a
    EDIT: If he does become an admin, I will have little respect for the admins ;(
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  15. FreeCookson Platinum

    I have been friends with Axle for around 2ish years and while he may have a list of people's ip's, I trust him not do anything. Why? My name is at the top of the list and I could care less.

    The only person that group has booted is Beastly and from what I remember he was being a twat.

    He wasn't booted by Axle either.

    Lesson is don't be a twat.
  16. Kruziikaazjun Regular Member

    First you deny, then you justify. The usual modus operandi when people no longer can hide the fact that they're hypocrites.
  17. FixGoldNameTag Obsidian

    Do not post on this thread unless you are adding constructively to it, which you currently are not doing.
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  18. FixGoldNameTag Obsidian

    Japanese and Koreans members are on there and Jake would boot them off. Also Sycept confirmed that he hit IrishKaiser + PrayForMineZ. It is implied in our he may have also hit off Protects. Jake hit me off twice because I told him to when he said he had my IP. He did have it and I did get hit offline. They also attempted to hit off Shotbow. Many more probably hit offline too
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  19. FreeCookson Platinum

    Oh, I just never got on their bad side and was chill with them from the beginning so I never had problems.
  20. Kruziikaazjun Regular Member

    Correction on your intentions - anything that calls it out for what it is not acceptable to you. Self-reflection and awareness is important to know if you really do mean what you say.

    Admin abusing, cheating. You covered for everyone who admin abused or cheated only when it suits you, is what I'm saying. Heck, you don't even fully cover them and talk behind their backs, ready to drop them off for the next one as long as they can further your own goals. The only consistency I see here is that you people don't like it when it's done to you.

    I don't think I've been DDoS'd at all. If he did then he must have targeted the wrong sap. Most probably Sycept just thinks and brags that when he did nothing at all to get street cred. You know the kind of person he is.
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