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Other Personal Thoughts On Class and Some Improvements

Discussion in 'Assault' started by killer1o5, Jun 27, 2015.

Other - Personal Thoughts On Class and Some Improvements
  1. killer1o5 Platinum

    I recently started playing the new gamemode called Assault,a game based on Battlefront II. Here are my thoughts of the classes:

    Dookie: One of the free classes of the Sith. It has a lightsaber,choke and lightning ability. Also jumps high and goes faster than some of other classes. It should have more cooldown after using the abilities

    Django Feet: It has a blaster,flamethrower,time bomb and carries a jetpack. Jetpack works same as jetpack in wasted. In my opinion this class needs a buff. Its blaster doesn't require ammo but you can shoot only 7 rounds before it fully overheats. Does good amount of damage though. Flamethrower isn't that bad and its effective when used on players that have been damaged before but it creates a bit of lag and it blocks your vision. This class is also weaker than
    Boba Feet (easier to get killed). Flamethrower creates a little lag because it shoots fire blocks (imagine a fire without on top of a block). Flamethrower should fire magma cream (looks like fire) or something else retextured as fire to prevent lag and fire particles should be removed. Flamethrower should do more damage if you keep firing at the same player or should have a longer afterburn time (easily countered with medical droid maybe?)

    Boba Feet: One of the free classes of the Sith. It has a blaster,rocket launcher,a detpack and carries a jetpack. Jetpack works same as jetpack in wasted. Its blaster is special which burst fires. The kit isn't balanced in my opinion. Its rocket launcher and detpack needs a bit damage buff and it should carry more blaster ammo.

    Greivous: This kit has a lightsaber,rage and can throw its saber. This class is one of the best classes for melee pvp. It also supports yourself and your teammates with rage buff which increases damage. You can use it to kill a player quicker. An enemy running away? Throw your lightsaber to finish them off. Great class!

    Vader: I don't own this class and i didn't manage to play it on father's day but it is basically Dookie without speed boost but it has a special ability which makes you leap and regens force faster. The problem is making a melee class slower makes this class ruined a bit. It should get a little speed boost and reduced leap time to 5 seconds. (or at least make it not use force when sprinting)

    Windu: Windu can pull people,throw its saber and it can slam into the ground which makes this class effective for close and useful for medium ranges. The kit is great

    Obi-One: One of the free classes of the Jedi. It has a lightsaber,force push and can throw its saber. You can get rid of a player with push and damage a player on medium range or combo damage on close range with saber throw. The kit is balanced. It should have more cooldown after using the abilities

    Luke: One of the free classes of the Jedi.This is just like Obi-One but it has force pull instead of force push ability. Great for pulling players who are camping and/or escaping. It should have more cooldown after using the abilities

    Joda: This kit is a mix of Luke and Obi-One. It has a lightsaber,force push and force pull ability so you can push and pull players in one kit. Balanced class.

    Solo: I don't have this kit so i have no idea how many rounds it shoots untill it overheats or its damage. All i know about this kit is that it's blaster doesn't require ammo and it also carries rally to give your teammates a defend bonus and detpack to blow wounded players up. Like Boba Feet,its detpack should do a bit more damage.

    Leila: One of the free kits of the Jedi. She carries a blaster,invulnerability and a thermal pack. Thermal pack blows up when someone comes near it. Her blaster shoots 10-12? (not sure) rounds before it gets out of ammo. She carries 32 spare ammo. Her invulnerability supports her teammates well. Great Kit!

    Chewwie: One of the special classes in my opinion. It carries a special bow that shoots more arrows the more you draw the bow. It also has double the health than any other classes and it carries rally to give its teammates a defence bonus. The kit is bad for close range but devestating on other ranges if used right. It also jump a bit higher than other classes who use firearms.

    Note: My grammar may be bad. English ISN'T my main language. I will try to fix some grammar errors later
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  2. demon_peanut Retired Staff

    Django is difficult to use but can be very good if you use 'im correctly, got 45 kills once with Django.
    Easily my favourite class c:

    Omg ur speling is such bad!!1!1!11!!!
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  3. Unicycle43 Retired Staff

    Havn't read them all but its good to see suggestions for assault :)
  4. killer1o5 Platinum


    fixed the ''error'' word. You happy now?

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