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Guide Party Room is now OPEN! パーティの時間だよ!

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by AramakiYT_JP, Oct 15, 2019.

Guide - Party Room is now OPEN! パーティの時間だよ!
  1. AramakiYT_JP Regular Member

    Hello guys!
    Today I will introduce a party room!

    It is builded by Sevy13(Admin) today, and I am standing as DJ!

    This party room is hidden, but I will teach you a hint.
    It is under the Thin Ice!

    Let's find it and enjoy our party!




    Picture Here / 写真はこちら
    Sevy13 and InfinityAura like this.

  2. InfinityAura Platinum

    Really nice :D
    AramakiYT_JP likes this.
  3. Sevy13 Annihilation Co-Lead

    It was there for one day only, but it sure was fun!
    At the end of the night we had the whole lobby down there dancing, a bunch of people taking turns at the Jukebox and two people selling potions at the bar. We even had our resident musician playing the note block piano.

    Thank you Aramaki for being my DJ during construction :)
    AramakiYT_JP and InfinityAura like this.

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