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Suggestion Origins should add more pots to the north.

Discussion in 'MineZ' started by bombermatt360, Aug 25, 2019.

Suggestion - Origins should add more pots to the north.
  1. bombermatt360 Regular Member

    I know this is a suggestion you guys probably get a lot, but I think it's really important, and should be considered for Origins. For visual representation, here is a list of locations with a reasonable amount of potions up north:
    • Sanctuary of Peace (Not a hotspot but very popular - Button required for most chests)
    • Frostbain (Bandit hotspot - only one chest)
    • Death Mansion (Button required)
    • Fort Kharj (Button required)
    • Al Hasa (Bandit hotspot)
    • Eillom (Bandit hotspot)
    • Floating Islands (you think I'm going to go here to restock?)
    • Hell Tree (see reason for floating islands)
    Notice how all of them have parentheses; reasons not to go there? If you don't have a button, you have to either use Virway Tower (which has 1 pots_common o_O)or head South.
    It's really annoying to have to go so out of your way to get just basic potions. If this is intended, it's really bad design. Having the ability to heal yourself should not be a luxury.
    Also, it just doesn't make since, the north is supposed to have all of the good loot, right? Then why do the spawn towns have more potion chests than the northern locations?
    I'm not asking for pot rares everywhere, just a few pot commons sprinkled about would be fine.
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  2. Sh4dowB0t Obsidian

    How is frostbain a bandit hotspot people dont go there ???
    Also u can always try and climb big trees if u dont wanna go to a bandit hotspot or a town thats popular.
    People already run around with splash inventorys dont see why we need more pot spots.
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  3. connor564 Platinum

    sounds like a boomer to me
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  4. bombermatt360 Regular Member

    Personally, I see people there a lot, and I also considered how it only has one pot chest. (Editing that in now)
    I have done this before, and died because of it. I don't know how to climb them without a grapple, and with a grapple you can bet it takes all the durability off of it. And you'll probably take enough fall damage that overall you will lose health.
    This isn't really about that we need more pots in the game, but we need easier ways to get low level ones. Currently it's very annoying to restock pots, and that's why people have splash inventories.
  5. Marine_PvP MineZ Lead Admin

    Origins is a build/lore update, and we don't have to wait for it to update loot - we can do it anytime we want.

    The north is supposed to be dangerous to travel - it has high quality and low quantity loot, while the south has low quality and high quantity loot. For example, most spawn towns have 4 pot_commons and a lot of food_commons which respawn very quickly. Therefore it's more common that players will fight for limited resources at north more often than the south, which creates a PvP hotspot such as Al Hasa. I understand your concern about getting pots at north, but you will have to travel down to south a bit if you want to avoid danger. There are many midmap towns that spawn potions.

    I'd suggest visiting the following mid-north and northern locations for pots:
    • Clarce
    • Paluster
    • Arbreton
    • Lazerville
    • Kauri
    • Septus
    • Riel
  6. bombermatt360 Regular Member

    Thanks for the reply, and for your point of view on it. However this gives me a new idea that may keep your design, but also help spread potions around more evenly. I've noticed that there is only one location with potions in the mid-map snow area, (x100 to x1720) Fort Erie (and a button is required) While the west and east parts of the map have many pot locations, this area, which is popular to travel to and directly next to the gravel islands, has few. Is there any reason for this? If not, it would be nice to put pots there so that we don't have to travel to the west and east sides of the map to get potions. Also, having potions at the spawn towns, then not having any until 2600 more blocks north (Eillom) seems weird.
  7. Tozzu Platinum

    all are very close to Erie and have potions that dont require a button
  8. Marine_PvP MineZ Lead Admin


    As Tozzu said, there're Frostbain, Clarce, and Paluster near Fort Erie and all of them have famrable potion chests.

    Romero - Eillom route doesn't have many potions compared to other parts of the map. But there is Roseluck Island between Romero and Eillom which has two pot_uncommons. Gravel canyons are generally very dangerous to travel due to bandits and lack of supplies, such as food and potions, and restocking potions at Roseluck might be a good idea before entering the gravel area.
  9. boogaert Emerald

    The west still needs another pot location imo
    Smartz_ likes this.
  10. Smartz_ Platinum

    Honestly, you put potions anywhere in the north you're going to have people come there. Pots right now in the north are already really good and as Sh4dowB0t said literally perfectly
    That about sums up the whole argument. I literally come to hasa with broken iron a few drinks and pray (Don't believe me, ask any of my team mates they all complain that I ask for pots lol). I only fight people with like god invs, really don't think there should be more places to get them.
  11. cyclone_43 Silver

    Erie does not have farmable potion chests, they're behind an iron door
  12. Mr_3141592653589 Regular Member

    Gunpowder is more common than splash potions, simply by nature of there being more military chests than potion chests. Also potion quantity from potion chests is pretty bad, getting 1 potion from a potion chest just leads to slow farming for potions.

    Overall though? I think the loot situation is just fine as it is, a little tedious but fine(Consider every loot system will lead to its own meta and people will complain anyway). The more important thing is game content, like new items and new map locations and just that sort of content. Hell, maybe a geography shift or a Western cave system or maybe a cave system connecting Midlands to Easterlands so you don't go through 30 minutes of water would be quite interesting. The only content that's been added that's really been remarkable in the last 4 years is dungeons, but dungeons aren't really the kind of content everyone in the community gets excited for.
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  13. Oraceon Obsidian

    Heading North is supposed to be difficult. Adding more pots would make a game that's already pretty easy even easier. The game needs more difficulty, in my opinion.
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  14. Marine_PvP MineZ Lead Admin


    As Tozzu said, there're Frostbain, Clarce, and Paluster near Fort Erie and all of them have famrable potion chests.

    I meant all of the following towns near Fort Erie have farmable potions (excluding Fort Erie)
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