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Discussion One time I was _____ing and _____ happened

Discussion in 'Wasted' started by BrassBuilder, Dec 6, 2015.

Discussion - One time I was _____ing and _____ happened
  1. HypeTrains Regular Member

    The point of this thread is to share some moments when you were just doing your normal wasted thing and something funny or unexpected happened. It cannot be something of you just kicking butt, unless you freaked out and randomly shot in the air or something. For example, something unacceptable would be "one time I was jetpacking and I killed like 7 noobs at the dz." But a good example would be "One time I just capped the dz, and I heard pkp shots, so I freaked out and randomly shot my rl into the sky and killed the jetpacker."

    I will start.

    One time, I was just jetpacking, and I think I killed the mech objective or something, but then Potatophone came and pkp sprayed me down from two blocks away, but I couldn't see him at all. I recorded him invisibly picking up my items, but when I tried to report him the video was private, and the report got ignored. For about five months, I never saw potato again, and two months after I did, we became friends.

  2. juicyjocelyn Regular Member

    one time, I actually got enough money to buy my own gear, and lowkey accidentally tried to purchase something with my rl...

    long time no see @ everybody, msg me on skype I miss jew all :heart:
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  3. Broooce Regular Member

    So yesterday in City 17 I killed F...

    No, I'm not going to keep saying that, I'm going to actually tell something that happened a year ago, between me and my ultimate enemy in the EU servers.

    After flying from city to city searching for him, there he was, in Rothley. Standing still observing his team mates whilst they 1v1 eachother. As soon as I saw him my heart beat got faster, I didn't kill him ever before, nor had he ever killed me, we always managed to fight but never get the chance to kill eachother, a true challenge. I slowly decended and activsted scout and landed on the small stone building next to the shop and landed, I was suprised to catch him off guard. With my finger on the mouse ready to shoot him with a rocket I walked foward then hastly fired, but I wasn't looking properly, I was too excited to kill him. As soon as the rocket shot he had already moved to the right, the rocket instead hit his team mate who was fully geared but I didn't care about him. As soon as I realised, he already flew off.

    I then activated scout and flew off and saw him hovering above where I was recently stood, ready to shoot a rocket at me. We then both saw eachother, we flew around shooting eachother then eventually, the highlight of the story happened. We flew straigjt at eachother, I brumg my rocket launcher out and shot a rocket directly at him, killing me and him.

    I never got my gear back but since his other team mate was in Rothley he got my gear since only the impact killed me. Best fight in my old Wasted days.

    This turned out to be more of a story than I anticipated...
  4. 323465963 Retired Staff

    One day, I was riding a car downhill.
    'nuff said.
  5. Robertthegoat Developer

    One day I was buzzing over Nightmares at Liberty with friends. One of us asks, "Do they have rockets?". Moments later, a Nightmare fires and kills two of his own. Yep, they had rockets.
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  6. Jore_ Silver

    one time i left the server for a while and wasted died
  7. HypeTrains Regular Member

    shush m8. That's not the point. That isn't really a in-game thing it's more of statistics
  8. Broooce Regular Member

    But it's true :wink:
  9. SwitchFire Regular Member

    The time when you're on a Kill Streak and you blow yourself up with a M79:/ Them darn things.
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  10. HypeTrains Regular Member

    I blew myself up to get my 10 ks :lmao:
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  11. PurplePugs Gold

    OMG WASNT THAT ME!!!??? : D
    BrassBuilder likes this.
  12. Robertthegoat Developer

    That was most definitely you Pugs!
    BrassBuilder and PurplePugs like this.
  13. HypeTrains Regular Member

    One time I was practicing air shooting (a month or two ago) and I managed to kill myself with a ump-45 mid-air next to the ice building.

    Another time I was trying to kill hydra and 323 punched me off the ledge of the ice building, and I used my grapple to not fall and die before eventually landing on the building, and when he tried to blow me up, I had half a heart left and managed to survive. That was like the most surprising moment I have ever had. Spec Ops OP.
  14. ReviveWasted Regular Member

    One time I reported a bug and it never got fixed.

    And another time I was in c17 in the jetpacker building. I was with 323, and I went outside the second level real quick, only to see 323 was killed by a jetpacker with a pkp. I turned around, crept back in, and put 10 pounds of M249 led into his face.
  15. HypeTrains Regular Member

    That reminds me...
    One time I tried to break a window with my rl. I broke the glass but I kind of was incinerated.

    Its funnier cause I thought i had a P30
  16. Mersid Regular Member

    One time I potatoed.

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