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Discussion Oldest Memory Of Shotbow - Feel Free To Share :)

Discussion in 'The Network' started by Jingle535, Dec 2, 2015.

Discussion - Oldest Memory Of Shotbow - Feel Free To Share :)
  1. Jingle535 Gold

    So I created this thread because I have been with "Shotbow" for some time now and I wanted to see how much others remember from earlier days. So the reason I called it "Shotbow" is because at one time (as many of you probably know) it was not Shotbow, that was just a new name. Anyways even before they named it Shotbow, the way I knew to connect to Shotbow was by putting in server addresses (I forget what they were and cant find them but they were something like minez-1.us or something). These addresses would connect you to a Mnez server (I only played Mnez back then, I think that was their only game, maybe smash also?) where at the time the "North" was said to be a spooky place. As far as I know there was no hub at that time but I believe the hub was added before the server was named Shotbow. When I used to play I actually used my brothers account called zamzoom625, which was name changed to Silver Scarab some time ago. This is as far back as I remember, if anyone remembers there first experiences please share. You can correct any inaccuracies, I was younger and I may not remember some things and knowing the truth would be great. Thanks,
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  2. Deadspeck Mini Builder

    HCF was the first game, then came MineZ
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  3. ButterTheGiraffe Platinum

    I remember back in the really early days when i somehow made it up to Hasa, without knowing what hasa was and i found a Smite 1 Iron Sword, i freaked out lmao
  4. ButterTheGiraffe Platinum

    shitttt man, that OSU ranking tho. Idk how you do that without breaking your hand. Also Shinobu from Monogatari is the best Loli, yours will never compare
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  5. ZomBry Retired Staff

    Back in the ol' days of MineZ, I was stalking the streamers known as "Jacsebalon" and "Kewtyp". Back then, being Platinum was very rare and the majority of players were Silvers. I was the first Platinum that Sebalon ever saw and I promptly died of hunger while running to that castle which needed a button to get in.

    I became a part of their streams by snowballing them whenever I could and became known as the Snowball guy. I briefly had the second diamond sword to exist in MineZ and I took part in hopping Grimdale and massacring everyone with the rest of the stream. Those days were back when there was no map, there were Rei's Minimap waypoints that you could download but that was about it.

    Man, entering in those ips for the private/public servers is nostalgic to think about. Crazy to think about that Shotbow was the first server ever to have a centralized lobby for multiple servers and nowadays, nearly every big server has it...
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  6. Deadspeck Mini Builder

    that question is still floating in my head "am i a god since my hand isnt hurting?"

    also there were "points" and a leaderboard for ghostcraft

    "Points" later turned into "XP"
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  7. Kazumii_ Platinum

    Hibiki to me will always be better than Shinobu ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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  8. lobstergod12345 Platinum

    cant stop the conversion to weeabism

    P.S sad is better than u noob
  9. Deadspeck Mini Builder

    ok noob sad fanboy
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  10. ButterTheGiraffe Platinum

    hes not even at lvl 5 yet
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  11. squallythewally Obsidian

    I remember sneak trains in those small anni lobbies :stuck_out_tongue:
  12. boogaert Emerald

    I remember spawning in at the lighthouse in Romero and seeing the bridge with all of the glass blocking it because the map wasn't finished yet
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  13. demon_peanut Retired Staff

    The first time I ever played Shotbow was with Gallihad and another friend, we were on MineZ and made it aaaaall the way to mount Longton and thought we'd made it super far north... :lmao:
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  14. Litnetti Emerald

    Discovering chain armor and irons weapons in MineZ and thinking I was going to be super stacked.

    Then playing Wasted for the first time without the texture pack and going wtf is this
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  15. Superbob1000 Retired Staff

    I remember playing MineZ before I registered. I was a noob and just ran around killing zombies all willy-nilly. :stuck_out_tongue:

    That was when you had to connect to each MineZ server with a separate IP! :lmao:

    I quit a while then came back with a love for Annihilation! :D
  16. gamerx_x_ Platinum

    I still remember the day I was camping and getting an email from Shotbow explaining the new game Annihilation (back in july 2013). I was so excited to play it when I got back, all of the good times back when anni was better (what I think). Also, when there were signs to join games instead of villagers and you had to connect with the old IP's like minez-us4.com or something.
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  17. ButterTheGiraffe Platinum

    we must return the conversation topic to Lolis. So, whos your favorite deadspeck?
  18. matjellison Regular Member

    June/July 2012 when you had to wait 1 minute before respawning.
  19. ment0l66 Emerald

    Bedrock wall in ya face on Anni
  20. mde33 Platinum

    back when you could crawl on top of the walls on anni. i was so noobish and i was all like, "how the hell did you get up there?"
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