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Official Screenshot Contest - Prizes Available!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by squallythewally, Feb 21, 2021 at 3:57 PM.

Official Screenshot Contest - Prizes Available!
  1. squallythewally Artist



    Welcome to an official screenshot contest...

    We're giving you the opportunity to win some nice prizes for you or your friends, all you have to do is explore the network and capture the perfect screenshot.

    What's the criteria?

    Not a lot! This is a network-wide contest so you can take screenshots of anywhere you want. All shaders and resource packs are allowed.

    How do I enter?

    Simply upload your screenshot to Twitter and Tweet it with #ShotbowScreenshotContest. Make sure to tag @ShotbowNetwork for a chance to get retweeted!

    What prizes are available?

    Ahh yes, the part you've probably been waiting for...

    For each gamemode: 5000XP will be awarded to the player with the best screenshot!

    Overall prizes for first, second and third are as follows:

    1st place: Gold rank for you or a friend
    2nd place: Silver rank for you or a friend
    3rd place: An official Shotbow Lunar cloak

    The competition will run for 2 weeks ending on March 7th @ 12pm PST with winners announced within a few days from then...

    So what are you waiting for...? Get F2ing!

    P.S. Winners will be judged on aesthetics, creativity and exploration
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  2. PixelatedCalvin Silver

    Is there a limit to how many screenshots a person can submit? (per gamemode, etc)
  3. squallythewally Artist

    Nope, go wild
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  4. BelligerentFool Gold

    Can we use replay mod to get a different angle?
  5. Mistri Network Lead

    ReplayMod is a "use at your own risk" mod. If you use it to get an advantage in-game, you may be banned. However, if it's solely for the purpose of this screenshot, I don't see why not, as long as you aren't gaining any advantage in-game.
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  6. JonnyDvE Platinum

    Do you have to take new screenshots or can I use screenshots from the past?
  7. squallythewally Artist

    You can use past screenshots
  8. thecanadiandude Regular Member

    Will using shaders affect the picking of screenshots?
    My computer can't handle shaders so if shaders increases winning chances I would be at a disadvantage
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  9. Mistri Network Lead

    It may, but there are ways to get nice screenshots without using shaders.

    Sidenote, I have a potato computer and I run around 1 FPS with shaders, but it's still usable if I just want to get a single screenshot. :)
  10. squallythewally Artist

    Have you experimented with lite shaders? You could also always find the location then just turn them on for the screenshot and disable again.

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