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Annihilation NS - Never Surrender

Discussion in 'Clans & Teams' started by KerbIsJesus, Dec 1, 2020.

Annihilation - NS - Never Surrender
  1. EmperorKerb Silver


    Never Surrender
    Founded 01/11/20

    We are a semi-competetive annihilation clan. We find fun being competetive and messing around. We try our best to not be toxic :D

    Our main language is english, but we have a decent amount of japanese members, and a few spanish members.

    Kerb (KerbIsJesus)


    Dream (AbeKentq), Nicodemeus, tom1kill, Veto (BeJack)

    TurtleGerms, MR_Crismo, Crumon, P (pitarii), kmvdw02, VictorySpace, Knigth, Hoesville, DEBU_NEET, Nao (comet3777), Shizuku (Hutaba_), AshLingingLasher, Gij5, Zero (_Grayly), TC (_Lilyz), Acelyn243, Fezick, InVita, Benji, ImFonex, Nirzoxx, Sekkey (Skyrly), Peshkad, 8620, HeavensGift, HeavensCharm, HeavensDragon, GoBackToUrRoots, Atje

    NS is recruiting!
    Dm Kerb if you are interested in joining: Kerb#6800

    To be an eligible member you should know basic english, be ok at pvp and ok at anni in general. Most importantly though, you should be willing to learn and have fun


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