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Discussion No appreciation

Discussion in 'The Network' started by Activisyxn, Jul 3, 2020.

Discussion - No appreciation
  1. Activisyxn Regular Member

    Hello Shotbow Community,

    I was a Forum Helper for 2 years on Shotbow and translated many documents from English to German but never got appreciated for my work neither was I handeled with respect or anything, I've translated all the documents which were stated as "High and Medium" within a few days, if back then Fridge asked me to help him translate a Ban Appeal I would do that within seconds as I have my DM's open on Discord aswell as I have Ping notifications on.

    Somewhen Fridge resigned and Mistri came into his position to watch over the Localizers/Forum Helpers and everything basically changed, I've asked Fridge once why I wasn't promoted yet to full Localizer and he gave me this response https://gyazo.com/eadf05431942e01cb976cc0353246350 which was understandable as I wasn't a friendly human being back then. After Mistri came in charge of the Localizers he asked me to translate something for him in DM's and heres the convo https://gyazo.com/b8bf0ced938a55009a2c7ecdedf5a5a1 I've asked for a promotion to Localizer there and only got the response Thanks back then. A few days later I thought like maybe I'll just ask again https://gyazo.com/e4539debaf7528633764af892217d5fd where he clearly denies my promotion without an actual reason even tho I put alot of work into it. Yesterday I decided to resign from my postion as a Forum Helper as I wasn't getting promoted anyways and it was basically just a waste of time for me if someone like this is in charge for this position. https://gyazo.com/e8f95c3e92db7cfd4399f3a9b52382e1, [IMG]
    https://gyazo.com/85bcfb9e8c78c2cb4f4249948e286942, https://gyazo.com/ef22ed9001e5728ce9c16399fdd39ae7, https://gyazo.com/bdabacc906ae31782c82cfb74d4b1458, He Blocked me after this and I mean that is very rude in general just to remove this whole arguement by blocking someone. If you made it this far you are a legend, I think someone such close minded as Mistri should not be in charge of anything and this mentality is why Shotbow is losing players and dies - No Offense tho, Shotbow was great when there were actually some people with brains behind it but nowadays it is only a bad joke tbh and I'm sad about that.[IMG]

  2. Mistri Network Lead

    Hey bud,

    I think I told you all you need to know. I don't appreciate you snipping out parts of our conversation to make me look worse, but here's the full story for you, one more time:
    • You were brought onto the team quite a while ago
    • You worked hard from October 2018 until March 2019 (5 months, unlike the "1.5 years" you've been stating) — at which point, Fridge was still in charge of Localization
    • After that, you submitted a total of 1 translation to this day, even though there were countless opportunities to do so
    • The only translation that you've done in the last 16 months was a small rules page update. The only reason you did this was because I DMed you. When you did this, you sent this message and this message, which was a big red flag for me, for the following reasons:
    1. Having not translated any documents for 10 months, it was clear you only did this because you wanted a promotion
    2. "You got lucky" implies that you're rarely active — and we require people to be active to be on the Localization team
    • You proceeded to message me throughout the last 7 months without doing a single translation, asking about promotion and not actually doing any work. In contrast, other people like Outra were promoted very quickly because they translated every document within 1-2 days of being posted.
    • You resigned today. I explained this to you, but unfortunately you continued to argue for no reason, so I blocked you.
    The honest truth here is: we appreciated your work, but you have done a total of 1 translation since March 2019 (16 months ago). This kind of activity cannot allow us to promote you. In addition your toxicity in-game and in the community was a pretty big factor as well.
    I don't mind that this thread is public — I didn't delete it or ban you because your concern is somewhat valid. There is a large lack of communication from the Localization team and I'm working to fix that with Windex, the Localization Lead.
  3. walterberryfinn Regular Member

    While it is not pertinent to me, in the interest of transparency it may help your appeal as the good-guy if you do not post even smaller snippets of conversation @Mistri. I am not sure exactly what is taking place here, but the one-liners, especially this one without a username or avatar present, does not seem to accurately represent the conversation. Nothing is owed to the community, of course, but if there is an image to be preserved this seems like a self-destructive way to go about it.

    I cannot see the malevolence in the "I got lucky" message. Given that it is consistently stressed that Shotbow staff are volunteers and have careers, family, friends, and other necessary responsibilities and interests, I would expect a bit more understanding from staff internally. This does not reflect well on the "superiors" if this is a consistent pattern.
  4. Smartzz Platinum

    I just wanna say, Fridge liked the top post.

    I ain't dissin mistri here, he's done a lot of good for me personally and he seems pretty open minded. I'm just saying there is a disconnect between everyones story here.
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  5. JeTi_Brothers Platinum


    I think the thing is that the issues in the past blocked the road to becoming a full localizer for activisyxn. If I'm reading it correctly, his past actions made them unwilling to promote him in the past, but when he thought he had changed for the better he still wasn't reaching his goal of becoming localizer. It must be pretty demotivating when you just don't get it, while you feel like you deserve it.

    I think Mistri's post gives various reasons not to promote him though, but I also agree that shotbow has always been about it being a volunteering job so the responses seem somewhat odd. I do like that they are trying to become more transparent and trying to change it for the better though.

    Just seems like a situation with a lot of miscommunication, as Mistri commented.
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  6. Nicson Platinum

    0w0 wtf is this,,,
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  7. incred_ Platinum

    I have pretty much the same take on this.

    Not surprised in the slightest though. Always shocked me how Mistri got the PR lead role when half the time I see him respond to critcism, he's either condescending or passive-agressive. Still baffles me how he got network lead.
    >inb4 rando staff respond to me saying "but you dont see the whole thing! he does a lot of work behind the scenes!!!!"
  8. JonnyDvE Platinum

    Anyway, the past few german translations arent pleasent to read as a german... It seems forced and not natural.
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  9. Runkelpokk Gold

    No matter if the storry is true or not shotbow got a couple of serious (staff/ managment) problems and the comunication with the comunity is not realy great too
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  10. MCDuckler Platinum

    100% this. I can't count how many times staff members gave this as a reason after not even implementing even the slightest changes to MTA in at least a year.
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  11. DiviXion Platinum


    Shotbow always had staff issues since the very beginning. Quality of staff used to be good, but they lacked numbers, and I mean they seriously lacked numbers. I feel like communication with the community is of a much higher standard than it used to be, but I believe staff quality has gone downhill. Maybe it has to do with numbers or the vision superiors have, but that's just speculation.
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  12. Runkelpokk Gold

    I cant talk about outher gamemodes but on mta staff was super inactive and all ppl who got staff were already kinda inactive and not a realy part of the comunity or got inactive shortly after they got staff.
    Also all community feedback got ignored for years and the updates which came was to support the prefferd gameplay of staff member which causes the pvp to get worse.

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