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Annihilation Nexus Update

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Murgatron, Oct 5, 2017.

Annihilation - Nexus Update
  1. Murgatron Retired Staff


    Phase 5


    Removed double damage.
    Added Nexus bleed.

    This is the biggest change we’ve made to the gamemode to date and we feel this will help resolve a number of game-flow issues.

    Before, the only time there was an incentive to attack a nexus was Phase 2 or Phase 5.

    Phase 2 - as an unorganised enemy would still be gathering resources and gearing up, a perfect time to attack.

    Phase 3 - you would try to control the middle of the map for diamonds to get better tier gear to further control and dominate the match.

    Phase 4 - the wither spawns for more powerful potions and equipment, plus you only had to wait 10 minutes or less until double damage in Phase 5 - why rush then?

    The new nexus bleed incentivises and rewards teams for dealing ANY damage to an enemy nexus at ANY time of the game - how?

    At the beginning of Phase 5, all Nexuses will bleed 1 health every 45 seconds. This will continue until one team bleeds down to 5 health. At this point, the bleed will stop and only resume when that team has been taken out.

    An example:

    Red - 50
    Blue - 30
    Yellow - 20
    Green - 10

    Would bleed to:

    Red - 45
    Blue - 25
    Yellow - 15
    Green - 5

    If Green is taken out, then the bleed would continue until:

    Red - 35
    Blue - 15
    Yellow - 5

    And so on and so on. This means that no matter what damage you do at any phase you are ensuring your team has the edge in the long run.

    Bonus Nexus Health XP

    To further incentivise ending the game early (since your nexus will now bleed out at Phase 5) we’ve made it so the winning team’s nexus health will be converted into bonus SBXP (this is also affected by any active multipliers).

    [IMG]Return of the Golems![IMG]

    The Golems are back from their long vacation and are ready to rumble once more!

    For those who don’t know, Firwen and Celariel are the original bosses of Annihilation who used to be in the main game world. We’ve given them both their own arenas as well as some unique abilities each. They certainly pack a punch, so beware!

    You will find them in the boss realm during and after phase four, they’re on hand to give the wither a break every now and then.

    The wither will remain as a boss mob to fight - all boss mobs are selected randomly during the game.

    Ender Furnace

    We’ve increased the smelting rate of the Ender Furnace by 20% - this will allow you to get geared up faster!

    Engraved Items

    When you craft tools, armour and more, your name will now appear on it! This will allow you to identify whose sword is whose if you wish to return an item to its owner - or to mercilessly mock your enemy!

    Witch [IMG]

    We’ve all been there: you’re looking for that cackling old hag to get some gunpowder but for the life of you, you cannot find her; she’s wandered off into the Canyon or is pestering your teammates at mid. Well no more!

    Witches will now teleport back to their spawn-point if they wander too far.

    Witch spawn locations have been reviewed and altered accordingly.


    Right-clicking logs, when held in your hand, will automagically convert them into planks.

    Boss Buff [IMG]

    Bow of Aether - This bow will give levitation 3 for 3 seconds. It can only be fired every 5 seconds and only has 125 shots.

    Sword of Flames - increased from Fire Aspect 1 to 3.
    Armour items - increased Protection and Mending from 2 to 4.

    Private Stands [IMG]

    We’ve added private brewing stands to the shop which replace the vanilla stands. These work in exactly the same way as the Alchemist stand - they cannot be broken or interacted with by your teammates, however, they can be broken by enemies! Stands can only be placed 40 blocks away from your nexus to prevent team griefing.

    Stats command tweak

    You can now see how much damage a player has done to each nexus during the game by using the /stats show <player> command and hovering over the “end portal block” item.

    Weapon Shop

    • Milk - 5 Gold
    • Recall stone
    • Book
    • Fishing rod
    • Iron Helmet: 3 Gold
    • Iron Chest: 6 Gold
    • Iron Leggings: 4 Gold
    • Iron Boots: 3 Gold
    • Bow: 1 Gold
    • Cake: 1 Gold
    • 10 Steak (changed from raw): 5 Gold
    • Cobweb: 3 Gold

    Sword damage
    We've reviewed and updated the sword damage values to be closer to 1.7

    New Pre-Match lobby
    A dragon burned down our old lobby and has taken up residence in the new one! :eek:



    Ability to brew “Enhanced” potions.

    Changed class icon to brewing stand
    Drop book no longer drops gunpowder before Phase 4.
    Alchemist stand now brews 50% faster

    You can now brew enhanced potions by throwing potions into a cauldron full of water, along with the base ingredient and right-clicking the cauldron. These potions are soulbound and classbound to Alchemist.

    The potions you can upgrade are:


    [IMG] Assassin

    While leaping, assassins can no longer be harmed by arrows.

    You’ll have to fight your foe sword to sword now...

    [IMG] Archer

    Arrow drop increased to 32 arrows, cooldown reduced to 45 seconds.

    With our changes to Robinhood below (spoiler alert!), Archer felt a little lacklustre so we increased the arrow drop amount.

    [IMG] Bard

    Songs will no longer run out, they will now loop.
    Cooldown between replaying songs reduced from 60 to 30 seconds.

    Bard felt a little weak and annoying to play, so we made some quality of life balances.

    [IMG] Berserker

    No Knockback Active

    Damage done to higher geared opponents increased
    Increased the amount of hearts that can be earned when killing.

    Annihilation’s main tank class felt a bit lacklustre with only 15 hearts to play, so we’ve upped the limit to 20 hearts instead! The last 5 hearts, however, can only be earned with melee kills and will only grant 0.5 hearts for every kill.

    We’ve also upped the damage that you do to higher geared opponents as we’ve removed the active that we felt was very situational and was a hindrance more than it was useful.

    [IMG] Bloodmage

    Particle effects to Corrupt ability.

    Changed class icon to fermented spider eye
    Increased range of Corrupt to 4.5 Blocks.
    Increased potency of passive poison ability.

    There was very little player feedback when using Corrupt so we added some visual indication, as well as slightly increasing the range to come inline with Pyro’s Firestorm ability. The passive poison was also incredibly weak so we made it more potent.

    [IMG] Builder

    Obsidian from resource drop.

    Delaying Block - enemies who break a block within 5 blocks of a delaying block will receive mining fatigue 2 for 8 seconds. Engineers receive a reduced mining fatigue level. The delaying block will zap the mining fatigue onto the enemy along with a spooky sound.

    Resource Drop book cooldown is now 90 seconds regardless of the phase.

    We have removed obsidian as we felt obsidian swapper traps were unfair. We’ve added the delaying block as an alternative to allow players to combo builder's ability in order to make an effective swapper trap, as well as give them means to further enhance their defences.

    You will start off with 2 delaying blocks on spawn and with a 30% chance to get one from each resource drop.

    We’ve also added more building blocks to the resource drop - glass, iron bars, fences and stairs. These new blocks will allow you to build more intricate defences earlier on.

    [IMG] Civilian

    Stone shovel to spawnkit.

    [IMG] Engineer

    Evertool - This everlasting item will transform into the tool needed to break the block you interact with - nothing will stand in your way!

    Bunker buster now has 3 tiers, each with a varying level of fuse time and blast radius.

    Dynamite - 1 second, small.
    C4 - 6 seconds, medium.
    Nuke - 10 seconds, INSANE!

    Engineer’s bunker buster never felt effective at taking down larger structures and could be quickly disarmed when trying to break into bases. We’ve now added the option for different scenarios to use the bunker buster most effectively!

    The Evertool will not transform into a Sword on hit, this is intentional!

    [IMG] Farmer

    Famine ability - this will drain all hunger of enemy players in a 13 block radius to 2.5 hunger bars and remove the hunger effect if inflicted.

    We wanted to give Farmer a powerful effect that could be used offensively and defensively rather than be an “apple farming” class.

    [IMG] Handyman

    Percentage chance to heal your nexus

    Phase 2: 35% (was 20%)
    Phase 3: 25% (was 15%)
    Phase 4: 15% (was 10%)
    Phase 5: 10% (was 7%)

    Handyman needed a buff to scale with other classes and so we have increased the percentage chance of healing your team’s nexus.

    [IMG] Healer

    Ability to see teammate health.

    This will allow healers to prioritise their healing abilities! Enemies will show as having 0 health.

    [IMG] Hunter

    Traps are now permanent and will only be removed upon activation, death or placing the same trap again.
    Traps now display particle effects to the Hunter and their teammates.
    Traps can be moved by placing down a trap of the same type again.
    Traps can now be placed on any size of area, ie 1x1 or 2x3. (Max size remains the same at 3x3).
    Traps now blend into all blocks (removed camouflage block choosing).

    Hunter traps were awkward to use with a restrictive set of blocks to camouflage the traps with, along with having to place traps on a 3x3 area, making it difficult to setup an ambush in a tight area. Combined with no player feedback with respects to where the traps were placed, having to reset traps after they had expired and with no way to relocate a trap playing Hunter took skill, patience and a lot of luck.

    We hope that the above tweaks will make the class much easier and fun to play.

    [IMG] Iceman

    Ice suffocation as this changed from 1.7

    10 Lily Pads.

    It sucks when you fall off of your ice, so we added some Lily Pads to enable players to get back on their ice more quickly.

    [IMG] Lumberjack

    Sound and particle effect when Brute Force is activated and sound effect when attacking an enemy player with armour while Brute Force is active.

    Cooldown increased to 45 seconds.
    Active decreased to 10 seconds.

    We added some feedback to the players so they know that their ability is working - and so that enemies can flee from you in terror! We also rebalanced the duration of the active as it was extremely powerful in groups.

    [IMG] Ninja

    NEW CLASS :zanonymous:

    The ninja class allows you to stun and slow your enemies with your smoke bomb, and chase them down with your shurikens!

    The ninja class is a unique addition to the roster - it is the only class that can fire projectiles on the move without slowing down! It can also blind and prevent players from sprinting away - a powerful offensive tool to ambush a group of players or enable your escape. Scouts cannot grapple when under its effects!

    Did anyone else notice our wee hint during the Summer Festival? Senoc’s stall was selling the Shurikens! :wink:

    [IMG] Riftwalker

    Ability to rift to enemy land.

    Riftwalker was always a cool concept but could be tricky to play as a solo player. With the ability to reach enemy land we are looking forward to seeing more gameplay and combinations, particularly with the transporter class.

    You cannot rift to enemy land on the Skylands map due to its unique design.

    [IMG] Robinhood

    Kills to level up:

    Tier 1 : 2 Kills = Power 2, Unbreaking X
    Tier 2 : 4 Kills = Power 2, Punch 1, Unbreaking X
    Tier 3 : 8 Kills = Power 3, Punch 1, Unbreaking X
    Tier 4 : 16 Kills = Power 3, Punch 2, Unbreaking X
    Tier 5 : 21 Kills = Power 3, Punch 2, Flame 1, Unbreaking X
    Tier 6 : 30 Kills = Power 4, Punch 2, Flame 1, Unbreaking X
    Tier 7 : 40 Kills = Power 4, Punch 2, Flame 1, Infinity 1, Unbreaking X

    Robinhood was designed to be the ultimate ranged killing machine, however, the balance of kills to tiers wasn’t perfect and the lower tiers weren’t scaled against other ranged classes and so we’ve made the above adjustments.


    Hook targeting

    Left click - hook will only activate when you hit a teammate
    Right-click - hook will only activate when you hit an enemy

    Currently trying to hook onto an enemy or teammate is down to pure luck what the hook hits first. This tweak changes this luck into a choice.

    [IMG] Scout

    Grapple cannot be used in deep water.
    Grapple cannot be used while inflicted with the slowness effect.
    Grapple cooldown increased to 2.5 seconds.

    Scout is an extremely powerful mobility class but we felt it being able to outplay Iceman, the water class, made no sense. As such you cannot now grapple in deep water (2+ blocks deep). You will still be able to grapple in shallower waters.

    We also wanted to add further counterplay so it is now also affected by slowness which is utilised by many classes.

    Finally, we reduced the availability of the grapple whilst keeping the potency. We hope this will bring additional balance to the class whilst still keeping it fun to play.

    [IMG] Spy

    Flee ability - will spawn an animated duplicate of yourself that attacks the nearest enemy player. Grants user invisibility for 6 seconds

    Back in the day Assassin once had an ability called “Clone” instead of its powerful leap. We decided to bring this ability back to life, quite literally, with a twist which will give Spy that extra edge on the battlefield.


    Ability to see enemy health.

    Life drain ability only successful when the target is at 25% health.

    Succubus has been an unappreciated class for a long time - it’s extremely high-risk ability could so easily backfire it meant using this class was near suicidal and only used by players with no gear. It sucked playing it so we decided to make this the ultimate duelling class!

    [IMG] Thor

    Starting sword from Stone to Wooden

    Thor as a tank class had a lot of damage output with his stone sword and lighting ability. We decided to reduce this slightly by replacing his starting kit with a wooden sword.

    [IMG] Wizard

    Global cooldown of spells.

    Casting cooldown - a 5-second cooldown on all spells will apply after casting a spell.
    Ability to change spells by left-clicking the wand.

    We liked the versatility of Wizard’s spells but it sucked having to choose the “correct” spell for the moment and then be penalised waiting for a longer spell to cooldown before using a lesser spell. Therefore we decided to use only the individual spell cooldowns, adding a small cooldown after casting to ensure you cannot spam all spells at once.


    • Many changes made to improve game performance and stability
    • Potion effects are no longer removed when changing class
    • Double chat notification of invisibility effect being removed due to damage
    • A bug where it was possible to spawn with the pre-game lobby items
    • A bug resulting in players that reconnected to the game and would not receive their items back during phase one and two
    • Combat-tag NPCs can no longer be killed by teammates however enemies can still kill them
    • Breaking melons while holding items other than tools will no longer remove that item from your hand
    • Spelling and grammatical errors in class descriptions.
    We have made other small tweaks that do not impact game-play, all of which will not be mentioned in this changelog as to not overcrowd it. This includes superficial changes such as Builders resource drop now has a name.


    A while back we implemented a cooldown for gaining Shotbow XP on newly spawned players. This change was to remove Shotbow XP farming and to encourage players to play the objective instead.

    In this update, we’ve also decided to tweak how kill statistics are earned. Killing freshly spawned players won’t grant you statistics anymore. We hope that this will also put an end to farming kill statistics.

    To further clarify, our official policy on farming kill statistics is as follows:


    It’s been 3 months of painstaking work but I hope that you’ll agree it has been worth the wait. We’ve seen many variants of Annihilation from classes to mechanics but we truly feel this update will make Annihilation the best it has ever been - fun and balanced for everyone, no matter your play-style.

    There are many people to thank who have helped make this happen but special mentions must go to our wonderful developers (in alphabetical order) - Galap and Skillerfox3 who have spent many long nights and days on this. Another mention must go out to our FilmCrew Lead Catsage for the amazing trailer. A special thank you to Murgatron for his critical role in helping to shape the update and for all his hours of bug testing.

    We shall be keeping an eye on the forums for future tweaks as well as the bug reports for anything game breaking over the coming weeks.

    To celebrate this update we've also got a shiny XP code - NINJA

    From everyone on the Annihilation Development Team - Enjoy! :)

  2. Galap Developer

  3. LegendaryAlex Platinum

    Time to read!
    Looks absolutely stunning, btw what is going to happen to vampire?

    Here we go!

    My opinions about this whole update without influence of anyone.

    The bleed nexus part looks pretty neat, nice to not have 3 hours games anymore, but as long as people can just defend with immo, it will still be pretty tough to do damage when the nexus has 5 health. Whatever the next change!

    The bonus nexus health xp sounds great because you get more xp per game which means people will have more xp to try different kits and hopefully less people will ask for xp codes. Next one!

    G g g golems?!?! Dad, you finally back? I still remember good old firwen, the best defender that makes sure you win a lot of games and also a great guy! I am very happy about the golems coming back, back to the old days (even though there is still a wither which is a good decision). Alrighty next one! :)

    That enderfurnace change was a good decision, faster phase 1/2 gearing, faster attacking, more fun and more of a challenge to defend if you are not looking for only 1 second. The name appearing on every item wasn't really something needed but it is pretty neat and nice for people that try to trashtalk because someone stole the eff 5 but the other guy also stole it from someone else, you know what I mean :wink:. If not, if someone kills you and he trashtalks, you can always say that you stole it to from someone else.

    Change about the witches was needed and will probably motivate people to rush with potions made by a alchemist. The logs change wasn't needed and I don't think should've happen but that's just my opinion. Let's go to the boss buff changes! :D

    The bow of aether sounds different, I like that they added levitation to Annihilation, it is one of my favorite effects! It doesn't seem too OP if someone is close to water or has a water bucket. Maybe you guys should buff it a bit? You do realise boss buffs are only available in phase 4 so most of the people will have some kind of gear and most played maps have water all around mid which makes it easier to survive when shot by an aether bow. Absolutely love the name btw "Aether bow" :lmao:. Sword of flames, the reason most people don't buy it, is because it is a golden sword. Maybe you can make it that golden stuff has more durability? Idk, gold just isn't something you take over invis or strength. The changes about the protection are good and should stay like that. The boss buff changes got nothing gamebreaking or something to really look forward to. Another one.

    Private stands is a good idea to be in the shop because it makes it easier for new players to brew without getting 20k xp and buy alchemist or be lucky in the free kits of the week.

    I am very happy that you guys took my stats commands idea, I really am suprised that you guys only choose for nexus damage. I wonder why... :wink: Let's go to the weapon shop!

    I didn't even think about milk! That's actually genius! If someone is throwing a poison potion to ya and it's for long for 1 min, milk will save ya! Recall stone felt useless and nobody ever actually used it, the book and the rod also weren't needed. Good choices. It looks like you guys really try to make gold a lot more valuable! I am actually really curious if people are going to use the shop more often. Looks like you guys kinda listened to N0MY (heheh).

    Sword damage is back, which is an indirect nerf to bows! This is what most of the people were asking for. Dang you dragon, how can there even be dragons in the overworld :(. Well the new lobby looks sick, who build it? He/she also deserves some credits.

    Oh god, the kit changes! This will be interesting...


    This looks pretty overpowered since the sword damage is back to 1.7 again. I think you will be able to 1 shot people now with strength 3. Holy heck regen 3, speed 3, invis for 20 minutes! The cauldron brewing part is developed pretty creative and makes me think of witchcraft. So overall seems a bit overpowered, would be fair if it was a little bit harder to obtain these overpowered potions.


    Yay a buff to my favorite class but there is one thing I don't understand. "While leaping" does this mean when you just leaped and you are in the air or while you are invis. Cause if it is the second one, people will be discouraged to bowspam defend against assassin rushers which can be a good thing and a bad thing.


    Was hoping for a nerf for this class because it already was pretty op, whatever... I guess it's fair after the changes you guys made to Robin Hood.


    You guys did make it better but I was expecting different effects but ye, I guess it's a valid buff to this class. It's not the biggest change ever and this class will probably still not be used too much but it's a beginning.


    20 hearts... Woah, it might encourage people to farm with berserker and if you have 20 hearts go to the next team, which is not something I like but we will see if people will actually use this class more. Alright, values on the wiki, got it Galap.


    If you guys needed some feedback about the ability of this class, you could've just made a thread and asked it. Looks like the poison is stronger but I am very interested in the values. :3 The change for this class is looking very good.


    I heard some really good things about the new builder and I am really happy that the community likes it! Since you guys removed the obsidian from the ability, can you guys also make it so it isn't possible to make that glitchy swappertrap that isn't allowed?


    Shovel yaaay :) best change of the update! 100%!!


    I like the new kind of explosives because they can be very good to have, but it isn't ridiculously OP. I am in love with the Evertool but it also seems fitting for builder...


    When I saw people using this at the review game (premium only) I was pleasantly suprised cause I would've never thought of such a great idea to buff farmer. Beautiful, can take a small nerf but still very creative for a kit like that.


    I was hoping for a ability that doubles the percentage chance of you healing your nexus but is only for 5 seconds. Pretty alright tho, no gamebreaking or bad change.


    Eyyyy you pals took ma idea :3. I think it's also good to mention *how* you can see the health of your teammates (in this update thread). Looks like I will be reading the wiki for a while...


    The trolly kit, I personally like to use hunter for trolling and not really for defending my base but when you think about it... You can now put a trap in front of the entrance of your defense if you think an invis is around!


    Lily pads will be fun to use, another item added to a kit that has never being used in a normal game of Annihilation. You know, we should fill the whole river at Coastal with lily pads so sharkcrazy can't flood it!


    Don't really agree with this big nerf to lumberjack. I mean, it wasn't really being used too much so why nerf it? The particles are justified but the cool down and the time are a big nerf, really? D:


    Ooeee new class looking fancy! Now I understand why you guys made that nerf to scout, it's a indirect buff to the ninja. I kinda wanted it to have speed after you throw a smoke bomb but I saw on the suggestion of Gunso that you guys thought it was a bit too overpowered. Idk if it is balanced enough with not that many shurikens, it might need a small buff. I don't really think anyone catched that hint, can you make the hints a bit more easy pls? Cmon this was impossible to guess!


    Solid change, as long as you can't rift to the nexus of a enemy, I am okay with it (yes we did catch that hint on Twitter).


    Huh, I thought the name was "Robin Hood" not "Robinhood"... Whatever, this update really buffed this class big time! What I like about it is that you don't have to mine all the time to enchant a bow and taking the risk of getting killed. It is waay easier to snowball this kit now and get a better bow faster, easier and also without the bow breaking. Very good changes, I am very impressed about these changes.


    Easier to use, small but handy change. A buff the class deserves!


    My thoughts about scout are on the thread of NotListed. Spoiler alert: I liked the change.


    This in my opinion is the best one of them all. Spy was always a fun class to troll with but now it became something strong.


    Underrated kit, seeing your enemies health will be neat.


    Kinda was hoping for a resistance removal but this looks fine too.


    Eeeey you took the idea of Mr Guiga! Absolutely love it! It already was a great kit, but it is now even better! :eek: Very intriguing!

    Alright done with that, miscellaneous now!

    I don't know exactly what you guys meant with "Many changes made to improve the game performance and stability". Can you guys give us a example? I also reported a lot of bugs but they aren't on that list. Does this mean that they are not fixed because they do impact the gameplay for sure.

    Finally you guys did something about those pesky farmers! We needed this way earlier man! Yes!

    If you actually read all of this, wow... I am proud of you! You actually took the effort to read all of this?! Thank you very much! I do think vampire kind of needed a buff but whatever. I noticed that you guys worked very hard for this update and it is paying off! I do myself wanna give a shout out to the community on the forums for actually coming up with great ideas. These changes wouldn't be here if some of us didn't suggest them. Consider yourself a boss :wink:. Well this took me about 2 hours to write, but it was hopefully worth it. A big update like this deserves long feedback! Again well done trio and I'll see you guys, after my next book. ;p
  4. mkads80 Platinum

    This update looks amazing! Can't wait to try out the ninja kit and the other changes. Thanks for all the hard work!
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  5. Hazel_VB Regular Member

    Nice!! Ill check it out tommorow!!!!
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  6. 66irondevil99 Silver

    When is swapper going to be removed ?
  7. WifeAdvice Platinum

    Wow. Amazing work creating this update, It's amazing.
    Murgatron likes this.
  8. Hingey Platinum

    This looks amazing ill give a further review later as I haven't even tested it! 10/10 Murg incredible job!
    Fluffoon likes this.
  9. aanni Obsidian

    Make clans more usefull!!!

    But Awesmoe job To skillerfox, murgatron, and mighty Galap
    Murgatron likes this.
  10. Snurkle Platinum

    Im thoroughly impressed. Everything in this update was done correctly in my opinion and from the looks of it, there isnt any one complaining. I want to personally thank everyone involved. As long as updates continue to come often enough to keep the game fresh, I will be playing annihilation regularly. For the next update, I STRONGLY urge that you add some sort of clan tournament system to give the community something to truly look forward to besides updates. I can't think of anything that has made my annihilation experience as enjoyable as being apart of a clan.

    EDIT- if any1 wants some people to hang out with in discord and play annihilation- HMU
  11. aroha_ Gold

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  12. Champion_Guiga Gold

    A majority of these changes really impressed me. I'm excited for all the new playstyles to come up as a result of the changes, particularly to the gold mine. I also appreciate the lessening of the game length and support for new strategies. So far I love what I'm seeing, but I'll for sure send some feedback after a good testing of all the new content. In fact, I think there is a new best class that is going to step up for the first time in years. Great job Annihilation team!
  13. Lito12 Silver

    time for minez 2!
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  14. Mysterious_Seven Platinum

    New tab.
    Google Drive.
    Annihilation Quick Reference.
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  15. WildWargasm Platinum

    Did I die and go to heaven? Love all these changes! I can't wait to play with them more!

    Welcome back, my beloved Golem, Firwen.
  16. SpaceWarp Emerald

    I have a question about XP for kills, could you make it so the XP is only withheld if the same player is continually killing one player? It's very frustrating when skybridges are dropping players on your base and the XP is not given to you.
    TL:DR Remove the overall XP timer and make one based on each player

    Pleasantly surprised with this update! Great job to the staff and developers!

    EDIT: Bring back old scout
  17. ChickenMac7 Platinum

    I love every single one of these changes, can't wait to try it out!

    Assuming that this isn't too much work, which it probably is, bring back Ghostcraft and do some advertising!
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  18. Eggspert7820 Regular Member

    Haven't tried it but it looks great!
    2 questions:

    So does /logout work?
    And does this mean when playing on hamlet that a which won't spawn in your mid base and give you poison for 45 seconds and get you 1 shot by a leather when you have full prot 4 diamond armor?
  19. ChickenMac7 Platinum

    I feel like there's a story here...
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  20. AK_mikazuki Gold

    Thanks for a great job! This update absolutely makes many people happy!

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