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Discussion New Waypoints for you to use! (Xaero's and VoxelMap Mods)

Discussion in 'MineZ' started by IvanDoomy, Aug 15, 2017.

Discussion - New Waypoints for you to use! (Xaero's and VoxelMap Mods)
  1. IvanDoomy Mini Builder

    Hello! I don't know if anyone still remembers me around here. I left MineZ and Minecraft in general around 6/8 months ago idr. I didn't enjoy MineZ as much cuz no updates and the game was pretty dead and the MineZ Wiki got hacked and a lot of stuff had to be rewritten so it kinda left me without energy to play... But since most of the wiki (The one in shotbow.net. Forget about the other one...) is now back to normal and a lot of updates and changes are being made I thought it was time to come back!

    And I bring something that might help some people out!

    I've backed-up all of the locations on minezmap.com and transfered them to these mods: Xaero's Minimap (Fair play Version) and VoxelMap. These waypoints could only be used with rei's minimap, which I believe is not being updated anymore. So, I decided to manually transfer every single one of those waypoints to these other mods...
    I gotta say moving all those waypoints was tiring... And required a ton of free time which I actually have...
    Anyways. I'm gonna give some indications before you download the mod and waypoints so you can understand what's actually going on with these.

    First, let's go through all the locations that have been added to the minimaps and the wiki pages that now exist by the works of me!... I mean, most of them. Some already existed before I came back.

    Major Locations:
    Giant's Farm; Sathara; Graveyard has been renamed to St. Joseph's Graveyard; Knoxmoor Inn has been renamed to Knoxmoor.

    Minor Locations:
    Birch Tree; Cursed Swamp; Giant Trees; Jungle Sanctuary ( i gave it that name idk); Stalker Cave (will add page later... also the name's silly lol); Snow Cabin (same as above. didn't find any better name); Treehouse; Wizard's Pass (properly renamed); Mysterious House has been renamed to Cozy Cottage (map)
    For some reason the Intersection wiki page was missing. Now it's back.

    Now they have their own waypoints. I'm gonna mention the ones that didn't have one to begin with:
    Asindia Ruins; Exolesco Tunnels; Sacrificial Pit to the Fire God now name properly (get long-name'd); St. Roseluck Crypt; Saward Crypt; Veleno Temple (wiki page will be added later); Simoon Shrine has been renamed to Void Shrine; Warped Ruins Exit has been removed since it doesn't exist anymore. You will be missed.

    Other Locations:
    Most of these don't have a wiki page. Some others do. Others contain seeecrets!
    The 2 new Bridges (Death Mansion-Shrine of the Dusk and Death Mansion- Fort Kharj) and the Northern Stairway (Death Mansion); Cavern; End Portals (6/10); Gandalf (good luck finding him!); Mysterious Hole; Obsidian Obelisk (2/3); Odd Lake (near Undeground Obsidian Obelisk); Tristitia's Hole of Death 1-4 (5th one missing); Wall-Craved Dragon (near Southern Stariway); Water/Lava Lake.

    Most of the waypoints have been revised so they look better when enabled. The waypoints come disabled in both files and they're all together.
    Xaero's Minimap Waypoints are divided in sets: Major Locations, Minor Locations, Dungeons, Passages (Bridges, Stairways, Wizard's Pass) and Miscellaneous (a.k.a Other Locations).
    VoxelMap's Waypoints are in alphabetic order, but I've used the icon feature to differentiate some locations from others.
    For example: Skull = Dungeon. Temple = Elite Dungeon. Fish = Water source. Standard = Major Location. Star = Minor Location. etc. etc.
    There are some missing waypoints: Eclipsed Ruins, Spawn points, Astrum Omega, Anvalia Mines, Byesford Labs, Path of Light. I'll add them later if this thread gets enough popularity.

    I'd suggest you use VoxelMap if you're new to waypoint managing. Use Xaero's (Fair Play Version) if you're more experienced.
    I've tried out both mods in the server and no bans. They're safe to use!

    Download Links:

    Xaero's Waypoints

    VoxelMap Waypoints

    JourneyMap Waypoints

    How to use them:

    Xaero's Minimap:
    .minecraft -- > config -- > XaeroWaypoints -- > Multiplayer_us.shotbow.net -- > Overworld -- >[Waypoint File]

    1.9.4 ONLY: .minecraft -- > mods --> XaeroWaypoints -->Multiplayer_play.shotbow.net or Multiplayer_us.shotbow.net --> Overworld -- > [Waypoint File]

    VoxelMap's Minimap: .minecraft -- > mods --> VoxelMods --> voxelMap --> [Waypoint File]

    JourneyMap: Go to .minecraft -- > journeymap -- > data -- > mp -- > XXXXXX (XXXXXX being the name you gave to shotbow in your minecraft servers list)

    I'll make other threads regarding other subjects later on... I mean, if you guys wanna get bored.

    Please leave any feedback or suggestions if this helped you! Also let me know if any waypoints are out of place or don't make sense so I can fix them and keep adding more! Cya later.

  2. Aexon Regular Member

    *making the journey map version*

    Ok it took me approx 15 minutes, I'm uploading now.
    If you understand PHP, here is the code I used, I took the Voxel Map version of the waypoints file because it's the easiest for the algorithm, I just modified it a bit with research/replace tool, here's the code : https://hastebin.com/ihifapocah.xml
    (File I used : https://pastebin.com/pW2YGgmw)



    Here is the file with the waypoints for JourneyMap (link above), what you need to do is go in .minecraft\journeymap\data\mp\XXXXXX (XXXXXX being the name you gave to shotbow in your minecraft servers list), you extract the zip, and you merge the waypoints folder from the zip with the waypoints folder in your .minecraft.
    ACrispyTortilla and IvanDoomy like this.
  3. IvanDoomy Mini Builder


    Dem lines of code tho.
    Hoenstly, I tried to edit the files so I could get it done quicker but it was such a headache and for some reason 75% of the job that I got done just vanished and I didn't have any back-ups. I just did it all manually.
    I thought about using JourneyMap but when I looked at it I got dizzy because of so many options. I wanted it to keep it simple and easy to understand.
    I'll definitely look into your contribution! I'll probably add it to the thread later.
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  4. boogaert Emerald

    Nice work
    IvanDoomy likes this.
  5. Fridge2177 Localization Lead

    Just started using this map because of the waypoints! They are very nicely organized thanks so much :D
    IvanDoomy likes this.
  6. IvanDoomy Mini Builder

    I'll add the updated versions and the journeymap after I'm done writing this message.
    ACrispyTortilla likes this.
  7. Fridge2177 Localization Lead

    For Xaero's Minimap the location to enter the coordinates are .minecraft -> config -> XaeroWaypoints -> Multiplayer_us.shotbow.net -> Overworld
    IvanDoomy likes this.
  8. IvanDoomy Mini Builder

    Thanks for reminding me! I kinda forgot to add that since the instructions I wrote were for 1.9.4 only... Oops.
    ACrispyTortilla likes this.
  9. IvanDoomy Mini Builder

    ACrispyTortilla likes this.
  10. yalin12344321 Regular Member

    is journey allowed?
  11. IvanDoomy Mini Builder

    As long as it's radar-free.Yes
    ACrispyTortilla likes this.
  12. IvanDoomy Mini Builder

    Spooky Update! (not really):
    • Added Altin, Mantle Ruins, Mountain Ice Cavern, Swamp Pit and the last 4 End Portals (total is 20 as of now)
    • Added a new Ruin found in the western region of the map (near Arbreton and Overgrown Tomb). You should be able to tell the location by searching for a lone tools_uncommon chest on the minez map just sitting there.
    It's the first ruin to have loot on the western region! There are some others like the ruins close to Sunken Library or the house south-east from Carnival but those don't have anything inside them.
  13. IvanDoomy Mini Builder

    JourneyMap Update:
    • JourneyMap Waypoints are up to date now!
    • Frozen Tunnels has been properly renamed.
    • Some tweaks and fixes for some locations.
    • flower cave
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  14. IvanDoomy Mini Builder

    Meme_MC likes this.
  15. IvanDoomy Mini Builder

    Since Re-Code Update dropped a while ago I think it was finally time to stop being lazy update this piece of garbo:
    • Removed Northern Stairway, Fort Kharj Bridge and Chime Caverns (lol)
    • Moved Giant's Camp waypoint
    • Added Hemlocke's Shipyard Station and some Ruins near Aspermont
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