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Suggestion New Vehicle (Light Tank)

Discussion in 'Wasted' started by Thefisherman77, Jun 7, 2014.

Suggestion - New Vehicle (Light Tank)
  1. Thefisherman77 Gold

    Hello Everybody!

    Today I am going to tell you about my idea about a vehicle idea of mine. That vehicle is the light tank. The light tank has 3 people that can control it. The tank could be a modded version of the Wither. There will be 3 main features pf this vehicle.

    The first feature is that the tank is a very slow vehicle. And can maintain a speed of 15 mph on grass, and 20 on rocky/road terrain.

    The second is the seating arrangement. The middle head is the driver control. The controller can drive the vehicle around, but at the same time cannot use a weapon. This seat can also lay down a cloaking device for 10 seconds and recharges after 5 minutes of playing. The left head is the Main Gun. This controller can fire the main gun, and the gun will be the called the Tank Gun. This will sort of be like the Mech Rocket Pod, although the rocket is 3 shot and has an extra 27 rockets that can't be replaced. The right head will be the machine gun seat. This seat has a Mounted M240 on it.
    This gun comes with limited ammo. The Mounted M240 comes with 7 stacks (stacks meaning 64) of 7.62x51 NATO rounds. For all of these seats, there will be an eject or exit item that is on the 9th hot bar slot, and will allow you to eject just like the mech does.

    The Third Feature is the Strength or Armor of the Tank. The Tank will have 900 armor points or Health where your experience is. So this Tank can withstand at least 3 shots from a rocket Launcher, and is immune to light bullets such as pistol rounds, (Assault Rifle rounds can damage a tank armor by 1 point, shotgun by 2 points, grenades by 100, rockets by 250.)

    The only downside of this vehicle is that it will only be found in mission objectives, in which will be called, Heavy Weaponry. The objectives will show you where it is, and will tell you these:
    -A deserted Tank has been spotted.
    -Find a Repair Kit or Wrench.
    -Repair the Tank.
    -Wreck Havoc!

    Thank you for taking the time to read this.
    [G] Thefisherman77

  2. AlexSushiDog Regular Member

    I like the idea of a militarized vehicle but I'm not so sure of the idea of having an individual objective for it since we have the mechanism. However them naturally spawning is a bad idea so maybe have a few that spawn in certain locations when the game begins such as cities.
  3. Doctors_Hate_Her Regular Member

    I agree, I think it should spawn randomly at the start of the game, an hour and a half in and at the end of the game.
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  4. TechnicalTrouble Silver

    The idea is nice, but troubling. Anything with 900 health, slow or not, is too overpowered to be in wasted. If anybody inside the tank had radar, it would be unstoppable. As much as I would like tanks to be rolling into exeter as I pick up an AK, this idea isn't very practical.
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  5. Tdiaz5 Silver

    Sooo this is practically...
    -1.5x the health of a mech
    -mobile turret
    -rocket launcher
    -the turret and the RLer can shoot at the same time
    -because of the 3 people inside it it can look all over the landscape without really needing radar

    Uuhm... I don't know...

    Edited in:
    And if you want to pick items or eat, 2 can stay in the tank to protect it! That means that one of the last ways to get a mech user killed flies away with this tank...
  6. kyogyu Regular Member

    Tank should be a 1-hit with a rocket launcher. That way, everyone in the tank can scream out "RPG!!!" "RUNN!!"
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  7. Boburt314 Regular Member

    "It would make hackers strong" is not a good argument. Ideally, there would be no hackers, and hackers are OP either way.
  8. Crafty0 Regular Member

    i like the idea but can you think of the lagg i have never heard of muiltplayer tanks is it possible?
  9. Crafty0 Regular Member

    to fit 3 people on?
  10. Amursoc Silver

    It's possible. No lag, easily done. The hardest part is making the players inside move uniformly and together.
  11. Doctors_Hate_Her Regular Member

    Mineswine did it, but players were invisible when riding it. It wouldn't be that hard to sync them either just have them all "riding" the mob and minecraft code would take care of the rest.
  12. Crafty0 Regular Member

    ya mods ad codeing were never my thing. I sure hope we get tanks and control back

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