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Suggestion New use for vig points

Discussion in 'Mine Theft Auto' started by Thrackerz0d, Jan 25, 2016.

Suggestion - New use for vig points
  1. Thrackerz0d Platinum

    alright, this isn't going to be much of a suggestion, but I have to say, I have 280 vig points and I don't really see a point to having more than 20, so if there could be a separate use for them, maybe to buy something, maybe to unlock some new class, either way, I would like to spend my 260 extra vig points on something rather than to just have them sitting there. If anyone else has an idea on what to specifically use them for, go for it.
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  2. Edog987 Platinum

    especially now that killing cops/civs doesn't take those points away
  3. Low_Ping Platinum

    How about as a regular cop you can spend 50 vig points on a diamond chest piece, 50 on diamond leggings, 50 on diamond boots, 50 on a diamond helmet. And a package were you spend 100 and can use any weapon as cop. Or 50 per extra heart as swat max of 15 hearts.
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  4. SaigyouAyakashi Regular Member

    I was thinking you could use them to buy extra ammo for your spawn kit as a cop
    or for armor to go with your kit
  5. HypeTrains Mini Builder

    I like the idea of being able to spend vig points for being able to use diamond armor and guns and stuff, but I think 10 vig points should make it so you can use +1MTA lvl of guns.

    And how many hours do you spend to have 260 vig points!? :lmao:
  6. hora6112 Platinum

    I hope you realize how easy it is to get vig points...First off he's level 115+, so he's been playing for a while, but I have 265 currently and I'm only level 72...Which may or may not be due to the fact that I go on rampant kill streaks, murdering everyone I see. It's not very hard to kill 265 people who managed to hit you first.
  7. xrcfvbn Platinum

    maybe rewarding with one arrest every 8-10 vigilante points
  8. storm345 Developer

    Vig points are JUST currently as a means to track being a cop/not. Maybe expanding them in the future is good, maybe not; we'll see! Anyways the rate of earning them has been decreased once a cop (and once cop unlocked civ doenst earn/lose them). This means having 200+ points wont be possible for newer players. The aim of vig. points is that hitting innocents will lose you them and soon enough you lose cop. They're there so innocents don't get killed basically.
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