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Suggestion New SMASH item - Barrier Glass -

Discussion in 'SMASH' started by Jin_xD, Apr 24, 2022.

Suggestion - New SMASH item - Barrier Glass -
  1. Jin_xD Regular Member

    Hello SMASH Community!
    We've created a brand new item for SMASH!
    The name is "Barrier Glass".

    - Item "Glass" -


    - Information -
    It will be covered by a 3x4 block for 3 seconds.
    Barrier is available for 3 seconds only.


    - Test Video -

    Operating environment 1.8.9-1.18.2

    Developed by Jin_x D & onudon
    ※If you need a Plugin, please contact me through the forum.

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  2. EyyColeTrain Regular Member

    I like this idea, it would be a good counter to explosives like the rpg if it was indestructible. I also like how it traps you in that way it does not make the cloud in a bottle obsolete.
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  3. sunbreathing Retired Staff

    good idea! added it to the list for the future :)
    Jin_xD likes this.
  4. Jin_xD Regular Member

    thanks ♡

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