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MineZ New Rule: Stream Sniping

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Mistri, Nov 23, 2019.

MineZ - New Rule: Stream Sniping
  1. Mistri Network Lead

    New Rule: Stream Sniping in MineZ

    Greetings, fellow survivors!

    In light of recent events, the MineZ staff team has been debating the implementation of new "stream sniping" rules to the MineZ game. We've been thrilled to have an influx of new players thanks to recent streamers on MineZ, but most of us have agreed that people with malicious intent to kill streamers on MineZ is deterring streamers from bringing new players to the game.

    What counts as "stream sniping"?
    Stream sniping is an obvious attempt to hunt down a Shotbow player with the Media Creator or Media Partner role, while they are streaming, and kill them. Examples of stream sniping in MineZ include, but are not limited to:
    • Running in a straight line, directly toward the streamer, and consequently attempting to kill them
    • Waiting in an area with full gear where the streamer has announced they are heading towards, and consequently attempting to kill them
    • Killing yourself and respawning multiple times until you get a spawn close to the streamer, and consequently attempting to kill them
    Once again, this list is not exhaustive, and it is left up to the staff to determine whether or not someone has intent to kill a streamer. Intent to kill the streamer is defined as "using information from a livestream, directly or indirectly, in attempt to kill the streamer".

    What are the exceptions to this rule?
    The first exception to this rule is self defense, which is defined as protecting yourself in case a streamer initiates the attack. If this happens, you are free to kill the streamer without punishment.

    The second exception to this rule is killing a streamer in a "PvP hotspot", which is defined by the following locations circled in red on the maps below.



    If you kill a streamer inside any red location on these maps, you will not be punished.

    Additionally, if you initiate an attack in one of these regions, you may carry it through, even if a chase leads the streamer outside of a PvP hotspot.

    What are the punishments?
    If staff are certain that a player is stream sniping, we will ban them. However, if we are not sure, we will warn the player first. If the player continues to stream snipe, we will ban them.

    These rules are subject to change, and we will be posting announcements for future rule changes if they occur. We will be posting these rules, along with other MineZ-specific rules, on the rules page within the next few weeks. If we have any updates to these rules, they will be announced, but the latest info for this rule will be posted on the MineZ-specific rules page for everyone to adhere to.

    Thanks for understanding. With these new rules, hopefully we'll be able to bring some new faces to the server! Thanks for flying Shotbow.

    - The MineZ Team

  2. karabear04 Regular Member

    I like the pvp hot spot zones
  3. RoryIsAThing Platinum

  4. Tatre MineZ Mini Admin

    good post but why is tenebris not included with the rest of the gravel?? same with the canyons around cave of the dead lady? also ZBridge and canyons north of hasa? those should all be included.
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  5. Mohawk2 Regular Member

    Well said
  6. TTcreuse Obsidian

    perfect!!! now i can start grinding my rank in honor for the legacy of fallen monster_bug
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  7. Marine_PvP Administrator

    Note that the PvP hotspot is not final and could be updated in the future as the meta of the game changes or when we have a better idea. Please let us know what you think about the current one.
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  8. Saviour Regular Member

    do these rules apply to blacklisted players aswell?

    asking for a friend.
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  9. Tatre MineZ Mini Admin

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  10. 111kittycat111 Platinum

    Toxic and disgusting
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  11. Meifot Silver

    Nice Dawn Brigade pvp hotspots
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  12. Mysterious_Seven Platinum

    Will you get permanently banned for persistant stream sniping, or is one case enough to be permanently banned? I dislike the idea that streamers are catered to, if not for special treatment, for assuming they are the victim. Which brings me to my next point. This lacks any accountability on the part of the partner, at least in writing.
    (Also as an aside is this only apply to Media partners or any streamer?)

    Maybe I think to much, but then again, maybe this happens all the time.
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  13. boogaert Emerald

    lit now people can get banned for playing the game
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  14. Mistri Network Lead

    As stated in the thread, if we are certain that you fall under the category of sniping, which is considered "using information from the livestream to approach and kill the streamer", then you will be instantly banned. If we are not sure of your intent, we will warn first.

    We will never assume the streamer is the victim. These bans will be issued very carefully, and only if staff are present to monitor.

    We make all rules clear to Media Producers as well. What do you mean?

    This was the concern of many staff members when we were making the decision, which is why it's taken us over a week to decide. How do we make it so that we don't punish the players for simply playing the game?

    To clarify, I'd like to state that you can play the game as normal, and if you happen to come across the streamer (without watching the stream), you are free to kill them.

    For example, let's say you're at a location on the map, which is outside of a PvP hotspot, and you've been there for an hour already, doing a normal loot pattern, and you happen to see a streamer who has desirable gear — by all means, you're allowed to kill them.

    The only thing we're explicitly banning is using information from the stream to deliberately find the location of the streamer and kill them during the stream.

    I hope that makes sense. I totally understand your concern, and while it may seem like you'll be banned for "playing the game" at first, re-read these rules to understand exactly what we're banning for: people with malicious intent to kill a streamer using information from a stream. The staff spent days arguing these policies to make sure they were as fair as possible!
  15. Tozzu Platinum

    So how are you going to prove I would be using information from the stream, and didnt just get lucky trying to find him on my own?
  16. Saviour Regular Member

    first we're not allowed to pvp on 2 accounts, now we are not even able to pvp on 1 account! LUL
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  17. boogaert Emerald

    Similarly to what tozzu said, I'm scared that if I find a streamer just by seeing him on tab and searching, or by random chance that if I kill him I'm just gonna get banned. To me it seems like another rule that the staff could interpret however they want which could essentially give them another "reason" to ban someone they might want to ban.

    Also, does this only apply to streamers with the media rank or all streamers?
  18. Mysterious_Seven Platinum

    This post only covers stream sniping, not abuse of the system to get someone banned, or of accusing others of stream sniping. That is what I mean by accountability. Though I suspect your answer will just be what you've already said.

    That's kinda what I'm getting at. Someone can intend to kill a streamer, but not cheat while doing so, but if that was done to "a regular person" its fair game and unenforced. I think I just have a problem with the double standard in general, but permanent bans in this case [would be] beyond reasonable.
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  19. Murgatron Councilor

    All bans concerning stream sniping will be reviewed by the leadership team in conjunction with the MineZ team. The duration of bans will be proportional based on the evidence and the appeal submitted - repeat offenders will be subject to scaling punishments, as usual.

    At the end of the day there is a balance to strike between keeping the game enjoyable for streamers and allowing them (and other players!) an authentic experience of the gamemode.
  20. Smartzz Platinum

    This also gave me a chuckle! Loving seeing this stuff when I check the forums every now and then!
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