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Annihilation New Map Rotation Format

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Sevy13, Aug 29, 2020.

Annihilation - New Map Rotation Format
  1. Sevy13 Administrator

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    Map Rotation Format Changes

    The main complaints I'm seeing with the current system are "Why is there no Coastal voting" and "Why do I have to wait a whole month for Andorra/Canyon?"

    Issues with the current system:

    1. With 15 maps in rotation, the chance of your favorite map spinning up is very small, that includes Coastal. Players sometimes have to wait for hours for a Coastal voting, this is the #1 complaint and people (especially clans) get very irate over this.

    2. Half of the Tier 2 maps are gone for a whole month, that's a long time if your favorite map is Aftermath or Canyon, both being extremely popular maps

    3. Yes we want people to try new maps but we can't force them, if they are given no choice they will often leave the game as soon as a better voting spins up, this creates unbalanced games. It's worth noting that Tier 3 maps get played a lot more later in the month when people have made themselves sick of the T1 & T2 maps.

    4. There are some inconsistencies in the way votings are deployed, i.e. maps sometimes spinning up more or less frequently than others. We don't currently have a way of fixing this until some other stuff is fixed first, but it's in the works.

    The New Map Rotation Format:

    Starting now, rotation will occur twice instead of once a month. Everything else will stay the same, except for the Tier 3 maps which will be divided evenly over the two rotations. Each rotation will now have 10 instead of the usual 15 maps.
    So for each two week period the rotation will look like this:

    Tier 1 - 1 map
    Tier 2 - 3 maps
    Tier 3 - 6 maps (5 if there is a new map in rotation)

    (Tier 4 - New maps will be added as needed, no longer on a regular monthly basis)

    This may not be the final solution but it will give us an idea if we are headed in the right direction. Please leave your feedback in this thread.
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  2. bozmak Emerald

    I think it's a good idea to shorten the rotation cycle for popular maps. However, other maps which often voted (such as Nature, Pokatoto, Kingdom, Castaway, etc.) might almost never be chosen. It is very unlikely that these maps will be incorporated into the map rotation and then actually voted.
    I suggest some improvement plans:
    ・Add popular maps to Tier2
    ・close a voting which has no player for a long time and reopen a new one
    ・Remove unpopular maps temporarily and restore them at regular intervals (approximately half a year) as before.
  3. JeTi_Brothers Platinum

    Great idea. Looking forward to seeing it work in-game.
  4. Led Gold

    I would still like to see a community ranking system established (or utilize the current one) to remove or reduce the frequency of unpopular maps from the rotation.
  5. Draco_Inferus Regular Member

    I personally am sick of always seeing Coastal. There can be 2-3 other voting lobbies, but people always go for the one that has Coastal, it makes it really hard to see and play on other maps because everyone focuses on that one.
  6. Sevy13 Administrator

    This would definitely help and it's something that we have also asked for, but unfortunately this is one of the limitations of how maps are deployed.

    There will most likely be a poll soon to allow people to rate all of the maps.

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  7. Jarool Emerald

    Glad to see you addressing these issues that I definitely had and 100% understand because I play this game 24/7. Thanks!
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  8. Mathar Platinum

    damn i really wanted canyon in and its my favorite map along with cherokee. but i guess it cant go in for a month.. is there any reason why

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