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Suggestion New legendary for Maze of the Tenth

Discussion in 'MineZ' started by LawsOfAviation, Jul 9, 2019.

Suggestion - New legendary for Maze of the Tenth
  1. LawsOfAviation Regular Member

    The Lone Sword is a powerful legendary item, and I don't think it fits in Maze of the Tenth. Once you know what to do, Maze of the Tenth is one of the easiest dungeons out there. However, rather than change the dungeon that so many people know and love, I think a better option is to create a new, weaker legendary item.

    Thus, this is what I suggest:

  2. LawsOfAviation Regular Member

    (No, this is not a serious suggestion)
  3. bombermatt360 Regular Member

    I agree. The lone sword is so good. I have at least 2 on my account at all times.
  4. Smartz_ Platinum

    Even if it is a joke I do kinda agree, but there isn't anything about what this item actually does and what it might actually be useful for. I think as of now the lone sword and ninja sandals should be swapped with the ninja sandals being nerfed to speed I instead of speed II. Then with that buffing the simoon's chestplate to speed II.

    Also making a legendary purposely weaker is just not a good change in any situation. Make it fit a different niche or scenario better.
  5. cyclone_43 Silver

    Honestly I'd say just buff the chest plate and leave ninja sandals as is. Sure they're decent, but without bow boosting and with them giving you less armor than iron boots it's pretty well balanced, and the simoons chestpalte is still better than the ninja sandals
  6. Meifot Silver

    Mace of the Tenth: Deals 1 heart of true damage on each hit. (1/10th of a person's health)

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