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Class Suggestion New ideas for classes

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by Icecreamman54, Jan 29, 2015.

Class Suggestion - New ideas for classes
  1. TheTeddyParable Gold

    Hello here are my ideas for some classes for anni, i will give the description which will tell there abilities and special power (if they have one)

    #! prophet (xp)
    You are the word of god and the leader of your believers. When you die any teammates near you will get a small str boost. Use God's might (Book) to become 50% resistant to arrows and fire damage, but suffer a knock-back and fall damage penalty.
    #2 king (xp)
    You are the ruler. you gain +1 resistance to any attacks while near a defender and summon two servants using the king's horn (Blaze rod) .
    #3 servant (free) (if king gets rejected this is useless)
    You live to serve. You are equipped with efficiency tools to help your master. Be ready to be summoned (teleported) by your king when he needs aid.
    #4 Conjurer (kill 20 wither bosses)
    You are the entity. Thicken your teams ranks by summoning a blaze or a snow man to aid you in combat. You also do +2 damage to a wither boss.
    #5 Framer (xp)
    You are the identity. use your 4 different dyes to change an opponents name plate to a different color for 60 seconds. these people can be killed by their teammates but will get a 20 second resistant buff.
    #6 amnesiac ( Xp)
    You are the unknown. by activating your potion of remembrance and killing someone 30 seconds later you take their role for that life.
    #7 Executioner (50 kills using an axe)
    you are the last thing they'll ever see. You gain +1 damage with an axe and getting an additional +1 damage to any pyro, berserk, blood mage, spy, vampire or framer.
    #8 soldier (100 kills as warrior)
    You are honor bound. Fueled by your allegiance to your king you do +1 damage to warriors, archers, scouts, defenders, and other soldiers. But do -1 damage to civilians, servants, lumberjacks, miners, and amnesiacs.
    Thats my list hope you like some of them please get back to me on why/why not choose to use these thanks have a wonderful day!
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  2. IceBite49 Regular Member

    brings a tear to my eye by how epic this would be if they were added
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  3. Canadian_moose Gold

    Some of these are really good. I especially like king, servant and conjurer. Maybe servant can have a red dye that they can turn blue if they want to be transported by a king.
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  4. TheTeddyParable Gold

    thanks for your support guys my favorite is the amnesiac being a wild card and absolutely unpredictable every battle.
  5. TheTeddyParable Gold

    That is a great idea like and it could work both ways a servant could want to rush to a kings aid and request to be taken to him. It would be like if a servant knew str rushers were going to kill him and needed to save him.
  6. Scomy Emerald

    Soldier and Executioner . Relly nice!
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  7. ofq Silver

    Good job! but king could troll servants like tp them when they don't wanna be tped also framer would be bad because this is a game about teamwork. But other than that great job keep up the good work :D
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  8. TheTeddyParable Gold

    hey man thanks for the feed back, as for the framer your right, and the servant king thing there is an easy fix. The king requests for help and a color dye appears (depending on the team) the first 2 to right click tps to the king
  9. Hughzaz Councilor

    Love the idea of classes having extra perks when working together, such as King and defender, teamwork & tea sipping for the win! :3
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  10. TheTeddyParable Gold

    hey man thanks for taking the time to read my thread, but is there a chance that some of theese classes could be put into the game?

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