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New Heist

Discussion in 'Mine Theft Auto' started by _Husq, May 27, 2017.

New Heist
  1. Not3 Regular Member

    The heist i am requesting is the "Prison Break" heist from Gta5

    This is how it would work:

    Step (1): Buy TNT from ammunation (or provided for heist)
    Step (2): Head to one of the prisons to break out "Rashkovsky"
    Step (3): Once you have opened up the prison cell right click Rashkovsky to teleport him to a given location
    Step (4): Proceed to the given location
    Step (5): Once at the location you will receive planes and a maximum wanted level
    Step (6): Your crew and Rashkovsky will take the planes and fly away to escape your wanted level
    Step (7): You have completed the heist (reward = $7,500)
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  2. LegitNube Platinum

  3. _GeorgeFloyd_ Regular Member


    Agreed as LegitNube said
  4. Not3 Regular Member


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