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Discussion New Gamemode: Shotbow Strife

Discussion in 'The Network' started by DerMongoose118, Nov 27, 2016.

Discussion - New Gamemode: Shotbow Strife | Page 2
  1. akitaboy2 Regular Member

    you should post videos instead of text

  2. DerMongoose118 Regular Member

    Thing is I don't use youtube to make videos at all, let alone do I have video recording software.

    Although intresting, I have to say that I'm sticking to text, although I could find a way to shorten the initial post.
  3. Dinohoot8 Platinum

    Are all of those maps done or being worked on?
  4. Axyy Localizer, Marketing Team

    Amazing and Cool gamemode suggestion!

    Anyways, shotbow does barely accept gamemode suggestions from the community.
    Goodluck with that. :D
  5. DerMongoose118 Regular Member

    Well, only Overhang at the moment, but as soon as it is done I'll be working on the next.
  6. DerMongoose118 Regular Member


    Thanks for the feedback! I might code it some time during the summer, but for now that's a no.
  7. Axyy Localizer, Marketing Team

    Don't think shotbow accept it when you code it, they might want to code it theirself if it gets accepted.
  8. matjellison Regular Member


    If they're not accepting community made game modes when they already have a lot on their plate, it's asking to kill the server. When you have people that are still dedicated to helping the server grow, you keep them with everything you can. Right now, Shotbow can't afford to make new game modes because of 1.9. Once the creator here is done, he could send the code over for review and maybe it could be tested on a beta server. They need it now more than ever, especially with nothing fresh coming through.
  9. Axyy Localizer, Marketing Team

    It's true, but I just don't think shotbow does accept codes from others
  10. walterberryfinn Regular Member


    There's no videos because its not programmed yet, its just a conceptual post.

    If you'd like to see this game implemented on the server a good time to start coding would be now. Looking at all your tools, weapons, etc. this is going to take quite a while, not to mention the solid month it takes to really learn Java.

    Staff likely aren't going to accept another PvP gamemode. It's just the facts man, I'm sorry to be harsh. The server has so many already and adding another isn't going to be a thing they're going to do anytime soon. If you do program it all yourself and have a bundle with maps and everything then you may have a chance :D

  11. DerMongoose118 Regular Member

    I plan upon doing so, but I haven't the time right now due to midterms, and I know that homework is only going to get worse over the rest of the school year, I'll do what I can to get the concept and maps down, but I won't be able to code it until summer. Hopefully Shotbow survives until then...

    I'll try my best to brave the storm, maybe in the future I'll be able to get this thing fully complete!

    Even if Shotbow is gone, this gamemode won't, I may make a minigame server if Shotbow dies.

    But for now, all we can do is hope it lives.
  12. DerMongoose118 Regular Member

    wakey wakey thread, my gamer laptop is back.
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  13. Creeperker Obsidian

    I like this but Shotbow has many bugs with 1.9 and developing Garage gamemode is also have many needs to improve things so it will be developed when 1.9 be settle down.
    However Staffs! Please don't ignore this! It sounds like good idea.
  14. LegendaryAlex Platinum

    Yes, since slaughter 1.9 just came back, it probaly has some bugs. (not 100% sure about this)
    Even tho the developers are actually working really hard and succeeding to get rid of many bugs in annihilation, it still has some small bugs nobody notices, which I reported, of course :wink: and I also bet that Minez has some bugs too. I think shotbow is also working for the gamemode Goldrush to come (which I cant wait for ^.^) and Goldrush will probably also have some small bugs that they will try to fix as fast as possible. They really are bizzy these days, or should I say: these weeks. If Shotbow did all this stuff and also the second annihilation update (with the kit changes, new kit, the new maps etc),
    I am sure they will look at this gamemode and give their opinions about it. It would actually be pretty cool to have a gamemode like this. I wish you the best of luck, my man. :)

    If I said anything incorrect in this post, pm me :wink:. I apologize in advance.
  15. Unicycle43 Retired Staff

    Wow I don't really have time to read it all right now but it looks like you put a lot of work into this :eek:
  16. jinl3e Platinum

    wow do i have to read all this
    EDIT: This is really great idea but sorry, shotbow won't take suggestions. Should've not wasted ur time writing this whole book. (tell me how long it took you)
  17. ccccccccccccccc Regular Member

    shotbow already has enough strife
  18. DerMongoose118 Regular Member

    To everyone who has looked at this post, I might get someone to code it at some point, but currently my focus is getting the entire concept set up and to make the first map, which is already halfway done! I didn't quite expect this much support for the concept and I'm honestly grateful for it. I actually do hope the staff see this post and respond to it! to those still listening, kudos and peace.
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  19. DerMongoose118 Regular Member

    Been working a lot on the map Overhang, currently it's only like halfway but it's progress. Probably going to make a different post to showcase it.
  20. DerMongoose118 Regular Member


    Finished potions section, worked on other sections as well.

    Overhang has also been worked on.
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