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NEW GAME suggestion STRICKEN, made already

Discussion in 'Arrow Arcade' started by mlgmorganfreeman, Jun 4, 2015.

NEW GAME suggestion STRICKEN, made already
  1. itlookslikesalad Platinum

    This is STRICKEN
    this is a server submission that i hope cant be in the future featured in the
    arrow arcade the game features a fighting style much like gg except you battle for xp
    basically you spawn in a little spawn beacon plate form with tutorials and other things
    here you will notice that the spawn area is shaped like a cross in each
    outreach of the cross there is a tp device that will transport you to one of four
    battle starting regions. To learn more please contact me and i will do what is needed to satisfy
    your questions. :)

  2. Gol Regular Member

    It might be better for the gamemode to be developed using the bukkit api, not command blocks. But the concept is good for an arcade game I guess.
  3. Drakonkinst Gold

    *much like gg* it's IS gg, juse less advanced, smaller, and your own map. It's just a overworld sf with several small platforms.
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