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Class Suggestion New class: Plumber

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by bozmak, Jun 11, 2021.

Class Suggestion - New class: Plumber
  1. bozmak Emerald

    A long time has passed since the last new class was added, so I and some of my friends came up with a new class: Plumber.

    [IMG] Plumber

    The main role of Plumber is to stop the water. Plumber is a support class that solves water problems and make teammates comfortable in their actions. We thought the wet sponge block is suitable for the icon of Plumber.

    Class item: Sandbag (dry sponge)
    - Plumber has a sponge block as the class item. This sponge isn't an ordinary one, it changes water and water flow into air in a 5x5 cubic area centered on the location where it is placed.
    - In order to prevent Plumber from creating weird water flow or doing team grief, this sponge only affects water created by enemies. (like Engineer)
    - There should be a little delay before sponge works so that it cannot immediately interfere with enemy's water defense. (also like Engineer)
    - CT... 30 s

    - Full leather armors
    - Stone sword
    - Sandbag (class item)
    - wooden pickaxe, wooden axe
    - Potion of water blessing (whether it is necessary or not should be considered)

    Example of use
    - When our mines or mid base are covered with water by enemy, sponge can be used to clean the water with ease
    - Use sponge to break through the hard water defense
    - resist against unfair watering from skybridge

    Watering is somewhat too strong, we think Plumber will be a countermeasure and will make the game more balanced. We would appreciate it if you could agree with us or give us some constructive suggestions.

  2. 7V_V Platinum

    I like the idea! And it shouldn't be too hard for the staff to make this class :)
    bozmak likes this.
  3. hinasy Emerald


    Nice idea i like it :zrage:
    bozmak likes this.
  4. Nasar Obsidian

    This is a great idea. +1
    bozmak likes this.
  5. PUSEI7 Obsidian

    It's a very good idea : D
    bozmak likes this.
  6. JonnyDvE Jr. Developer

    I like the idea, but I think this mighht be a bit more difficult than you put it here, as if somone is flooding an area he is not the one placing most sources, but rather new sources are created which make tracking who placed the water way more difficult.
    bozmak likes this.
  7. bozmak Emerald


    Thanks for replying. That's right. I don't know if this is a good idea, but how about having it only work to water outside the range of the defender's pearl? It's unlikely that Plumber will do teamgrief by removing water far from his base, and water can be distinguished by only in terms of whether it was originally on the map or not.
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  8. jorn_p Platinum

    good idea
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  9. Ivandagiant Silver

    They should make it so that everybody has to go poop after awhile, and if you dont have a plumber then ur nexus will overflow with poop and you cant do anything anymore so you have to get a plumber to make pipes to get all the poop out of your base +1
    KerbKerbKerbKerb and bozmak like this.
  10. bozmak Emerald


    we also need to give them to farmer as compost in order to get more apples
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  11. Rocket543210 Regular Member

    it should be a shop item
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  12. yolked_ Regular Member

    good idea: D
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  13. SnowVi1liers Annihilation Mini Admin

    Seems fair and innovative, I like it!

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