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Class Suggestion New 1.9/1.13/1.14 Class ideas

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by ralphypuppy, Aug 8, 2019.

Class Suggestion - New 1.9/1.13/1.14 Class ideas
  1. ralphypuppy Regular Member

    When the server is updated to 1.9-1.14/1.13, we will inevitable have to deal with new classes. So here are my ideas.

    • (New) Atlantean- Spawns with wood pickaxe and axe, along with a single Soulbound Trident with Riptide and Impaling. They also have a permanent waterbreathing effect, but also have permanent weakness outside of the water only and take double fire damage.
    • Sniper- Same as usual, but with an Unbreaking, Quick Charge Crossbow instead of a regular bow.
    • (New) Chef- Spawns with a soulbound Smoker, a wooden axe, a wooden pickaxe, and a book allowing for random food items to be used when right clicked. Wooden axe gives Hunger to anyone who eats it, but if it hits someone on your team, they get Saturation.
    • (New) Fisherman- Spawns with a wooden pickaxe, an empty bucket, and a wooden sword. Spawns with a Lure II Fishing Rod that cannot be used as a Scout grapple. Comes with a book that, when rightclicked, can give the player up to 32 Raw Fish, up to 32 Raw Salmon, 16 clownfish, or sometimes a Pufferfish. This has a 30 second cooldown. Fisherman has permanent waterbreathing at full health. Empty bucket, when filled with water, has a chance of spawning a Pufferfish mob that does not despawn (Pufferfish Bucket). The pufferfish mob can be used to create poison traps.
    • (New) Constructor- Spawns with a wooden Efficiency 1 pickaxe, axe, and sword, along with a book that, when rightclicked, gives 15 Scaffolding blocks, with a 20 second cooldown. This is a class similar to Builder, but their scaffolding is temporary and functions like in Vanilla MC where the entire structure is broken if a single block in a column is broken. Can be used to create temporary towers to access different areas. Scaffolding does not disappear once the player is dead or switched classes.
    • (New) Gas Master (name subject to change)- Spawns with a wooden sword, pick, and shovel, along with a soulbound "gas mask" (a grey leather helmet with Protection I and Unbreaking II) that is placed in the helmet slot; this gives the player complete poison immunity to any poison, however does not protect the player when taken off. The player also spawns with a book that gives them 3 Lingering Potions of Poison with a 35 second cooldown. The potion cloud has a radius of 5 blocks and naturally lasts for 5 seconds, although lingering potion rules still apply with the duration of the cloud decreasing the more players walk into it. The cloud gives any player that walks into it Poison III (can be lowered to poison II) for about 4 seconds.
    • (New) Eagle- Spawns with no armor, a wooden pick, axe, and sword, and a Soulbound Elytra permanently locked to the chestplate armor slot. Eagle has permanent Weakness and a book that when rightclicked, gives the player 3 Firework rockets to boost into the air with. Cooldown for firework spawning is 60 seconds.
    • (New) Turtle Master- Spawns with permanent "Potion of the Turtle Master" effects, as well as a soulbound Turtle Shell stuck in the helmet armor slot, and a wooden set of tools except for a stone Axe, which replaces the wooden sword in the inventory slot. Also spawns with four Soulbound Turtle Eggs, which can be used to attract and distract mobs. A very defensive class, essentially similar to Defender but with permanent resistance and waterbreathing. Also spawns with a Soulbound Nautilus Shell "horn", which when rightclicked, makes a loud horn noise that can be heard anywhere on the map by team members. Can be used to alert team of "nexus attacks" at a moments notice without having to take the time to type in chat or stop sneaking. Cooldown to blow the horn again is about 25 seconds.
    • (New) Moonwalker- A very agile class, with permanent Slow Falling III effects and Jump Boost IV effects. Also comes with a single ender pearl for teleportation. This class has Speed I, however has permanent weakness. Spawns with a set of wooden tools (Pickaxe is efficiency I, however).
    Any suggestions, leave them below. These are just my personal ideas for when the server updates to 1.14.

  2. Gewoon__ik Regular Member

    I would like to see a crossbow class, but sniper is already pretty overpowered so to buff it more is kinda overkill.
  3. ralphypuppy Regular Member

    Yeah true. Maybe Sniper could have weakness for melee combat and slowness as well?
  4. Acheleration Regular Member

    I have no idea what most of the items you mentioned are or how they work and I assume most people who've played Annihilation for a long time don't either, which will be a problem when trying to get support for your ideas. I'd suggest making a video showcasing the items/abilities of your class idea.
    List of things that I have no idea what they are
    -poisin traps from pufferfish?
    -scaffolding blocks
    -lingering potions
    -firework rockets
    -"potion of the turtle master" effects
    -turtle shell helmet
    -why turtles would be useful to spawn
    -nautilus shell
    Unhinge, ralphypuppy and Ivandagiant like this.
  5. ralphypuppy Regular Member

    Ok. Thank you for notifying me. Although I think it’d be easier for me to just list them here.

    -Tridents: The new weapon in Minecraft 1.13. It is both a melee weapon and a ranged weapon like a spear. With the Riptide enchantment it can launch the player with it as it is thrown, but only in water/rain.
    -Crossbow: The new weapon in 1.14, it is craftable and a more powerful variant of the Bow. They can be pre-charged with an arrow and fired later. Quick Charge allows it to be charged faster.
    -Smoker: One or 1.14’s new furnace variants. It cooks food faster than a normal furnace, but not ores (use a Blast Furnace for that.)
    -Pufferfish Mobs- A new fish mob in 1.13. When the player gets within a block of them, they puff up and give Poison to the player. Hence if they were to be placed below a trapdoor floor they could be modified to poison any opposing players.
    -Scaffolding Blocks: A new block in 1.14. They are crafted from bamboo and act like a ladder by pressing spacebar. The player can stand on them, but can also walk through them. You can make a tower of them and branch out from the tower 5 blocks, after that the scaffolding will fall like Sand. Breaking the tower from the bottom causes the entire structure to fall.
    -Lingering potions- Added in 1.9, these potions are like Splash potions but they stay on the ground for a few seconds. With commands their “gas cloud” and increase or decrease over time.
    -Elytra- The main item of Minecraft 1.9. These are wings that allow the player to glide through the air. With fireworks the player can gain a burst of height.
    -Firework rockets- Ok, you should probably know these. They’ve been in the game since 1.4.
    -Potion of the Turtle Master is a new potion in 1.13 that slows the player down massively but gives increased resistance.
    -Turtle shell helmet gives waterbreathing for 10 seconds when a player is in the water.
    -Turtle Eggs- These can spawn turtles, but when planted on a block other than grass they will never hatch. Mobs are lured to them and try to break them, hence their use in mob traps to attract mobs. This can be used to make mob farms.
    -Nautilus shell is an item dropped by Drowned in 1.13. They are used to craft a Conduit block, but that is it. In Annihilation my idea is that they can make a sound when right clicked, like blowing on a conch shell. And there will be different sounds for different purposes (like a “Nexus Under Attack” horn to warn players with a sound and a caption, or a “Mid Under Attack” horn.

    Thank you for your help by the way, I didn’t think this stuff would be very unfamilliar. More information can be found on the Minecraft Wiki: https://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Java_Edition_version_history

    Or this video by Wattles:
    Unhinge likes this.
  6. ralphypuppy Regular Member

    UPDATE: Test game on “Tides” ended and was flooded with Elytra due to requests as well as firework rockets due to my request. It seems people really enjoy using the elytra though getting off the ground was a little difficult due to some bugginess with Firework Rockets. Give it a little patch and it seems that the “Eagle” class I have suggested seems to have been in a way “alpha-tested”. Obviously the rocket number was 20 instead of 3, but with work actually done to firework rockets so that they work properly and can be used with Elytra, it seems Eagle could be useable in the game someday hopefully. I’ve been so worried about Eagle’s danger when used properly that I’ve ignored the huge majority who will use the elytra inproperly and will just have fun.

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