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Discussion in 'The Network' started by 17171717, Aug 23, 2013.

Suggestion - Network-wide /report system
  1. Subject_617 Platinum

    Ok, I'll start out by stating that I did not think this through completely, mainly because of the ridiculous implications it can have along with the unpredictability of a large and ever-changing community such as Shotbow.

    I read several threads recently and plenty of people complained about the massive amount of "hackers" found on this Network. My idea is basically a system where players can report a player using a network wide (like the friends feature) command, such as /report playername. Essentially, what this would do is send data to some type of tally system in which each report tallies 1 more unit for the player reported. The Staff would be able to view a list of players whose tallies exceed a specified number for a 24 hour period. These players would either be extremely unpopular, or in most cases, actually breaking some sort of rule.

    Please note that this list would NOT be a ban list, it could simply function as a list of players to "watch" for suspicious behaviors. The reporter could not report the same player more than once in a 24 hour period, to reduce the amount of weight each player has on another's reputation.

    I'm not sure exactly how well this would work in practice, but I would like to see the everyone's ideas on a system of this type.

  2. Pulse_Daemon Platinum

    I like the idea but it may be prone to abuse. The amount of reports against a player should gradually be reduced every day but increase the 24-hour cap. A reason should also be a valid argument in the /report command. The player would also need to be on the same server to be reported.
  3. WormOfBooks Platinum

    I agree with Pulse_Demon:
    In SMASH, I have a rank of 1150-ish and when I play lesser ranked individuals I am often accused of being a "hacker" because I beat them. This system, from my understanding, would place me under watch for no reason other than the spite of those I have beaten...
  4. BonusDucks_ Regular Member

    If you aren't doing anything wrong dose it matter if you are being watched?
  5. Qik Silver

    Maybe you only get 1 "report" a day?
  6. WormOfBooks Platinum

    It doesn't but sometimes I get kicked for lag... I just don't want to be banned from this epic server network for jealousyand lag..
  7. Subject_617 Platinum

    Ok guys, thanks for the feedback.
    The 24 hour cap could be increased, like to 48 or 72 hours, but I think a week-long tally system would be alot of information to keep at one time, and also would result in a slow response from any staff. (Like they only get the results at the end of the week, then next week they watch while trying waiting for this week's poll, up to a two week delay in any action?) If there were a reason for reporting, it would be almost impossible to read them all, unless the system somehow gave the top reason(s) why the reports were issued. I'm undecided on the last statement, meaning I would like it either way.
    Hopefully, the actual hackers would be reported more than those who anger players from success, but I can see how this could be a flaw. Like I said, this should NOT be a ban list. If you're on the list from spite, and you are hacking then banned, I personally don't have an issue with that :wink:.

    That could work, but it is possible to see multiple suspicious people within one day, or even a few at one time in a group.
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  8. dkid2 Silver

    Don't get me wrong this is a pretty good idea but I can see plenty of completely unfair instances happening if this were to be added. Let me draw out a simple explanation here for you:
    We are in an annihilation game, fighting for the middle
    Noob1 was shot by You
    Noob2 was slain by You
    Noob3 was shot by YourFriend
    Noob2: /report You
    Noob1: /report You
    Noob3: /report YourFriend
    NoobX4: /report You
    RandomNoob2 was slain by YourFriend
    RandomNoob1: /report You
    [Team] RandomNoob2: YourFriend is a hacker do /report YourFriend
    RandomNoobX5: /report YourFriend
    "You" has been reported 7 times
    "YourFriend" has been reported 6 times
    All of those reports because you killed someone fair and square. Now you won't get banned but you will be watched by staff and most likely will be an outcast for no reason. You can try to tweak it but I doubt it would be added. although I can see where you're going I'm just speaking from the top of my head.
  9. Subject_617 Platinum

    good points, there should probably some type of limit set on the amount of reports one can send in a certain amount of time. I have no clue where the perfect balance would be, but I'm already aware that half or more of the reports would probably be bogus. I don't see how you could become an outcast though, the staff would only be allowed to see the list, and they're pretty unbiased as a whole.
  10. Dr_Danman Regular Member

    I would have to agree with the poster above. Random players would just be banned. Also, clans could now ban each-other from maches. Its not a good idea to be reeling on the public to see if what people are reporting are actual reports or just because some random guy killed all these noobs. Sadly the public is not trustworthy for this idea and im afraid it would get to overused. Also, who would want to search through piles and piles of reports each day. It would be to complex, and most likely most reports would just be lies. Im sorry but I disagree with your system.
  11. TheTalkingMoose Platinum

    its only a watch list, if you are playing legitimately then it won't matter if the admins run their tests on you will it?
  12. Dr_Danman Regular Member

    Yes but if your on the watch list who would want to go through all of the work involved. It just may be inefficient. Also, lets say your a top player on smash as one user said here earlier. If they get reported each week, because he or she was good at that gamemode the admins would get extremely worried wondering if they are using a new state of the art hacked client that is bypassing their security. Now of course you could observe a game but that would be difficalt woth thousands of players on at a time each day.
  13. ZomBry Retired Staff

    While this idea has been suggested multiple times, the amount of people abusing it would be extremely high. I have seen people call me a hacker on ghostcraft just because I kill the ghost in less than a minute.

    People will report other people who they THINK cheat because they are simply more "EXPERIENCED" than them in pvp.

    I'd estimate there will be 500 false reports each day, if not more.

    This would be a highly inefficient system to take down hackers and often times, you will end up with an admin observing a legit player for 5 minutes before leaving. Keep in mind, that the "job" of an admin is not actually a job, it is a hobby.

    These "admins" do not get payed, they do this on a whim, they don't have to moderate the servers, they don't have to check ban appeals or reports.

    They are doing this out of their own will. Maybe if we had a team of 24/7 dedicated people to watch these players, then it would work, but it would be highly unlikely this will be implemented without them.

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