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Suggestion Network Suggestions - Please Read!

Discussion in 'The Network' started by Axyy, May 26, 2020.

Suggestion - Network Suggestions - Please Read!
  1. Axyy Marketing Team

    Hello everyone!

    Let’s get straight to the point. While playing on Shotbow I feel like some things could easily be improved/added, to have an even better experience. So, I’ve made up a list for each gamemode with a few suggestions.

    I know Shotbow doesn’t have the people to implement a lot of updates like this, as SMASH doesn’t even have a Developer. Still, I want to suggest all of these things for the future maybe?

    • Add SMASH/Lobby particles to the Annihilation lobby.
    It would be a small but fun feature to have, it’s in other lobbies so why not on Annihilation as well.
    • Improve hit detection/PVP.
    I don’t like the way PvP feels at this moment, it feels weird. Sometimes I hit people and they don’t even get damage.
    • Remove a few game servers
    There are always a lot of votings going one, which means some games are not completely filled up. Maybe remove some game-server so you’ll have even fuller games and it also gives you new RAM to store on other servers for a less lag/better experience.
    • Add Squally’s Battle Pass suggestion. Click HERE.
    I really liked Squally’s Battle Pass suggestions, I really think this could make a difference to bring back players to Annihilation.
    • Bring back 8v8.
    This shouldn’t be a big priority tbh, but I still wanted to point it out. Maybe bring back 8v8 with a completely revamped idea. Maybe it could work with parties or clans, so the leader could change a map, set durations, phase lengths and, nexus health’s. Just how it works on SMASH.

    • Improve hit detection/PVP.
    Also on SMASH the hit detection feels really odd, it’s really glitchy.
    • Add a smaller lobby, maybe even the old one.
    The current lobby is too big, back when we had the smaller lobby players were closer to each other and it gave a better feeling if that makes sense. A lot of people don’t like this lobby, and it doesn’t feel like SMASH when I’m in the lobby.
    • Add new maps.
    I’m not saying this because I recently submitted two maps, but I believe a lot of people would love to try out new maps. When new maps get added, it gives people that are bored of SMASH a reason to come back.
    • Add a party chat.
    I’d love a party chat, so you can just chat with everyone that’s in your party. Means other people can’t see your conversations and you do not have to PM every single party member.
    • Add a /particles command.
    This would make it easier to switch particles, you don’t have to run all the way to the particle sign if you’re not around. This will also give the possibility to change your particles mid-game.
    • Ranked Matches should start with less players.
    A lot of the time there are not enough players on to even start a ranked match, why not reduce the min players for ranked to start? (It could be 2 or 3).
    • Add a /stats show.
    Add a stats command just like on Annihilation, it will show how many matches you’ve won for unranked and ranked. It also shows how many kills, etc.. etc..
    • Add /queue join/leave and /queue info.
    Same point as the /particles command, you don’t have to run all the way to the signs if you’re not around. Also /queue info, will show everyone that’s queued up.

    I know GG will get an update soon but I still want to give my suggestions.
    • Implement a new lobby.
    The current lobby is well detailed but yet boring, you can’t go anywhere. There’s barrier blocks everywhere you go. A lobby should be a place you can discover, run around when you’re bored. Sorry to say, but this lobby is simply boring as you can’t go anywhere.
    • Change KOTD maps.
    These KOTD maps have been there for years, and there are not of very good quality to be honest. I submitted 2 KOTD maps in the past but I’ve never gotten a reaction on it.
    • Add an Annihilation PVP Mode. Click HERE.
    Well, this doesn’t really need an explanation I guess. Add an Annihilation PVP mode like I suggested years ago. This could work with famous spots on current/old Annihilation maps on GG.
    • Improve hit detection/PVP.
    Yes, the PVP is also very weird on GG. Hit detection is not right as sometimes my opponents don’t get damage when I actually hit them.
    • Add your rank in the TAB list like on other lobbies.
    Add your rank as a prefix in TAB list just like on Annihilation, SMASH, and in the lobby.
    Example: [O] Axyy

    • Implement a new lobby.
    The current lobby is really old, although I like it. The lobby can be improved a lot as doesn’t really have any well detailed builds.
    • Add your rank in the TAB list like on other lobbies.
    Add your rank as a prefix in TAB list just like on Annihilation, SMASH, and in the lobby.
    Example: [O] Axyy
    • Add new modes such as 2v2.
    Add new modes, yes. This would definitely attract players to DBV. 2v2 would work in party mode or using /duels. Both team mates have to complete the map before the other team does to win the duel.

    • Add party chat.
    I’d love a party chat, so you can just chat with everyone that’s in your party. Means other people can’t see your conversations and you do not have to PM every single party member.
    • Change the lobby.
    Again a lobby change, I know. The current lobby looks fine, but is really big and yet there’s nothing to explore/discover. The lobby seems really empty.
    • Add your rank in the TAB list like on other lobbies.
    Add your rank as a prefix in TAB list just like on Annihilation, SMASH, and in the lobby.
    Example: [O] Axyy

    • Add more balloons.
    Currently you can only get gender related balloons by default, which is totally fine. I don’t have anything against that. But still, other balloons should be added as well, for those who don’t want to have a general related balloon. I suggest to add country flags as balloons.
    • Update the Forums!
    I feel like this one is really needed. The current forum seem to be outdated, while other big servers constantly update their forums, Shotbow doesn’t. The current forums doesn’t have a lot of features and does have a lot of bugs. I recommend Shotbow to upgrade to XenForo 2, since it has way more fun features than XenForo 1.
    • Remove some hub-lobbies.
    Yes, remove some lobbies in the hub. There currently are three lobbies and each of them doesn’t have more than 12 players on it, why not remove one or two lobbies? It gives you more RAM to store somewhere else + it brings people closer to each other, so it feels more like a community. I mean 1 lobby server should be able to handle around 40 people right? - And if it doesn’t you can always set up a spare one.
    • Give us more information.
    Back in the day we had, the weekly arrow, and development streams which I really loved. I was always looking forward to the next weekly arrow. At this moment we already get some information but why not bring back the weekly arrow or development streams? Especially with WiR BETAS.
    • Give us the ability to change the in-game language.
    I’ve seen you recently opened up the Localization applications, so why not really expand the team and support in-game languages? People who are not so good in English could change it to their main language.
    • Add a network-wide party system.
    I’ve wanted this for so long, a network-wide party system so your friends can join and they will automatically join the servers you join.
    • Add a network-wide friends system.
    I would absolutely love this, you can see who of your friends are online and what server they are currently on. You can join them easily and play together.

  2. Cuube Platinum

    I want to add something to this thread too, but it's all going to be mostly SMASH related since it's the only game I intensely played and really loved playing on here. I'm going down on some of the points you made about SMASH mostly, trying to give my own input, here we go

    Improve hit detection/PVP
    I honestly think the hit detection works fine for now. Maybe not perfect, but fine. I believe there are also certain aspects that can worsen ones hit detection. For one being far away from their servers (since we're in EU), and secondly the anti-cheat the SMASH servers use to determine whether a hit was legitamite or not, blocking every hit that it thinks is not legit, in which the connection can also play a big part in the equation. Nonetheless: I don't believe the SMASH servers even run on a custom hit detection so that it can be improved.
    What I think can surely be improved is the PVP part, most definetly. SMASH man, since the 1.9 update the assigned velocities when getting damage, they're all over, here and there. It really doesn't make sense most of the time and it's not fun trying to throw someone of a map, but suddenly that player in mid-air just avoids physics, avoids gravity, "Screw that, let me fly high, high up into neverending space instead". That is really, really game-breaking in my opinion since it's not how one would expect work this way. No one would. If anything should be fixed in SMASH, I'd give this the highest priority. New features, cool and good. Smaller lobby, new maps, party chat, particles command, ranked matches with less players, and stats command all sounds pretty neat but don't really change the game itself as much as fixing velocities. That's how I think about it – know what I mean?

    Smaller lobby
    This, I kinda approve. The current lobby is very big, the builders did a very good job building it for sure, it does look amazing. But most of the time the only thing you do in the lobby is walk down this huge bridge down to the match signs, which most people don't like doing so there are jump pads on the way that help you get to the signs faster. Since that might not be enough golden pressure plates were added as well, so when you step on em, you instantly get teleported to the signs. That's very convenient since most of the time you just don't want to walk that much. I already don't like walking that much in real life... ANYWAY for me the lobby just seems empty. Like, the only content are the match signs and.. that doesn't fill up all of the space the lobby has to offer. That's why it feels so empty to me. I kinda get why there's a new lobby. It just looks better, makes the game feel newer and refreshed, more modern for sure as well, since the old lobby just was a cluster of put-together squares that made Minecraft look even more minecraftier than it already is, but it had sure had something special. But that just might be because we were so used to the old lobby. New potential players that have never seen the old lobby might probably not even care about the current one. I though agree on what you, Axyy, said about that a smaller lobby would bring players closer to each other, thus wouldn't make the lobby feel so empty. I think that's what you mean. I unfortunately don't have any solutions on how to fill up that emptiness that I feel when being in this lobby.

    Man, I'm done writing that much, I'm getting really lazy rn. Let me know what you think about that, I may add more to this thread later on if I feel like it. It's kinda hard to focus on so much different things at the same time in one thread, I gotta say
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  3. Axyy Marketing Team

    Honestly, I do think the current hit detection could be improved. When playing with friends from my Discord yesterday they all kinda complained about the hit detection and lag but they thought it was a nice game overall. It can be really frustrating at times, especially for those who have always been playing PvP related modes, like me. They might not be able to change much but they definitely can improve it a little bit. Take a look at Hypixel, they support 1.8 PvP while playing on a 1.9+ client. The PvP feels good, my opponents always take damage whenever I hit them. Also, I don't think this should be their only main priority as "one" thing doesn't make a game great again. Constantly bringing out updates, cosmetics, and such commands to make the game easier for everyone, attracs players to the game. For example, if Shotbow adds a new SMASH map, retired players might think, Yes, something new to discover, let me try this out! - They could get addicted to the game again which means SMASH has already improved the playerbase a tiny bit. The same counts for cosmetic related stuff, such as new particles maybe. What about players who only like to play ranked, but are unable to because there simply is not enough people? These people left as well, and might come back as soon as they are able to play a ranked match whenever they want to.

    I think what made the old lobby special is the fact that it had so many hidden secrets, even when you've been playig smash for years you still would run around every spot of the lobby. Secret signs is really motivating for new players to stay on SMASH eventhough, they are a lil bit bored of playing it. Just like you said, on the current lobby there is nothing really to explore or discover, it's mainly focused on the beautiful builds, which most of the players just don't really care about. We like the old lobby because it brings back nostalgia, but we als like it because it's really unqiue, there is no such lobby anywhere. - When I was Admin I also liked to do fun stuff in the lobby, building a rollercoaster, or just build random stuff. But it was all about entertaining those who didn't want to play smash, but also didn't want to leave the game because there was stuff going on the lobby and they did not want to miss out on it.
  4. Cuube Platinum

    I didn't mean that it couldn't be improved. That'd be too good to be true. Certainly may not be the best hit detection that's around, but that's just how Minecraft is. To clarify, I do not believe it's the hit detection in the first place you might be complaining about. I believe it's mostly because of connection related issues and on top of that the time the server needs to process tasks when its lagging: "did player1 hit player2 whilst player2 was in player1's view" "was player2 even in player1's range", if this is taking too long to process, player2 might not be in player1's view or range anymore thus cancelling damage. By my theory, the connection you have to the server and the time the server needs to process tasks plays a huge part in this equation. So I believe if this were all happening in real time, hit detection would not be an issue. It's vanilla hit detection on top of an anti cheat plugin that's preventing hits so it's harder to cheat.
    Hypixel is a huge and very successful Minecraft server, they probably have the hardware to perform checks quickly, they also have their own custom anti cheat.

    I disagree with that. I think prioritizing something is very important, especially if something is game breaking. And current given volocities to players upon damage are game breaking as they don't make sense to me most of the time. You can constantly bring out updates that might attract players, yes. But you also need to make sure players want to continue playing as well. A good priority would be fixing game breaking bugs first, then adding in new things. That may attract players and would also, with a higher probability make them keep playing for longer. New cosmetics or commands alone don't really change the game itself directly, it changes everything around it, so it wouldn't make the game great again either. Even if you would add in new items, that'd be something that's actually in the game and would certainly re-attract old or current players and attract few new players, but I would still prioritize something that affects your movement rather than items, since movement plays a huge and bigger part in SMASH than items, in my opinion. Items also just aren't as game breaking as the current knockback. Items work most of the time, as well as costmetics and current commands. Now, you didn't talk about items, but I justed wanted to clarify my point of view. Work on things that don't work first before improving other things is what I'd go for. It's like building a base you can actually continue to work on, improving things. It's like building the bottom of a tower

    Same goes for new SMASH maps. That's also something that doesn't change or improve the game. Maps don't change the way the game works. It may attract players since there is something new to explore, and it'd be interesting to find out how a game of SMASH would turn out on a specific map, but that's it. It wouldn't keep players for a long amount of time, when basic things don't work the way they're supposed to be. (basic as in something important not 'easy')

    Okay well, I didn't mean to say this velocity thing is the only thing Shotbow should focus on as everything else is fine as is. This velocity thing is one of the many things Shotbow should focus on, but again, something I'd prioritize over other things. Haven't got anything to suggest to that ranked issue since I was never a big fan of ranked.

    Uniqueness could be one of the things the lobby needs. But.. I have a feeling we always say we don't like the current lobby without really explaining what can be added or changed, or genrally done better to the current lobby. I mean, we said the old lobby had secrets we really liked, Kingey actually placed secret signs all over the lobby just like on the old one. He tried making the current lobby more interesting but that didn't exactly work out. I think the current lobby has a lot of potential for new things. We might need to be more specific and creative on what can be changed.

    Yes, I really miss messing around with the old lobby man. Those were fun times, and the players seemed to like it too as long as we didn't prevent them from doing their thing.
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  5. Axyy Marketing Team

    I've seen many people complaining about the hit detection not being as good as it should be, I'm sure Shotbow is also aware of this issue. Let's just hope they will get better eventually.

    Also, Hypixel was just an example, there are lots of other servers like Shotbow that have a better hit detection. Shotbow is a big network too, it's no excuse for it actually. There is a reason Hypixel is succesful, because they did the right things. Responding with Yes, but Hypixel is succesful isn't right, they are succesful because of the great hit detection it has. (Not only the hit detection, but a lot of other things they did right. You probably know what I mean.) About the Anti-Cheat, why not revamp it? - Back when I was Admin the Anti-Cheat on SMASH was broken, it didn't work well + They also used NCP which is a really bad Anti Cheat anyways. Shotbow is still considered as a big network in my opinion, they should have their own fully working anti cheat and prevent blocking legit hits.

    Prioritizing is indeed important but that shouldn't mean all the focus should only go to updating the hit detection. A good hit detection without great cosmetic features and little updates isn't a great game either. Currently the game is well playable which means it isn't really game breaking. It can be improved a lot but it's playable. How is brining out cosmetic updates not helping the game, if it brings back players I really don't see any reaon to not mark it as important.

    How does adding new maps not change the game? It gives new opportunities to discover things, it brings back motivation to play the game because there's something new to play on, especially if the map is of high quality as well. People could start to realize how fun SMASH is, and they might even stay. There you go, you just brought back new players to SMASH, which is just as important.

    Indeed, some people care more about ranked than others do. Some prefer ranked over unranked, because it adds a more competitive effect to the game. Which means this is also important for those who like ranked a lot.

    Don't get me wrong, the current lobby looks amazing. The builders did a wonderful job, but it just does not feel like SMASH. You could place signs around this big lobby, and players still wouldn't look for them. The old lobby had small rooms, players were closed to each other which meant it wasn't so empty. The Lobby is just too big. The thing is, players actually looked for the old lobby secrets because it was compact, you had levers that would open up hallways that lead to other rooms. It means in 10 minutes you would have been through the whole map but you still would not have found all secrets. It's hard to explain, to be honest.

  6. Cuube Platinum


    I still don't think hit detection is the actual problem.

    I don't see Shotbow as a big network, but that's a subjective matter. You could say that Hypixel in comparison to Shotbow is a much bigger network when it comes to the amount of players that play on it, the staff they have and the developers that officially work for Hypixel. I don't know if all developers on Shotbow here get paid anything or whether they do it for free. Judging by how fast the development was going (don't know how it is now) I don't think that all if any developers get paid on here, and that's fine. Hypixel has done the right things to become successful, for sure. But doing the right things is not always as easy as you seem to lay it out to be. There's a reason NCP was used instead of a custom anti-cheat. Probably because of the missing capacities and it being a better option than running no anti-cheat. I'm sure a custom anti-cheat would be great, but I wouldn't prioritize it over a game actually working the way its supposed to be.

    I was never talking about prioritizing hit detection. Reading this I don't even know what you define as hit detection. The current knockback does not work as expected. It isn't supposed to randomly make players fly upwards when they get punched. That is game breaking to me and that's what I've been writing about. When I say that something is game breaking, I mean that something is not working the way its supposed to work. Now in the case of the "players fly upwards"-bug that can be game breaking because if I, in-game, grab and throw you out of the map, I would expect you to fly of the map and die. But with that bug that makes players randomly just fly upwards, you'd have a much higher probability to survive, which is not supposed to happen. Because of something that is not supposed to happen, the game changed, kinda like butterfly effect. The reason why I'd prioritize this to be fixed is because I don't consider it to be something little, I actually consider it for one of the worst changes that ever happened to SMASH, and it wasn't even planned to work this way after the big update. That's nothing to improve, it's a bug, that's something to fix.
    Cosmetics are a side thing. Adding new ones does not help the game, it doesn't make the game better, it doesn't change anything about the game except you look cool now. They may get the attention of some players, but they won't continue playing a game with unpredictable bugs just because it has nice cosmetics or maps. They won't stay. Cosmetics are considered to be a bonus, a nice addition to the game. I didn't get on SMASH for the cosmetics.

    I don't believe that's how it works. The reason why new maps don't change the game is because they don't change the games behaviour, they don't fix bugs, they could improve the game a little (some maps fit SMASH more than others), but they still don't fix or make you forget about bugs that ruin the excitement you generated when seeing theres a new map. Getting new players isn't as easy as publishing a new map or making new cosmetics available. I don't believe any new player is only coming for the maps or the cosmetics because it looks good. In most cases they're in for the gameplay, mainly and in the first place, but that's just my assumption.

    I don't think there's any point in continuing this discussion anymore, as in the end it's Shotbow's decision on what to do now, not ours. I hope we in a way helped Shotbow by offering our standpoint of how we think about things, yea. If you want to know more about my POV/continuing this discussion just reply anyways. I'll try to answer it but keep in mind this is going out of hand and it doesn't really help anybody else anymore reading this absolute bible madness
  7. Axyy Marketing Team


    We both just have different opinions on how things would work out the best. Although this is not what the tread is about, I am giving suggestions for future updates, without any prioritization. Which is why I also mentioned:

    Why are we even discussing about prioritization when it's not even the point of the thread. We both have different opinions with the same intentions, although it's not really what's the thread about. I made this thread to give Shotbow new ideas for future updates, I'm not stating anywhere that they should be added immediately.

    I'm also done with this dicussion so I prefer to have other people leaving their suggestion about the thread.

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