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Suggestion Nerf to Damage potions

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by Jarool, Mar 17, 2019.

Suggestion - Nerf to Damage potions
  1. Jarool Emerald

    Currently, damage potions will do 3 hearts at level 1 and 6 hearts at level 2.
    Healing potions do 2 hearts at level 1 and 4 hearts at level 2.
    In the next update, splashback for damage pots will be introduced, but I don't think that's enough to stop them, even if that might help stop people using them as much.

    Instead, I suggest one of two things. Either:
    1. Nerf the damage from 3/6 to 2/4 or
    2. You are no longer able to create level 2 damage potions
    Either one of those could be a potentially good change. Splashback might do some good, but it doesn't address the amount of damage it does. Both of these directly nerf what makes damage 2s so strong. Splashback just makes them less appealing.
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  2. Unhinge Gold

    How many pot kills do you have ? Just curious if you think they are too powerful because you die to them or because you actually use them effectively which I’m not sure you have but,
    Splash harming does 4 hearts at level II and 2 hearts at level I (Not 6..). The splashback will make them fair in my opinion.
  3. Jarool Emerald

    31 potion kills.
    And it does do 6 at level II (you can kill someone with just two pots). I have died to them and have killed full diamonds with them. I have seen rushes fail completely because of them. I have failed rushes because of them. Splashback might do something, but you're never INSIDE someone to take the full 6 hearts. A full set of 3 will kill anyone. The only reason why they might not be overpowered is if you're a bad aim, but they're almost exclusively used in the nexus area, where you're confined to a small space just to hit the nexus, and that's where they really shine.

    You're not limited to throwing them while inside someone, you can throw them a distance. The only thing that makes them less OP is the fact that you can't throw them through teammates. If they made that possible, then may as well only assassin rush as a leather because there's not much else you can do as a full diamond.
    DutchSurvivor likes this.
  4. Unhinge Gold

    Wow my mistake, I tested for myself and they really do 6 hearts of damage. This is a pretty typical scenario with instant damage I suppose ( https://gyazo.com/d07d35baa2fa10eeb957f0b0c83ea2f1) but I still don't think they're totally unfair. If any changes were to be made I agree nerfing instant damage II pots to only do 4 hearts instead of 6 would be good.
    Jarool likes this.

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