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Suggestion Nerf Scout class

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by ChillWarrior, Mar 3, 2021.

Suggestion - Nerf Scout class
  1. ChillWarrior2005 Gold

    The better armour you have the higher the cooldown is for the grapple

    For example

    Leather - 2.5 S Default Cooldown
    Iron - 3.5S Cooldown for grapple
    Diamond - 4S Cooldown for grapple

  2. EmperorKerb Silver

    Good idea, i think they should add something like this
  3. Habassuhh Platinum

    Break game, because all protection enchantment has been nerf, guys scout día will fighting with disadvantage against other class like bard, pyro, fire aspect sword, poison, wizard, iceman, spider and immobilizer and other scout group with iron stand, if u want too add him weakness .-.
  4. iDontTalk0rTeam Regular Member

    not good idea tbh
  5. daveyo10 Regular Member

    I think thats a great idea. Scout is too much better than other mobility classes. Dasher could compete for a little bit but got nerfed. I think scout is still too strong because they are scared to nerf it and drive players away. Better armor increasing grapple cooldown is a great idea. Something else they could do is add a 3-5 second combat cooldown although I think the armor cooldown is a better idea. Those numbers you provided for the cooldown could be decreased but I think conceptually it's a great idea.
  6. RankFoldDangle Regular Member

    i think we should just get rid of the grapple entirely. it's such a broken ability. as a bard and defender main, it's so frustrating to play against leather scouts when they can just run away with their grapple and their speed (i think scout's speed should be removed too). honestly i just want to go defender and defend every game but when these scouts start popping up in my games it makes me want to stop playing.
  7. donnerblitz_1 Artist

    The Dominant Class in Anni right now (and always was) is Scout. A Class that can (with one good Grapple on an open Surface) reach up to 25+ blocks, It has great Surprise potential, it is the most used Class for its movement Horizontal and Vertical, you can get around alot of rough terrain itself and you only take half the falldamage for it. Getting surprised or getting involved in a fight by a Scout are the only 2 Options you normally have on most maps, blocking off is restricted. Running away will result in losing Hp in a short amount of time (around 5-10 Seconds). Scout by its name only got the movement to (in modern terms)make rifts possible for example or Scout an area, it should not be for running around with a sharp 4, surprising someone and killing them in less than 5 Seconds. Getting surprised by one is all good normally, it would be an uphill battle but doable, getting surprised by 2+ (as leather rn) is almost impossible in the normal context. Other Classes would get noticed faster or there is atleast a chance to notice them earlier and one can just run. That is not the Case with Scout. Either demolish like 50% of the movement or give it Weakness are two Solutions I can see that would balance that out a bit
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  8. ButterTheGiraffe Platinum

    Nice original post.

    Makes more sense why you want only your classes buffed, and the classes you have the most trouble with nerfed LOL.
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  9. ILoveTinkerer Silver

    Hi I'm your fan!

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