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Lobby Negative amount of snowballs.

Discussion in 'Technical Support' started by ppapa2000, Sep 6, 2014.

Lobby - Negative amount of snowballs.
  1. ppapa2000 Platinum

    Bug Description: When you log on 1.8 and join the lobby, you will start off with -128 snowballs.
    Region: EU ( I guess the bug exists in US too).
    Date Recreated: 6th of September 2014.
    Recreation steps: You must purchase the snowballs from the shop, log into Shotbow with the latest version (1. 8 , and check the number of your snowballs. It should be -128.

  2. Deathwing Emerald

    This is a bug with 1.8, not shotbow
  3. ppapa2000 Platinum

    Oh, I thought that It was a specific bug with shotbow.

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