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Needs to be Addressed

Discussion in 'Death by Void' started by Champion_Guiga, Oct 19, 2016.

Needs to be Addressed
  1. Champion_Guiga Gold

    Hello! I have been playing DBV for the past few months after coming back to the network this past August for my zombie farming run, in which I'd play in between sessions of MineZ. Throughout I've bettered myself at this game and have gotten a silver/gold medal every day since September on US. The added xp from the medals help me get more spawnkit items for the upcoming update and accounts for a large amount of my daily xp considering I can't do a farming session every day due to my schedule.

    Anyways, October 15th marked the beginning of the Shotbow EULA changes in which the xp of non-premiums were boosted on the servers that have premiums. For example, if a silver is on the server, you will get their multiplier if they are the highest ranking.

    Today I found an issue with this as I logged into DBV, as I received only 100XP for my gold medal despite my server status as a platinum in-game. Immediately I checked my rank with a test, and it had not changed, eliminating the possibility of a rank glitch. Furthermore, since nobody on the server was premium I was given a 1.0X multiplier despite my platinum, meaning I was cheated out of 200XP.

    Here is evidence: https://imgur.com/a/7DLiI
    More evidence: https://imgur.com/a/jaFpa
    Here is proof that the XP multiplier worked, but not at first. (I didn't log out in between evidence): http://imgur.com/a/qRzjl

    While it is a minor issue that can be resolved by entering at peak hours, I forsee a problem with the current system that applies only to DBV that is unfair and also random chance. If a non-premium were to enter the server with a platinum online and a silver medal (75 XP) they would be given 225XP for their reward. Meanwhile, someone could later enter the server (also non-premium) with a gold medal, but the people online had not donated, they would get 100XP for their work the day before. There is absolutely no way to tell who is on that server on the moment and this problem could cause frustration as logging on at the wrong time could impact the xp you receive in the end.

    The point is, this issue needs to be resolved in some way. Option 1 could be to fix it so it works as intended. This means that the issue where Premiums get their xp too fast for the system to register their universal multiplier should be fixed, as well as the unfair non-premium difference issue. I would recommend an option to cash-in on the medal through player-made inputs such as the menu so they could either wait for a premium to enter, or give the system some time to register their premium multiplier.

    Option 2 is to make medals universal like the MineZ 2 achievements by increasing gold medals to 3X multiplier level automatically, which would make zero need to fix the above issues.

    Hope I provided good enough reasoning and suggestions on these issues, and thanks for reading. Cheers!
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  2. 97WaterPolo Administrator

    So one difficult thing that we had to work through when redoing Death By Voidwas the Shotbow XP system for the daily course.

    Originally DBV was just a daily course, no infinite mode was there so having the premium multipliers for the reward seemed quite viable. With the new rework and the addition of the infinite mode having a premium multiplier for the daily course isn't viable any longer.

    At this moment the daily course gives 100XP for Gold, 75XP for Silver, and 50XP for bronze.

    In the infinite courses you are able to get up to Tier 5.

    The XP given is calculated as ( BaseXPForMedal*Highest Tier). Essentially if you have someone get a gold medal and complete to 5 Tiers that's a total of 500 Shotbow XP. (assuming you do the daily course and reach Tier 5.) Every time you complete 10 pieces in the infinite course you get some XP, so in order to reach Tier 5 you need to reach 600Platforms which is 60XP base.

    TL;DR: You can get a max of 560 ShotbowXP Base per day on this course.

    Now if we throw in the bonus multiplier lets say for Platinum. 560x3 = 1680 Shotbow XP a day. Clearly that is a bit of an overkill for this game. I never intended this to be a XP Farm type gamemode but rather a unique take on a parkour type gamemode.

    In the end you did point out that Infinite Platforms do scale based off multipliers, which I thought would be a good medium ground. So in reality if you are a Platinum who got gold and Tier 5, you would achieve (100*5)+(60*3)=680XP a day which is a bit more manageable.

    I am always into revising the XP system, especially with new changes but my main concern is turning this into a XP farm type of game.

    EDIT: Don't forget about the XP that is given just for completing the daily course one time either. That resets daily as well.
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  3. Champion_Guiga Gold

    Well the point of my essay above is to address the issue where the multiplier works on the server for the new EULA changes, but it doesn't change over depending on the rank of the user that just logged in.

    My platinum rank did not register in time for when I received my reward for a gold medal the day before so I got 100XP instead of 300XP with a Tier I (No infinite course).

    Even if the xp is intended to not "overkill" the game with the max of 1500 for a gold medal + Tier 5 + 3X multiplier, it still raises an issue where sometimes you can log in when another premium is on and get a different xp value.

    I logged in with no premiums online, and despite my donator rank, still got a normal amount of xp. On other occasions, I or someone else could log in while a platinum donator is online, therefore I or someone else would receive the enhanced amount of xp. This creates a gap between people logging in at different times and getting different rewards for the same effort. Imagine if I worked for 2 hours getting Tier 5 and gold medal, logged in and receive 500 xp while someone who worked for 45 minutes on a silver medal and Tier 3 logged in with a platinum online and received 675 xp. Because of luck, I'd be cheated out of xp that could have been possible had I logged in at peak hours. As for the other guy, he received 175 more xp for half the effort.

    If you feel that XP farming shouldn't be a thing in DBV then move the medals over to something that doesn't get multiplied by donator packages like the MineZ 2 achievements. Afterward, you can further adjust the medal amounts to something more reasonable such as 50 Bronze, 100 Silver, 150 Gold, making the max 750 for Gold + Tier 5. I feel like that is a fair amount.
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