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Suggestion /mz kill Kill confirmation

Discussion in 'MineZ' started by shrauger, Feb 3, 2019.

Suggestion - /mz kill Kill confirmation
  1. shrauger Regular Member

    Currently there is no limit to how much you can kill yourself with /mz kill or spawn back in. This can create global deathmessage spam for those wanting to spam chat messages. You can spam the entire scrollable chat within a minute and I believe it should be slowed down with a kill confirmation.

    Are you sure? Yes/No, for example.

  2. Fridge2177 Localization Lead

    There should be a confirmation cause I can also see people tricking new players by saying you can track your kill stats by using the command /mz kill stats for example. Also you should be able to execute the command minimum every 30 seconds
  3. whoopiecow Platinum

    Did this today, kept dying over and over again, spawn then t and up, over and over again super fast. Felt sorry for anybody who could see all of the messages.
  4. davejacobjensen Regular Member

    Disagree with the confirmation, because I don't want to type 2 messages everytime I want to mz kill. Instead, maybe just have a new tip telling players not to fall for the /mz kill trick.
    Also, as a solution to the issue, maybe a command can be added like /mz killmessages, so people can toggle whether or not they want to see those messages.
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  5. TeazHacks Silver


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