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Suggestion My Thoughts on the New Update

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by TotallyEnder, Jan 16, 2022.

Suggestion - My Thoughts on the New Update
  1. Tahrien Platinum


    Generally speaking, I don't like the new update. Here's a few reasons why:

    1. The new scoreboard is scuffed

    • In my opinion, the previous scoreboard was perfectly fine, so I don't see why they changed it in the first place. Also, there is a lag/delay——which might be a bug, so take this with a grain of salt——when the scoreboard updates, which never happened before.

    2. The God apple change isn't well thought-out and is unnecessary

    • Yes, I know: another change to gapples. There are a few issues with this change:
    1) First, it's rare that any player will ever have to eat three gapples (even in clan wars), so this change doesn't really affect that many people.

    2) Second, this change can be easily countered by just giving more gapples to other people; since you can eat 3 without getting the cool-down, just give extra gapples to other players.

    3) All in all, this change really doesn't do much and seems unnecessary.

    3. The change to XP/Stats/Rank-up Points

    • This change/nerf to getting XP, stat-increases, or rank-up points is the main issue I have with this update. No matter who you are, this update negatively affects you:

    1) It's more difficult to rank-up (before you could farm kills at mid or get nexus damage for easy points)

    2) For those who like messing around/killing for stats, you now have to wait until the game ends to get the stats you accumulated, which on average could be 50-60mins per game

    3) Getting XP from doing anything is more tedious because, like I said, you have to play out the entire game, which could be a long time.

    For those ready to say that this change is good because, "it will deter players from abandoning their team" or "more people will want to finish their games," I have a few rebuttals:

    a. People will continue to abandon games no matter what; there's nothing that can be done to stop them from leaving.

    b. This change could make the team-stacking issue worse because people will want stack on teams that are more likely to win and therefore end the game sooner

    c. Punishing players for abandoning their games is not a great idea. Most players don't care about the number of "abandons" they have on their stats, so this change just makes it take longer to get XP, stats, or rank-up points.

    Instead, devs should reward players for staying longer: like a 2x XP boost at Phase 5 or something — REWARD not PUNISH.


    However, there are good things that came with this update:
    • Bug fixes, certain items de-spawn faster, new leaderboards, and the Spider buff.

    But here are some issues the server should focus on that, in my opinion, are more important to deal with:

    • Knockback in general
    • Bugs with 1.16+ movement and lag-backs
    • Balancing classes — (Bard, scout, builder, vampire, alchemist, etc.)
    • Fix the apple meta
    • Server lag
    • Making walls viable again
    Feel free to comment what you think.

  2. inverso Platinum

    well said g
  3. IFinessedYou Emerald

    Yeah so true I agree 100%
  4. soto Platinum

    Well, this is the difference in how our previous Anni-Lead would gather community input compared to our concurrent one trying to convince us they’re using community input. Clearly one Anni-Lead had a more remarkable impact for the community than the other, and there’s no need for me to specify who and what, it’s pretty straightforward.

    To talk about the update, it felt underwhelming, not well executed, yet again players get punished hoping that'll make all the problems go away. I don’t know if we’re adopting some German culturural mentality on this server on how to raise your cattle but that ain’t what we are. Yet again I want to thank the Devs for their hard work. Thanks Hilly, Mosh & Galap.

    (Disclaimer: No offense intended, nothing what I say it to be taken 100% seriously, as long as the interpretation is understood.)
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  5. Shimmied Gold

    +1, ESPECIALLY with your suggestion about rewarding players for staying longer rather than punishing leavers; this is huge in a minecraft minigame where not every single player will have a whole hour to play out a game but still want to pay and have it mean something.
  6. GU5FRING Emerald

  7. ILoveTinkerer Silver

    Regarding the XP being received only on game end, this is complete failure from Shotbow Team, if your team dies before game end and you don't want to wait 30 minutes after death in lobby, you won't receive any XP, a clown move on their end.
  8. Nasar Obsidian

    It is very unfortunate that the Anni Lead made these changes without making a poll to make sure most of the community will like it, there are many things to work on. The gapple nerf could've been different but I guess this idea was from only one person that I am not going to name. There is nothing good in this update besides the spider buff and bug fixes. The player base will get lower i'm sure about that.
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  9. JTGangsterLP6 Annihilation Lead

    The latter was a bug which has been fixed in the meantime. :)


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