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Suggestion My thoughts on "Gulag"

Discussion in 'Warband' started by JonnyDvE, Nov 2, 2020.

Suggestion - My thoughts on "Gulag"
  1. JonnyDvE Jr. Developer

    Hey as Swipe requested here are my thoughts on the Gulag, fell free to leave your thoughts below.
    If you die and were to be eliminated from the game (die as chieftain, natural causes, or failed mutiny) you get 1 second chance in the hell (as opposed to the deathmatch in heaven)
    You will fight a 1v1 with different kit layouts, so both have a fair fight.
    To be eligeble for Gulag you must die before the domain settles on 50 blocks.
    If you win your fight you ascend to the world of living again as an outcast and spawn in the air like in the beginning but without an elytra.
    You also loose a percentage of your inventory, i thought something like 50/66% would be fitting.
    If you are alone in the gulag when it closes you have to overcome your fear and take a 4 block jump back into the overworld.
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  2. JerryRowe Retired Staff

    I like the last inclusion, some sort of quick parkour if there is an odd amount of players in the gulag when time ticks down would be great.
    For the gulag imo, all players should obviously be forced into spectate mode until around 2 minutes before the second to last zone settles, from there everyone is teleported into some hellish Colosseum where 2 players fight at a time, then once the zone settles everyone who won gets a chance to drop in with elytra with basic iron gear and food.

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