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Class Suggestion My take on the Spy Buff (1.9 Spy)

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by gunso_, Jan 9, 2017.

Class Suggestion - My take on the Spy Buff (1.9 Spy)
  1. gunso_ Administrator

    IMO, the only real use for the current spy is defending the nexus. The reason is because it takes too long to vanish to really be useful in a rushing situation, and you can't move around once vanished.

    Allowing SPY to vanish instantly would make it OP, so giving it the ability to move while vanished seemed like the logical solution to buffing SPY. But there would have to be a trade off to moving while vanished, and it needs to be something that would have limitations. The answer was simple, use hunger.

    Using hunger would allow Spy to have the ability to move 15~20 blocks, but would have to unvanish at a certain point to eat or be forced to unvanish by hunger damage.

    This would allow SPY to crawl behind a wall out of sight to eat , and then move on the next spot.
    Now we can actually spy around while being a SPY. :wink:

    Since SPY is so under-powered compared to some of the other classes, giving back the back stab would make a lot of sense. Especially with the new ability to move around enemy players.

    You are the deceiver.
    Vanish into thin air when sneaking!

    Purchase for 20,000 XP (Lifetime only)

    Class Info
    The Spy starts off with a Golden Sword and basic wooden tools.
    Going invisible takes ~2 seconds and makes you completely invisible, including armor and particles.
    Unsneaking, eating, attacking, taking damage, shooting arrows, placing or breaking blocks will make you unvanish instantly. You are able to move while vanished, but will loose 1/2 hunger point for every block you move. Enemies can unvanish a spy by hitting them or right clicking. You deal 1 extra damage for backstabbing an enemy.

    • Complete invisibility when sneaking, including armor and particles.
    • Can move while vanished as long as you have hunger points.
    • Useful for defense and rushing.
    • Backstab +1 ([IMG]) damage
    • Almost all actions will cause you to unvanish.
    • Having to holding down the sneak key for extended periods of time can be tiring.
    • You will loose hunger points really quick if you move around.

  2. Unicycle43 Administrator

    Sounds like a good compromise between other suggestions that I've seen, would be awesome to see it implemented
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  3. pokeminer9999 Gold

    I like that you made a rework without taking away anything from spy. All the old strategies are possible, but also some new strategies are possible as well. I do not know if I like the actual change very much, as spy needs a buff, but not that large of a buff, because now we will see people sneaking into nexuses while vanished, then the admins will do what they have done to many other kits and make vanishing in the nexus impossible which would get rid of some strategies. I think the vanish with the backstab alone has good strength for stalking and killing irons while they mine, but there should be more strategies. I will think a bit more in depth about this, but this is my initial reaction to this idea.
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