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Suggestion My feedback and suggestions

Discussion in 'Gold Rush' started by zoomninja3000, Apr 8, 2019.

Suggestion - My feedback and suggestions
  1. zoomninja3000 Regular Member

    I only managed to play a single game but I still really enjoyed it. Here is some feedback about the game.

    1. The only teamwork I found was protecting each other in the mine, ganging up on people, and working on upgrades. My suggestion for this is to add a healer class or some other support class.

    2. I did the most damage on my team by sending in the golem and going rogue. Maybe make damaging the opposing team more rewarding?

    3. I was just annoyed by the fact that I had to go miner to mine and repair things. Maybe make it so that miner has haste while mining.

    I found no bugs but I guarantee that there were some. But overall I loved the game. Hope the full release is soon!

  2. connor564 Platinum

    Holy shit the valleys Forge hitbox is absolute utter b a d
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