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Guide Murgatron's Defence Guide [Outdated]

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by Murgatron, Jan 3, 2014.

Guide - Murgatron's Defence Guide [Outdated]

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  1. Murgatron Retired Staff


    Please note this guide has not been thoroughly updated (last update was almost a year ago!).

    As such there will be ALOT of inaccurate information with regards to missing classes, class changes, map rotations, new mechanics and items, ectera.

    Some parts are still valid (wall building, tunneling) but others may be flat out wrong.

    A revised version may be put done at a later date.

    Thanks to everyone whom has supported this thread in the meantime :heart:

    Murgatron's Defence Guide

    Hello everyone! Having played Annihilation for a while I have came up with some effective defensive strategies that I would like to share with you! This guide can be used by one player or several although it is more effective with co-operative teammates :wink:

    Any pictures posted have additional notes on them over on Imgur. There is a link below each picture for this :)

    If you want to see the guide in action, check out the How to Defend on Canyons video and my Defense Montage and Defense Montage 2! Also check out the Defense Timelapse on Coastal!

    • Introduction
    • Classes
    • Strategies
    • Maps

    Defending in Annihilation, contrary to popular belief, can be exceptionally fun and rewarding. Defeating a str2 rush of full diamonds while you and an army of leather respawns takes them out is immensely satisfying!


    There is a wide selection of classes that are effective for defensive play depending on your play-style!

    Classes I own are noted with an (O) after them. Classes I do not own may be more/less effective!

    For those who favour a bow as their weapon of choice, the archer class offers increased damage (Power 6 bow anyone?). Its starting punch 1 bow and 16 arrows can also be useful to holding the line in times of desperate measure! Punch Bow™ give you Wingsss

    Beserker (O)
    Those extra hearts can mean the difference between life and death! (And loosing that epic bow/sword!).

    The ability to deal true damage (ignoring armour!!) is fantastic for taking out enemy diamond Prot 4 armour attackers! However as damage is also inflicted upon you this is best used in conjunction with a regeneration potion, a bloodlust sword or leather rushing!

    Want to gain experience while you build a defensive wall for your team?? Look no further.

    A defender's regeneration effect can once again make the difference between life and death! Can be effective during earlier phases however is outclassed later on (currently).

    Enchanter (O)
    Want to get that power 4, flame, punch 2 infinity bow or Sharpness 4, Fire Aspect 2 sword faster? (Around 50% faster!). This is the class for you! (You can mine your iron/gold supplies at the same time!).

    Hunter (O)
    The hunter's ability to place traps makes it the perfect class to counter invisible players! Since your traps cannot be griefed by your teammates and are only activated by enemies, this allows you to create a 100% anti invis entrance way, even for those no-fall acrobats! :D

    Allows you, quite literally, stop a player in their tracks for 5 seconds. This allows your teammates to reposition, box in the player or deal significant damage by digging the floor out from under their feet!

    Lumberjack (O)
    Not only useful for attaining larger amounts of wooden planks quickly but can also be useful in tearing down bridges and other entrances into your land/nexus!

    Miner (O)
    While not a combat class the ability to quickly gather iron (which is essential for your own armour...) not to mention shears, buckets and faster tools to build defensively which can mean the difference between defences done by Phase 2 or Phase 3. Efficiency stone pick can also help in tearing down stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

    Pyro (O)
    Free fire aspect sword on spawn? Don't mind if I do! :wink: Burn baby burn! Now includes flame bows!

    Scorpio (O)
    In specific cases having the ability to teleport an enemy player to you and knock (not pull) them into void is very good way to ensure that they WILL die. Means you do not get the loot though :( Also if you scorpio a dangerous foe uptop your defensive wall....your teammates may not like you very much :confused: - Like this!! :stuck_out_tongue:

    Swapper (O)
    A buffed version of scorpio, this class allows you to swap enemy players up to 15 blocks away with your position - perfect for trapping enemy strength rushers in a wool box! :) the slowness effect can also buy your team critical time to fight back. Be sure the trap is legal though! Guidance on what is allowed can be found in this subforum.

    Spy (O)
    "Look there is NO-ONE defending Red's base - there is NO-ONE on the walls with any power bows drawn pointed as us or anything...or anyone by the nexus...."

    Warrior (O)
    For those who prefer sword combat, that additional +1 melee damage can help when it matters most! It's starter knockback sword is a great harassment tool for knocking your attackers around :D


    The basic rule and bottom line of defending is to prevent any enemies from destroying your nexus. There are many ways that this can be achieved although not all apply for every map. For example it is much harder to build a defensive wall on Castles than on Coastal or Canyon.

    Defensive Building [IMG]

    Defensive building in Annihilation requires 2 crucial elements. The defences must NOT hinder your team's ability to use your base while being able to effectively hinder and (hopefully!) stop an enemy attack.

    The Walls


    Walls are the core of most of your defensive strategies. If built correctly they should severely hamper your enemy, forcing them to use a path which leads to an easily defendable choke-point or force them to spend precious time building structures to get around them.

    Walls should be made of multiple blocks built in layers as shown below. While chequered patterns may look nice they take substantially more time to build and are no more effective!

    If time allows having additional layer of walls can help although in my experience are not needed. You should have a wall around 6-8 blocks high which will prevent invisible Acrobats jumping over your wall (since they take no fall damage) while allowing you to accurately shoot the enemy.

    UPDATE: Since the introduction of the Assassin class which can traverse 12 blocks with it's leap ability (or 14 if it jumps) now means that much higher walls must be constructed and any over-hanging or nearby tall structures to be removed. Flowing water does nulify the jump so be sure to use water to cover the base of your wall where you can (more information later on in this guide).

    On that note having a small overhang will make it more obvious if someone is attempting to nerd-pole over your wall. Iron bars are fantastic for this as you can still shoot down at your wall, any nerd-pole attempt stands a mile out, it provides decent protection and unlike fences you can still get on top of them. Half slabs make adequate substitutes though.

    However iron bars can make it easier for scouts to grapple over your wall (as they only need to hit the SIDE of the iron bars to grapple). As such a good counter measure is to build 1 block above your iron bars (usually any one material will do, I use planks as it fast to obtain) and build up around 10 blocks. This will stop any scout grapple attempts over your wall. Be sure though to build OVER the iron bars and not behind them as the ledge the iron bars would provide could be exploited to get in easily. Check out the Defense Timelapse on Coastal to see what I mean :)


    The best materials to make your wall out of are a mixture of easily obtained and harder to obtain blocks. My personal favourite combinations are wood/wool, dirt/wood, wool/dirt. You can substitute dirt for sand in some maps (such as Canyon). Most of the time your attacker will not have the correct tools to properly break through wool/dirt blocks. Even if they do the next step will severely hamper their efforts!

    Water Walls

    Water is a FANTASTIC resource for defensive building. It's cheap, easy to attain and provides huge amount of protection for your team and is a pain in the rear to an enemy attacking you. Flowing water will severely slow down any player, but an Iceman, and force them to use a pathway or attempt to pillar over your wall.


    However be sure to provide your teammates with a clear route in and out of your base so it does not hinder or annoy them! This is extremely important as you will NOT want to annoy them or make it hard for them to defend your nexus! It is also a good idea to try and find out the spawning points of your team and elevate them out of the water (connect them to your pathway if possible!) so your teammates can jump back into play quickly and not have to struggle to get out of your waterfall!

    When placing water against your walls it is easiest to do it on the ground level first to make infinite water sources THEN go back and place the water around 3-4 blocks higher up the wall every so often. (Just make sure they cannot swim all the way up!!). This makes it much harder for an enemy to break your walls even if they have the correct tools which will hopefully mean they are forced to take the easiest path towards your chokepoint/killing ground :lmao:


    Cake Wall [IMG] (Yes really!)

    While expensive, a cake wall is the true show of teamwork! Cake cannot be broken by ANY tool, it can only be broken by eating it or destroying the block it resides on. Hence having the cake wall built on wool will mean it is unlikely an enemy team will be able to destroy it. You could also go down to bedrock level to ensure that truly the only way to bring down the wall is with an empty stomach.

    The placement of the cake wall also allows your team to shoot through the wall at your attackers and completely confound them at what the hell your team is playing at :lmao:

    Approved by Lazertester! :stuck_out_tongue:

    Gatehouse and Pathway (Aka the Chokepoint and Killing Ground)

    The ONLY entrance to the core of your base. This needs to be accessible for your teammates but easily close-able to prevent enemy players getting in. The entrance should be no larger than 2x1 and preferably have some form on anti-invisibility trap. Since Acrobats take no fall damage however it is often best to have some pressure plates (rigged up to noteblocks where possible!) and a constant watch over the entrance. If you are using the Hunter kit, this 2x1 entranceway is a PERFECT place for your damage/fire traps to reveal invisible enemies :D


    The pathway should be either well elevated or at the same level of the water. Elevated pathways make it very hard for an enemy to continue attacking once knocked off but this can be a similar issue for teammates. On the other hand a pathway at the same level as the flowing water makes it trickier to walk along however can be rejoined at any point. The pathway should be broken in places to make it harder for an attacking enemy and high enough to stop them jumping back on if knocked off.


    The route of the pathway should be straight with corners to lengthen the attacking time by the enemy should they choose to use it and make it easier for your team to knock them off it or aim at them. The route should also cover any spawn points that would otherwise be flooded. This allows your teammates to get straight back into the game instead of splashing around :stuck_out_tongue:

    Update! - It seems that the devs have changed the spawn mechanic to force you spawn within the worldguard area. This is fantastic as you do not need to now worry about your teammates getting stuck outside in your water :) (this only applies to coastal currently but hopefully will be rolled out across all maps!).

    A fantastic idea by ShaneandRyan is to have have redstone torches on the side of your elevated pathway with pressure plates. This way you can easily see an invisible player approaching!



    Whilst not a common offensive strategy it is possible you'll encounter some tunnellers as a defender. Whilst excavating the entire area infront of your wall is the best way to counter this it requires an enormous amount of effort and time. Therefore I would suggest building this:


    The wall is built one block out from the worldguard region - this allows the placement of ladders and the construction of anti-tunnelling measures. Dig out the blocks on the border of the worldguard region (deep as you like) and then place buttons on the blocks within the worldguard region - this makes it harder for an enemy team to place ladders coming up. Place iron bars over the top so you can shoot down at any tunnellers - you can substitute iron bars for fences but beware that you cannot jump onto fences.

    Other defensive strategies

    There are some maps that unfortunately do not allow for impressive walls and fortifications to be built to aid you in the defence of your nexus. As such you will have to rely on potions, equipment and player-power to counter any attacking force.

    Spy around here! [IMG]

    Regardless of what map you play (and what defensive structures you have!) it is always a good idea to have a Spy on duty down in your nexus room. They are the last line of defense for your nexus and can help catch those pesky invisible players who got past your wall or kill an enemy attack force from behind! The most common ways to defend with spy are explained below:


    Put simply the spy hides infront of the nexus to prevent the enemy from being to mine it without having to engage them first. This is most effective against invisible players as they will very likely not have any armour or potions. An alternative to this is to stand at the entrance to the nexus room and spamclick with a sword (or masterwand) to reveal any invisible players approaching. This cannot be done for everymap however (Skylands, Amazon have multiple paths to the Nexus).


    The wall is breached, the enemy are numerous and are defending the single entrance down to your nexus room. Their miner is wrecking havoc.

    This is where a single spy can save your team. Provided they have their combat potions and equipment they can sit in the nexus room, away from the nexus and wait for the enemy miner to begin his work. Once his companions have left him to defend the entrances the spy drinks the combat potions and kills them from behind. This if VERY effective as few teams leave guards with the miner or even expect an attack from behind!

    It is possible to be revealed as a spy by people eating near you or doing other actions with right clicking. Therefore it is a good idea to find an isolated spot that the enemy would otherwise not think to look for you!

    For a more in-depth guide on spy defending, including places to hide, check out Charman's Spy Defense Guide :)

    Chemical Warfare! [IMG]

    Potions are often the backbone of attackers. Strength 2 and regeneration can temporarily give an enemy team a huge advantage, often enough to overwhelm a nexus even for a brief amount of time.

    Hopefully your defenses will have slowed them down enough for their potion effects to have either worn off or been severely reduced. However on some maps, such as Valleys, potions are crucial for success.

    The best potions for defenders depends entirely on your play-style. If you are a master swordsman your own offensive potion set of Strength 2 and Regeneration might suit you better than a keen archer who will be holding defensive potions of poison and instant damage!

    Here is a breakdown of the negative and positive potions effects:

    Poison 2 vs Regeneration 2 or Regeneration 1
    (-1 :heart: per second) vs (+1 :heart: per 1.2 seconds) (+1 :heart: per 2.4 seconds)
    (Poison 1 only inflicts half a :heart: every 2 seconds which is not quick enough :()

    However poison 2 only lasts for 16 seconds as a splash potion compared to the 2 minutes of a regeneration 1 potion (1m 30secs for the splash variant). Therefore the poison will not take them all the way down to half a heart in time. However it will reduce their health noticeably and make them easier to kill with your weapons or the best defense potion: Instant Damage!

    Instant Damage 1 does :heart::heart::heart: 's of damage, while Instant Damage 2 does an impressive :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:'s of damage. This IGNORES armour which makes it perfect for those diamond rushers :D

    Cost of potions are noted below - you can reduce the cost by attaining some of the items yourself, such as the redstone and crafting the Glistering Melon.

    Poison 2 Splash: 15 gold
    Instant Damage 2 Splash: 16 gold

    This does NOT include the 10 gold for the furnace. Shop page can be found here.

    On some maps it is possible to use dispensers to make a cannon that allows you to launch potions at your enemies from a safe distance. Check out Defense Montage 3 for an idea of what you can achieve :wink:


    All maps present other opportunities for you to defend your base but in a slightly different way. Below is a brief overview of all current maps and what I think is the best method to defend with (apart from knocking the other teams out first!! :stuck_out_tongue:)


    Nice and simple – build your defensive wall along with water walls on the inner and outer parts of your base (remember your pathways and spawnpoints!). Remove the 2 bridges connecting to your nexus tower completely.


    Completely remove the second bridge to mid (the flat, diagonal one going from the emerald mine island). Next fortify the top of the remaining bridge going from the gold mine island to mid. Add launchers to help your teammates get down faster.

    Build a safety barrier on the left side to prevent from being shot of. Remove the 2 right side parts of the bridge to make it easier to snipe enemy players as they run up (less room to ziggzagg). You can also place water down to again cripple their advance!


    Watch for sky/land bridges if possible (easier with teammates) and disable them or place a launcher so only YOUR team can make use of it!

    A transporter class is a nice way to allow your teammates to quickly rejoin the action at mid while also doubling up as an escape route should you be overwhelmed!

    If you are overwhelmed and have a good bow, nerdpole up to the same level as your nexus. From there you can snipe any attackers at almost every angle while your teammate leather army continuously assails them!


    Those huge walls will do bugger all do help you later on. Remove one of the ramps completetly so you only have one entrance to the nexus room. Make that ramp 1 wide and go straight up to the corridor. Make an entrance "hut" at the top with a layer of wool and dirt so enemies cannot simply get in from above. Have a 2x1 entrance and some sniper holes at the side of the staircase so you can easily block the entrance and snip any attackers. There is also a nice vantage point from the balcony of the throne room.

    Remove the corridors leading to your nexus as shown below. This will force any enemy to attack past your spawnpoints which will hopefully slow them down.

    Have some counter-potions and players ready and waiting in at the top of the ramps and in the nexus room. You cannot unfortunately block off the very top corridors to the throne room so beware of scouts or acrobats taking advantage of this.

    Valleys - No longer available to play - RIP :eek::(:zthumbsdown:

    Fortify the entrance way with layers of blocks and cover in water (it may freeze however). Be ready to place water within the entrance way if attacked. The rings of wooden platforms in your nexus room provide a fantastic vantage point for archers to shoot down the staircases leading up.

    Imgur - https://i.imgur.com/aKnsP33.png


    Click me for a video guide on Amazon Defense :zanonymous:

    It is very unpractical to build walls here (although it can be done). The best method is to have people guarding the nexus with good gear once again.

    Snipers can take advantage of the branches opposite the nexus area. From here they have a clear vantage point and can safely snipe any attackers. Acrobat is a good class for this to avoid fall damage should you misstep! Check out the ending of Defense Montage 2 for an idea of where to go (look out for the ninja in the branches in the top right of the screen :wink:)



    Same as coastal! Build your defensive walls with water (I recommend elevated pathways since it is uphill) and remove that dried up aqueduct. Be sure to seal the sewers. A word of warning – the worldguard region is still broken. You will be able to BREAK blocks in part of it but not place blocks. Be careful when preparing the ground for a wall as you may make a rather large hole you cannot fill in (use water is this happens!!).

    See How to Defend on Canyons (The Movie!!) for an idea of what to build (and how effective it can be :D).


    Click me for a video guide on how to build the Archer tower defense for Andorra :zanonymous:

    Break down the 2 bridges and build your defensive walls and water. Your staggered water walls will mean that your teammates will often spawn very close to an access point/walkway so you do not need to worry too much about spawnpoints. Be sure to allow access to the enderfurnace from inside though!

    An additional defensive structure you can build is an archer tower directly opposite the nexus tower. This allows your teammates to snipe any enemy players going up the tower safely and give them the chance to even void them!! :D

    The floor above the nexus is a superb vantage point for archers as well as a place to drop potions down upon an enemy force. However you WILL be in the thick of things so if you prefer to keep your distance, build a cannon - check out Defense Montage 3 for an idea of what it can do! :wink:


    Click me for a video guide on how to build Kingdom defenses :zanonymous:

    Remove the 2 ramps at the back of your base (as much as you can!) or simply flood them and fortify the entrances. Be sure to flood the sides too - simply build a ledge along the worldguard border and then place water blocks ontop. Be sure not to flood your mines though!

    Block off the well to deny another possible route for an enemy attack. Force the players to go through your enderfurnace hut by making a water wall at the worldguard limit (you can stack these if you wish). Remove the leaves at the side of you outer walls to see enemy players approaching!


    You can build archer platforms to the side of the nexus building to again provide a safe vantage point to defend. You can also use the towers as vantage points but beware of an invisible player knocking you off! Acrobat is a superb class as it can allow you to jump from the lower wall around your base to the nexus floor quickly. You will more than likely need some good players at the nexus though, again with good gear, potions and equipment to counter.


    Another nice corner map! Build your traditional coastal walls and you can even include a sniper box for full nexus protection for your archers to rain hell upon your enemies! :D



    Another corner map which allows you to easily build your traditional coastal defense, however there are a few snags to this particular map. The left side of your base (if looking towards mid) has a very easy tree route in that can take alot of effort to disable (I recommend shears and some friends!). The area at the bottom here is also elevated so it is your choice to flood or flatten it out first. There is also a tree on the right hand side which can be used by Assassin's to bypass your defensive walls.

    That being said you do start close to a large body on water on your right which can be buffed by removing the ONE block wide section of dirt and adding more water to the base of the wall. Wool is easily obtainable right outside the base and more can be found in the upper floors of many houses (the gold mine) and of course the wool from the pier's tents.

    Furthermore there are only 2 main entrances into your nexus area (one through the back with trapdoors and one staircase inside the pub). As such you should be able to easily defend these entrances against attackers :)


    I hope this guide has given you some new ideas on how to defend. Feel free to comment below with your own defensive strategies! :)

  2. Canadian_moose Gold

    I think farmer is the best defensive class. Hit them with your hoe of death. In all seriousness, this is a really nice guide. Didn't help me a whole ton, but for new player this would be very helpful.
  3. blaze81 Platinum

    I like the post! Lots of helpful information! Thanks!
    a2A209_, spaceship_2012 and Murgatron like this.
  4. 20thCenturyBoy Retired Staff

    Nice guide and keep improving it!
    Add potions because they are the pure horror against strength/diamond rushers :) Of course the best against it: Potion of harming II.
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  5. thomlen Platinum

    nice guide i myself almost only defend in kingdom and andorra and i get around level 15 sword and level 30 bow then prot 1 armor and switch from enchanter to acrobat because in kingdom you can snipe people trying to come to your nexus and if someone tries to use the bridges in andorra just bowspam and if they reach you just jump away thats why i like acrobat defender because if you dont die you can just shoot with a bow
  6. Murgatron Retired Staff


    Will do. Have put in some screenshots for Skylands - will gather more for other maps! :D
  7. Megaplaylist64 Platinum

    None of those defenses will work if the enemy has the right tools, lots of blocks, and of course, an OP and constantly defended by noobs potion. I mean, it works well and its a nice delay, but only the harming potions can do any damage to the rushers.
  8. IAmTheSoup Regular Member

    A decent guide, but can still be improved by adding more content, such as invis detector designs and buffers (by buffer, I mean the sort of constructions that make it hard for swarms of enemies to get in, while being easily defendable by knockback.)
  9. thomlen Platinum

    usually the enemy might not have shears or shovel and if they try to place blocks just shoot them with a bow but usually they will find a way in
    he mentioned chokepoints and said that invis traps should be builded but he didnt say anything about invis trap designs
  10. Shine9000 Regular Member

    Try adding buttons on the walls it helps with pillaring people and piston traps next to the void is fun to but i havent tested it.
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  11. Murgatron Retired Staff

    Of course no defense will work without a good guard.

    I shall continue to add to it. I have shown one form of an anti invisibility trap. The water walls are what I use to keep swarms of enemies back, along with the single pathways. I have played many games with these setups where knockback weapons essentially restart an enemy's assault :D

    Buttons on the wall are a fantastic idea!! Hard to spot, easy to craft...genius!! Never really played around with piston traps (since pistons can be broken by RIGHT CLICKING!! (WHY?!?!)).
  12. Shine9000 Regular Member

    Forgot to say good guide and pressure plates,slabs and carpets prevent pillaring to and you can make fake doors by puting fence eith carpets on in a 2xXxX door. (Even harder to spot if you put a door in front.
  13. Acara48 Platinum

    Awesome guide! Could be some really interesting information for players who don't defend that often. The only problem with it: everytime I build a wall someone decides to teamgrief it, because he can't find the entrance for some stupid reason. (P.S. I like Shine9000's idea! Never thought of that before!)
  14. SarcasticFanatic Gold

    Awesome guide, I really liked the spotlight on the entrances, and I haven't realised before how useful water is!
    I was wondering if you could give me a few tips on my wall design... maybe :3.

    Almost every game I'll build some form of defense, my personal favourite is the "mouldy sandwich" (weird name I know, just came up with it on the spot). It's a layer of wood planks, with a layer of checkerboarded wool and dirt in the middle, and another layer of wooden planks covering it. Here's some screenshots of my most recent game using it, which was my first game to get at least 75% of the wall done (it's hard by myself :C).


    Compared to some of your walls above it's pretty bad :stuck_out_tongue:. But I like it, and it's quite effective (and not TOO difficult to do on your own :)). As well as the walls we had both bridges cut back completely, and the walls stretching up as high as the log poles from the bridges went. I was about to build an invis trap entrance but the game ended, so meh, we won, oh well.

    And so I come to the question, what do you think it needs? I really need to improve on the basic invis trap entrance, but I'm not sure what to do with it. It also needs the finishing touches like buttons on the walls and a better exit, but I was wondering if you had any suggestions. Thanks in advance for your help, the "mouldy sandwich" shall be supreme :D!
  15. Murgatron Retired Staff

    I used to do exactly what you are doing! I have found however that they take a long time to build (especially by yourself :() and 99/100 times an enemy raid took place against water walls they would either nerdpole over, rebuild the bridges or go through the gatehouse. I have very rarely seen a group try, let alone get through, the walls.

    I would say change from the chequered pattern to the layered one. It is much faster to build and offers the same amount of protection (they still need shears to be able to create a 2 block high gap). Personally I would cut back to two or just one layer wall though feel free to stay with your mouldy sandvich!

    I would add water to the walls like this though be sure to create a pathway first so your teammates don't beginning yelling at you :stuck_out_tongue:

    The best anti-invisibility structures force everyone to take a small amount of fall damage. Personally I do my method shown in the OP because I can also shoot an enemy attackers coming up. There are other designs that I will post up later though I will perhaps work on even an anti-invisibility trap for acrobats!
  16. SarcasticFanatic Gold

    Some nice suggestions, I'll go through them.

    The idea of the sandwich is so they have to switch tools a lot - axe, shears, shovel, axe, sword. Although the first layer of wood isn't entirely necessary as you said (and more often than not I'll find 1 by 2 holes in the wall where team mates have tried to get in but been stumbled by the checkerboard). That will reduce time a little, and if I do get spare time I can just add it on :).

    Changing from checkerboard to layered is a very easy change, I'll be sure to do that.

    The water design looks good, but I'm not entirely sure on it and it'll take a bit of time to learn. A few questions I have; what use is the water if there is a walkway in the middle? Do the fences act as a secondary wall and time delayer? And is that design inserted so it "leans" away on my current wall?

    Invisibility traps, I've explored this a bit with different designs. I don't think there really is a "best" one, but the usual I do is to dig a pit in the ground with a 1 by 1 hole to drop in, then with a tunnel and ladder leading under the wall and up the other side. Ladders going up the wall and then dropping down off of it also work well.

    A good tactic I found though is to make the ladder go all the way up to the ground, and then build a "doorframe" like shape around the hole. Wool blocks that are one block, and two blocks above the ground sideways adjacent to the hole, and another one 3 blocks up above the hole. If you want to trap attackers, you can put a wool block in front of the ladder (diagonal to the ones to the sides). This makes the attackers stand on the top ladder in a 1 by 2 space where defenders can simply ping away at the attacker through the gap in the wool! Once they're trapped you can also take away the upper side blocks. This is even better with multiple attackers, as they won't be able to destroy the wool blocks because they're all crowded in a 1 by 2 space :D. I'm going to go build this quickly so I can post screenshots as is it's a little difficult to explain :stuck_out_tongue:.

    There we go (sorry for the excessive amount of images!):

    Thanks for all the help and tips so far, I hope I've shared some tips as well :).
  17. WeepingAngel1995 Platinum


    You mean, if the attackers took time to prepare and know what they're doing? Gasp! Of course no defense is foolprof, but these are great tips to help new players get on the right track.
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  18. Gizcow Retired Staff

    You clearly spent a lot of time on this and I think these tips are very useful. Nice work :'D
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  19. Megaplaylist64 Platinum

    Actually, brewing Strength 2 is the only thing those half-brained people can think of when preparing for attack, thats sad.

    The defense works, but when people can insta-kill you and get some quick tools they become kinda bad, but a nice delayer.
  20. WeepingAngel1995 Platinum

    So, teams like mine (Legacy), The Others, Chaos, Lucid, etc. can only str rush? Hmm, I'd try to argue, but I'll let WildWargasm's videos do the talking here. The Others alone have taken down a nexus in more ways then most people can count. If you have some original ideas on how to defeat a team, please by all means, share them.

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