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Discussion Multi-accounts-using for $

Discussion in 'Mine Theft Auto' started by dange, Apr 14, 2017.

Discussion - Multi-accounts-using for $

Should the server team forbid logging in with 2 accounts at once?

Poll closed Apr 28, 2017.
Yes 2 vote(s) 25.0%
No 6 vote(s) 75.0%
  1. dange Mini Admin

    Hello everyone
    In the EU version of MTA developed a new way to get millions of $: Last man standing missions with 3 Accounts at once.
    Yes, i know people are doing Last man standing missions almost since the MTA release but now people begin to get 2 another accounts and make Last man standings on their own with 3 accounts logged in at once so they can get money easily.
    Would you say its that good, if people borrow or buy new accounts to get the money?

  2. HabEinHand Regular Member

  3. RechtsanwaltOnly Regular Member

  4. Creeperker Obsidian

    Take a great members for do that!(However I don't recommend you to do that. I don't like such playing style like abuse)
  5. dange Mini Admin

    Now it evolved a 2. time, because now people use that to push themself up at the MTA leaderboard and get easy experience

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