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Suggestion MTA Wingsuits

Discussion in 'Mine Theft Auto' started by 31_30_31, May 20, 2017.

Suggestion - MTA Wingsuits
  1. 00110101 Regular Member

    Can MTA get elytras for wingsuits, whenever if it's possible, make the wingsuits have no PvP advantage since wingsuits are used for flying and exploring, not PvP
    amf3000 likes this.

  2. Saber527 Platinum

    What's wrong with the helicopters, planes, jetpacks, and parachutes that already exist for air travel and exploration? Plus, knowing the sort of environment MTA has, it would likely find its way into the list of tools PVPers use for their cheap tactics.
    Ktrompfl likes this.
  3. LoliSquad Platinum

    Elytras race mini games would be kinda coool
    Micatchu, Saber527 and KounterattacK like this.
  4. LegitNube Platinum

    No, we already have jetpacks and that crap. Why need a hang glider when we have parachutes?
    Ktrompfl likes this.
  5. Runkelpokk Gold

    paraschutes you can only use one maybe elytra maybe more than one

    your ulti
    BlackEvoli likes this.

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