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Question MTA Gm3

Discussion in 'Mine Theft Auto' started by InfinityAura, Nov 9, 2017.

Question - MTA Gm3
  1. InfinityAura Platinum


    Players can easily be found in MTA. Example by dying and getting in gm3 in a short time, it's giving players an advantage to find others. People are using it for a long time, but to get to the point. Can this be changed or anthing?

    - InfinityAura

  2. Runkelpokk Gold

    Im quiet sure that there is no way to stay in gm3 after dieing for a longer time than a few secounds but after dieing in a mta minigame (like car race /lms ) u can easyly explore the map what could get fixed by not loding not loadet chunks by gm3 players .
    If people abuse the gm3 after dieing it could be fixed that players get freeze after dieing

    (not loading chunks is a minecraft gamerule and the gm3 freeze after dieing could add easy )

    if you see a player abusing a bug report him:cool:

  3. InfinityAura Platinum

    I think this can be solved by changing 2 seconds respawn time instead of 4.
  4. Runkelpokk Gold

    yes but then the ds abuser´s would be mutch more anoing :nope:
  5. MCDuckler Platinum

    Jeez if even that becomes a problem now... 5 secs... abusing.... i think i know already whos even abusing that :zbanghead:


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