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MTA Crime Family part 1

Discussion in 'Roleplay' started by creeperman116, Jan 5, 2018.

MTA Crime Family part 1
  1. creeperman116 Regular Member

    Ok this is another thread on MTA story things. based on the famed and glorious fighters in US MTA

    hi. this is the MTA American crime family from shotbow. so there was a handsome and influential man named Kounterattack. KounterattacK had 4 brothers and 1 sister: 00110101, Macaw, Sherlock_Shears, sneelock123 and LadyFlandre. 00110101 was too brutal and bloodthirsty since he kept running back to grove to suicide attack the enemy and blew up grove in order to kill several people for fun. he as well tell them to give him 50k for truce. Macaw was just more oriented on negotiating with other gangs rather than fight but was like with Sherlock as a cop. Sherlock_Shears was disguised as a cop. he arrested so many as a fake cop. sneelock123 was just the master of multitasking which he drove while shooting at people. he was too good to be killed as his car was too fast for even 00110101 to outrun. LadyFlandre focused on recruiting newbs like roadrunnerHD to make them like her battle-hardened siblings.

    part 2 is coming out soon

    I like making stories
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  2. iinsu Regular Member

    i want to hear more :D

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