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Moving Day

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by lazertester, Aug 6, 2021.

Moving Day
  1. lazertester Lead Developer

    Moving Day - COMPLETE

    We are still working through little bits and bobs, but we are currently running on our new host :)

    Previous Announcement:

    Greetings one and all!

    Recently we have had some extended stability issues that prompted us to re-evaluate our hosting situation, and we have spent the last week standing up Shotbow on new infrastructure. Tomorrow we will perform the cutover after some brief (hours not days) downtime so we can capture an up to date snapshot of our database. The cutover will start around 9am Mountain Time Saturday Aug 7th (tomorrow), we anticipate being done by 1pm but it might take longer if issues arise.


    During the move, we plan to have a whitelisted vanilla survival server running for those who want to join in the fun. Once we have cut over, there should be little to no noticeable difference (other than increased stability, hopefully). There might be some initial problems as we start using the new hardware, but we'll be on hand to tackle issues that come up.

    Closing Words

    As part of this move, I made the decision to garage Miner Problems and Warbands. As always we'll re-asses garaged status over time and consider bringing them back around eventually. If you haven't heard, that's exactly what is being done with Wasted: Control, keep an ear out for playtest announcements from RobertTheGoat, or check out the Wasted discord to keep in the loop.

    Another side effect of this move is that the planned Slaughter update was released early :) Expect a thread providing the details soon!

    I'm seriously excited about this move. The servers we are moving to have ~30% faster liquid-cooled processors which should translate into some awesome capabilities (Maybe another MineZ view distance increase?), and we had the benefit of building this stack out with our current architecture in mind from the beginning so we've made a few behind the scenes upgrades that should manifest in fun experiences soon.

    As always, thank you for flying Shotbow

    - lazer
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  2. teazlol Silver

    im killing enderdragon 1st
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  3. JonnyDvE Jr. Developer

    First of all: I am OFFENDED, Garaging warband is NOT COOL
    To make up for it please leave the SMP running for premium mebers even after the move is Complete. To make this EULA compliant just make it a join command like /smp, which is only available for premium users.
  4. blockertnt895 Platinum

    gib server
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  5. dany03 Gold

    N I C E I L I K E I T

    i wish you guys Good Luck
  6. Enonis Platinum

    no one plays Warbands anyways
  7. kyuhh Emerald

  8. JonnyDvE Jr. Developer

    You could just go back to writing ban appeals instead of bothering me with your unfounded opinion
  9. cjn839 Regular Member

    Many Japan ppl playing Shotbow.
    But new host worsened ping of Japan ppl.
    This mean Shotbow going ded.
  10. Enonis Platinum

    Damn, im crying rn

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