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Suggestion More Vigiliant Anti-Cheating Measures

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by Barobax, Feb 14, 2020.

Suggestion - More Vigiliant Anti-Cheating Measures
  1. Barobax Regular Member

    I've played this game mode on and off since 2013 and I just had the worst round of annihilation in those 7 years. There was a player blatantly cheating, able to hit multiple players within his vicinity in a moment. Despite numerous reports by my team and others, he was playing for around 2.5 phases targeting our team. As if being team wiped every minute, destroying any material gathering we had done, wasn't bad enough; someone was able to do 63 hp worth of nexus damage while we just watched while the hacker was defending this miner. Our nexuses hp was never corrected and despite our best efforts, we lost.

    It's absurd to me that there isn't a faster response to reporting cheaters, or at least an automated way to kick them from the round once a certain report threshold has been reached. A simple KDR check could easily prevent it from being abused because how many players can honestly get a 50:0 KDR in annihilation in phases 1-2? After 7 years, I think I am quitting because honestly, its ridiculous that hacking that blatant went unchecked; nothing was done to fix unfair nexus damage; and we were about 2 phases behind other teams in resource gathering with no fair way to be compensated.

  2. hora6112 Platinum

    While I do agree that Shotbow's anticheat specifically is sub-par compared to most servers, hacking is an issue that is simply hard to solve. Hackers and anti-cheat creators just keep getting one step ahead of each other and outdoing each other, so having your game ruined by hackers is an issue with minecraft itself. Even on hypixel, which has one of the best anticheat plugins out there, I've had hundreds of skywars games ruined by people literally flying around, it's just part of the game.

    Honestly, recently, at least in the Anni games I've been playing, staff has been pretty quick to ban blatant hackers that the entire server reports, but since shotbow's team is small you can't really expect 24/7 coverage from staff members (honestly you can't expect that anywhere). All you can do is report the hacker, hope for the best, and hope that the other teams are courteous enough not to exploit having a hacker on their team (that guy mining the nexus with an obvious hacker defending him is pretty scummy, but like I said you just have to hope people won't do that).

    If you're going to quit a server because a hacker ruined your experience once or twice, you might as well never play a multiplayer game again.

    (That being said, I really do hope shotbow ups their anti-cheat plugin at least a little bit, because right now it literally doesn't solve much and gets in the way during fights a lot)
  3. Tozzu Platinum

    Well thats the things. Hypixels anti-cheat isnt good.
  4. Barobax Regular Member

    I understand that hacking is impossible to stamp out completely and its a never ending war against hackers, so my problem isn't the fact that hackers play on Annihilation but rather that there is nothing that can be done to counter it by the average player. Like you said we can only send in reports and hope that someone reads it which is difficult because the time when Shotbow is most active (late night in the US when the Japanese players get off school) is when most admins are offline. The two best solutions for this that I can come up with off the top of my head is a way to allow players to vote kick (not ban to prevent abuse) hackers from the game they are in and then a quick check of KDR or similar metric to see if the player is indeed hacking (Say if they had a KDR above a certain threshold or a certain amount of kills in a certain timespan, which in the early phases before players get god gear is pretty obvious to differentiate).
  5. Snurkle Platinum

    Could you elaborate? Why is it not as good? I personally think it is outstanding. I have been banned a couple of times on that server, due to using a mods I thought were allowed. They were even able to detect that I was using toggle sprint, which is against the rules there. When a server can detect and be able to accurately and automatically ban you for using even unimportant mods that are against the rules, then its a good indicator they are doing it right. Maybe there is something i'm not aware of.
  6. Snurkle Platinum

    Normally, I would be onboard with a vote kick, but I have noticed that a lot of people are quick to call hacks and aren't usually correct in the first place. If a vote kick was added, you would have groups of people intentionally kick people for fun. Think of it from an admins POV, they are put in a situation where they need to punish for abusing vote kick, but an entire group is using it. Do you temp ban/ mute the entire group? Maybe some of the people voting genuinely thought that person was cheating and they get punished for it. Also, what about hackers using enough alts to vote kick everyone in the server by themselves. I like the idea a lot, but I think it will cause more problems than solutions.
  7. Barobax Regular Member

    I addressed that in the second part of the quoted comment, the vote kick would only serve to alert the server to check the accused players actions such as move speed, KDR, kill streak, clicks per second, or hit accuracy. It can compare this to a standard value which if surpassed then its likely the player is cheating and then kicked but if you didn't pass any of these values then you wouldn't be kicked. Like you said no solution would be perfect and possible for abuse but the values could be fine tuned to allow for more skilled players to avoid being kicked.

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