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Suggestion More Ideas for Wasted

Discussion in 'Wasted' started by CoolAnt86, Jun 1, 2013.

Suggestion - More Ideas for Wasted
  1. Dorminu Silver

    Okay, so I was thinking of a few things. My first idea is "Kill Steak Rewards." So basically, different animals could be different rewards. Like maybe a silverfish could be a RC-:lmao: motor car and a ghast could be a loadstar and maybe even make hellstorm missiles or something like that. And so people can't get so over powered maybe add a time limit on the kill streak (depending on how high it is).

    My next idea is more usuable inventory slots. I mean really, the space we have already is pitiful. I was thinking a space for a second primary weapon, and a second secondary weapon. As well as like 4 more slots for ammo, and maybe an extra slot for bread.

    My last idea is very impressive in my opinion. For a total of 10,000 dollars (so noobs just can't go and buy it and be so overpowered and stuff) missile launch codes and missile launch base stations. I don't really know how the base station could be made but long story short it has a dispencer and a juke box. You can buy the base station from the shop for $5000 as well as the launch codes (music discs) for $5000. You put the launch codes/music disc in the juke box and a picture shows up on your screen. The picture is a map of the whole wasted island. The dispencer has 9 fireworks (missiles) that you can shoot up in the air by selecting the specific location on the map. When the missile fires it will send it all the way to the coordinates it was set at and blow a 50x50 block radius crater (that might crash the server so maybe smaller than that. I don't know!).

    Well, that's all my ideas for now. I hoped you liked them and I hope they add them in soon!
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  2. Sinister6ix Regular Member

    Personally I think the only good idea was the last one, but its one heck of a good idea. Its people like you that make shotbow smile. keep up the good work!
  3. Megaplaylist64 Platinum

    The second idea was the only one i really aproved, because our inventory is really small and its sad to have it like only 8 slots.The killstreak ideas are a problem because if you get a jetpack, kevlar and nice weaponry you can get a vehicle arsenal.The missle idea of a 50x50 crater?Its like crushing down the server.
  4. olpacker Regular Member

    I was also thinking of something similar to that of your last Idea (just not so extensive). I just didn't know where to start with it. After looking at your Idea I figured it out.

    Carpet Bombing
    -attainable at shops for 10k
    -attainable at High Tech drop zones (Rare)
    It's basically a map that allows you to select a location and direction of bombing on the Wasted map. A Plane (ender dragon) would fly over head and shoot lets say 20 rockets in the general area and direction of your strike.
  5. Creeplet Silver

    How would that even work? My idea for the missiles is that it becomes a short-medium range mortar, in the form of a portable building, much like the M240-Mounted.
    Here's one I made earlier [IMG]
  6. Dorminu Silver

    I actually think that might work. Do you have skype so maybe we can think of this even more?

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