Other Monthly Community Update: December

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Other - Monthly Community Update: December
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    Hello everyone!

    Occuring at the start of each month going forward, we will be soliciting feedback from the community on all of our active gamemodes.
    We are looking specifically for feedback on:
    1. Bugs. Please include any and all bugs you find, but please be as detailed as possible so that we can try to recreate them. Screenshots are especially helpful for us understanding. If it is a bug that can be used to gain a major advantage, please private message the bug report.
    2. Balance issues. Again, be very descriptive in current balance issues and we would especially appreciate suggestions on how you would solve those issues.
    3. Feature suggestions. If you have a great idea and want to share it, this is the time!
    Feel free to discuss any of this with other players in this thread and really get into the meat of balance issues and feature suggestions. This post will remain open for seven days, and then it will close for us to go through all the feedback.

    We look forward to your feedback and appreciate the time you take to help us improve our games here on Shotbow.

    Other news
    It was a quiet month last November. Nothing too major happened, which is also good news. The technical issues that were going on at the end of October have not returned (luckily!) and the server has been running for most of the time. We have taken a better look at the Moderation Team and are considering to re-open the applications for moderator. We are however not sure when these will open up. For the time being, the average time that someone had to wait during last month has dropped by quite a bit compared to October, which is a positive change.

    We currently do not have anything special planned for the upcoming holidays. Depending on the course of the upcoming 1.9 update, we might host a couple of events during the holidays. I can however not promise anything at this moment. We are always open to interesting ideas or suggestions, so if you have a nice idea that might be fun to execute during the upcoming holidays, let us know! And obviously, as usual, any feedback is welcome.
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