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MineZ MineZ: Wonderland 2023

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by halowars91, Dec 7, 2023.

MineZ - MineZ: Wonderland 2023
  1. halowars91 Lead Builder, Developer

    Happy Holidays, Survivors!

    The time has finally come. We’ve been hard at working baking gingerbread houses, hanging lights and layering locations in tons of snow!

    The team is excited to welcome you to this year’s MineZ: Wonderland.

    Walking in a Winter Wonderland
    It wouldn’t be a Winter Wonderland without decorated towns filling the world. Over the last years we’ve accumulated an impressive amount of Christmas themed rebuilds. At our present count, we have over 30 we can release. Given the large amount of Christmas builds we have, we thought it might be best to try out a new system of Holiday festivities. Suggested by community members, we’ll be phasing in builds this year, instead of releasing them all at once.

    This first update releasing today will feature 11 builds, with expected tourist hotspots at the far northern locations. The next wonderland update will see another batch of Christmas locations. Each phase of the rollout will see chest placement change just a bit, to incentivize moving your route towards the new Christmas locations.

    A visit from a Friend:


    Our good friend the Traveling snowman has returned to Valar. He brings with him a bounty of exciting, exclusive and useful items for anyone that he bumps into. This year, chest tiers will be the same on both weekends and weekdays to ensure everyone has a chance for top chests regardless of time. Remember to check times with ./drops.

    Treat Chest Schedule:
    Monday 4PM EST
    Wednesday 9AM EST
    Friday 9PM EST
    Saturday 4PM EST
    Sunday 12AM EST
    Sunday 9AM EST

    At the scheduled start time, a server will be picked to host the traveling snowman, which will be followed by an announcement across MineZ and pinging the shotbow discord with its location and the countdown to the first chest spawn!

    Keep your eyes peeled for more than yuletide carolers in the area, and head that way! These treat chests offer a large array of chests to try and claim, with close to 20 possible treat chests each drop.

    Some will drop together, but more often than not, multiple chests in different areas of the supply drop will release together. There are 4 tiers to the chests this year as well, offering an assortment of regular minez loot all the way to exclusive, only found in supply drop loot.

    In order to be pinged for supply drop spawns, make sure to assign yourself the 'supplydrops' role from #notifications in the official Shotbow discord! (https://discord.gg/shotbow)


    The Present Headhunt

    This year we are happy to bring another headhunt for those observant explorers among you. Hidden among the first Holiday rebuilds of this Wonderland update, you will find 11 red presents with yellow bows.
    Some may be more obvious than others, but you’ll need to check each location twice! Who knows how long this headhunt will be up for, so don’t wait until the last minute!

    As with previous headhunts, you can always check your total with ./checkheads. Here you can see how many you’ve collected and rewards from this headhunt.

    The Advent Calendar
    Similar to previous years, we have designed a series of rewards for all 24 days accessible via /advent! Items can be unlocked on the respective days up to EST midnight. Slots before release will remain claimable on any day.

    Closing Thoughts
    With all these opportunities for merry-making, we hope to see you stop by and take a stroll through MineZ, during the most wonderful time of the year.

    There are certainly more events and christmas content drops planned for the rest of the month on MineZ.
    As content like the much-anticipated Christmas dungeon becomes available, this thread and the changelog will be updated.

    From our families to yours, we hope you have a safe and happy Holiday season.

    As always, Thanks for flying Shotbow! (Vote for Shotbow!)

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