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Update MineZ Update Changelog

Discussion in 'MineZ' started by Marine_PvP, May 9, 2020.

Update - MineZ Update Changelog
  1. Marine_PvP Jr. Developer

    The purpose of this thread is to provide players with the knowledge of when changes to the map are rolled and what those changes are. Future updates to the thread will be appended to the list below. Note that some changes may be only hinted at or omitted entirely as some changes are intended to be secret or hidden.

    Map changes may not take effect until the servers reboot (friendly reminder you can check server up times with
    '/mz uptime'), but changes listed here have been staged for release on all rebooted servers.

    All Updates are at 6:00 AM CST based on the date of the version below.

    9/19/2020 ( )
    • Support Kit has been renamed to Heal Kit
    • Changed the lore of heal kit
    • Heal kit edit menu is now opened by right clicking instead of sneak + right clicking
    • Fixed an issue where login slowness applied 3 seconds after login
    Agni's Fury:
    • Max damage on a direct hit now does 2.5 hearts
    • Max damage on an indirect hit now does 2 hearts
    • Changed damage range and calculation
    • Arrow consumption: 2 -> 3
    9/15/2020 ( )

    • Zombie spawnrate around Al Hasa has been lowered
    • Fixed an issue with Overkill that opening a chest or pressing a button while holding it would activate the weapon and consume durability
    Agni's Rage:
    • Fire chance: 33% -> 15%
    • Attacker no longer gets fire
    • If the player who's hit is already on fire, the fire duration now stacks up.
    Agni's Wrath:
    • The attacker gets slowness II for 3 seconds instead of fire.
    Agni's Ire:
    • Brought back insta-killing PvE feature. It now instakills zombies and skeletons.
    Pluvia's Storm:
    • Hunger chance: 33% -> 15%
    • The attacker no longer gets hunger effect and do not lose hunger points
    • Durability loss: 5 -> 3
    Binding Helmet:
    • Slowness chance: 10% -> 20%
    • The wearer no longer gets slowness effect
    9/14/2020 ( )
    • Fixed exploits at Byesford Labs
    • Fixed a bug where bleeding and disease disappear on logout
    • Fixed a bug where logout would not cancel when player takes damage from lava
    • Fixed a bug where 30 seconds of login slowness do not apply if a player already has a slowness effect
    • Fixed a bug where players could use Weak Grapple without consuming durability
    • Fixed a bug where players could brew banned potions
    • Fixed a bug where player's fire tick would be reset by using fire grenade
    • Login slowness and AntiLogger death messages on login now show at the bottom of the chat
    • Lowered wolf damage
    • More works on mob spawning balance
    • Changed the color of small bag from black to brown
    Agni's Rage:
    • Now does damage (finally)
    • Has a 33% chance to set the player hit on fire
    • Has a 15% chance to set you on fire
    Agni's Fury:
    • Fixed an issue where arrows that land on ground don't do anything
    • Rewrote the damage calculation formula. Now Agni's Fury does more meaningful damage.
    • Arrow consumption: 3 -> 2
    • Consumes 3 durability per shot, requires full charge
    Agni's Wrath:
    • Has a 10% chance to set you and everyone around you on fire for 3 seconds on hit.
    • Consumes 2 durability when it activates
    Agni's Ire:
    • For the next 25 seconds, melee attack burns the target and sets them on fire.
    • Player gets blindness at first for 10 seconds.
    Pluvia's Storm:
    • Now does damage (finally)
    • Has a 33% chance to take away half a hunger bar and give hunger V for 3 seconds to the player hit, and consumes 2 durability
    • Has a 15% chance to take away half a hunger bar and give hunger V for 3 seconds to you
    Pluvia's Rain:
    • Takes away half a hunger bar from the player shot and gives them Hunger V for 6 seconds at full charge, at the cost of 2 arrows
    Pluvia's Tempest:
    • Now consumes 2 durability if activated
    Pluvia's Hail:
    • Food point restore amount : 2 -> 3
    • Regeneration effect duration: 3 seconds -> 2 seconds
    • Arrow consumption: 10 -> 8
    • Durability consumption: 1- > 5
    Earth Shaker:
    • Number of usage: 2 -> 8
    • Now activated on right click, instead of left click
    • Cooldown: 2 seconds -> 20 seconds
    Binding Helmet:
    • Has a 10% chance to give you and everyone around you slowness I for 2 seconds
    • Consumes 2 durability when it activates
    Battle Sign:
    • Fixed a bug where the damage did not match with an iron sword.
    9/11/2020 ( )
    • Golden Apple Saturation increased to 2.7 from 2.4.
    • Fixed a bug where Fire Grenade’s effect radius, did not match the particle radius. It is now 5 blocks.
    • Increased Fire Grenade’s damage to 3 total hearts, up from 1.5 hearts.
    • Fixed an algorithm issue with natural zombie spawning.
    • Rewrote the knockback formula completely. Hit registration has been returned to normal, and “trading” should now have proper knockback. We went with a more 1.7 feel with this change, please let us know your thoughts.
    • Forsaken Blade’s active duration has been increased to 5 seconds from 3 seconds.
    • Fixed a bug with Truth Bow
    • Fixed an issue with snowballs.
    • Corsair’s Edge extra damage has been nerfed by 65% against enemies with a Diamond Sword. This legendary will be reworked at a later time.
    • Fixed the infamous sprint bug where player sprinting will cancel in pvp fights.
    9/10/2020 ( )
    • First Steps Update Thread
    • Spawnkit Speed Potions & Grenades now work in the south.
    • Fixed some duplication bugs.
    • Grappling at a height of 1-4 blocks will count as a horizontal grapple.
    • Fixed various message typos.
    • Healing item spawnrates have been buffed in all civilian loot chests.
    • Food has been removed from civilian loot chests.
    • Zombie natural spawning has been adjusted.
    • The Hurter legendary now takes 40 durability per use.
    • Arbreton:
      • +1 pot_uncommon
      • +3 civ_uncommon
      • +3 mil_uncommon
      • +2 mil_rare
      • +1 mil_epic
    • Geuten:
      • 1 food_common
      • All chests have been reorganized for easier looting.
    • Huntsgrove:
      • All food chests are now in the barn.
    • (old) Saens:
      • Old Saens has been bunt to the ground.
      • (new) Saens:
      • +4 mil_rare
      • +10 civ_uncommon
      • +1 pot_uncommon
      • +5 mil_uncommon
      • +3 food_uncommon
    • Dragon's Pass:
      • +2 mil_epic
    • Paluster's Shrine:
      • Added a stone pressure plate behind the door in the Flooded Tunnel section.
    • Al Hasa:
      • All potion chests now cannot be camped to prevent spawning. The time to respawn has been increased to compensate.
    • Giant Drops:
      • Removed Golden Apples. The percentages have been merged into Diamond Swords and Infinity Bows.
    • Knockback Changes
      • Knockback has been readjusted (again) per community feedback. We are very happy with the results, so we ask for your feedback on our changes!
    8/14/2020 ( )
    • Fixed a player invisibility bug related to anti-logger NPCs.
    • Fixed a bug where Zombies did not burn in lava.
    • Fixed Graves in Arbreton.
    • Added Small Bags to grave_t3 loot tables.
    • Added a new bridge in the gravel canyons.
    • Adjusted Healing item spawn rates in civ_uncommon and civ_rare chests.
    • Reduced Carrot & Apple spawn rate in civ_uncommon and civ_rare chests.
    • Ghost Ship Changes:
      • Reduced loot spawn rates
      • Removed Cursed Crew due to lag issues. They have been replaced by Pigmen.
      • Adjusted loot tables slightly.
    8/11/2020 ( )
    • Fixed a few bugs with Small Bags.
    • Added a more defined pathway to the Mining Town underground area.
    • Minor Build changes to Sathara
    • Paluster Shrine Changes:
      • Added spawners in tunnel after root room
      • Replaced wooden buttons with stone buttons in underwater segment
      • Randomized mirror puzzle
      • Replaced pressure plates with stone buttons in water maze
      • Adjusted Boss Room guardian health and poison values
    • Adjusted Ghost Ship spawn rates.
    • Fixed an issue where Vampyr would heal in-between damage invincibility frames.
    • Reduced Vampyr heal from 1 heart to 1/2 a heart.
    • Fixed Water Bottles spawning with a pink color
    8/9/2020 ( )
    • Fixed a duplication bug with Small Bags.
    8/9/2020 ( )
    • Updates
    • Iron spawn-rate buffed in mil_epic chests
    • Dungeon loot has been adjusted according to community feedback. Loot found in these chests should feel much better.
    • Adjusted mil_swag loot tables.
    7/19/2020 ( )
    • Lowered the Vampyr Blood Suck chance from 50% to 33%.
    • Fixed a server crashing bug related to the spawn lobby premium location.
      • This was the cause of the following kick message: "The server you were previously on went down. You have been connected to a fallback server."
    7/16/2020 ( )
    • Event Dawn of the Second Sun has concluded. Thank you to everyone who participated!
    • More backend fixes.
    • Removed Filled Water Bottles from Fishing Drops.
    • More changes to the Anticheat.
    • Adjusted Knockback based on Community Feedback.
      • We will be watching this closely. Please provide feedback on these changes!
    • Sanctuary of Peace:
      • +1 mil_mythic
    • Sercaul:
      • +2 Brewing Stands
    • Tahosa:
      • +1 pot_rare
    • St. Roseluck Island:
      • +4 mil_uncommon
      • -4 mil_common
      • +1 pot_uncommon
    • Floating Islands:
      • -1 pot_uncommon
      • +1 pot_rare
    • Heartless Mansion:
      • -10 mil_uncommon
      • +10 mil_common
    • Camp Azara:
      • -1 mil_rare
      • +1 mil_mythic
    • Eillom:
      • -3 mil_rare
      • +3 mil_epic
    • Title Popups have been fixed in the following locations:
      • Crowmure
      • Medusa Lake
      • Tahosa
      • Aurora
      • Zerbia
      • Shrine of the Dusk
    • Nerfed the dungeon_t4 chests in Shrine of the Dusk. The loot room remains unchanged.
    7/9/2020 ( )
    • Fixed an exploit with the Space of Time legendary item.
    • Fixed entrance to the Zerbia Prison
    • Fixed a terrain problem around Zerbia.
    7/7/2020 ( )
    • Fixed an issue where Anti-logger NPCs took mob damage.
    • Fixed an issue where sugar was giving incorrect values.
    • Fixed an exploit where players could use Seal of Space to enter Axis Mundi.
    • Lowered particle amount on the Firework Spark Arrow Trail.
    • Fixed an issue with the support kit not properly working in the spawnkit.
    • Updated the Zerbia Prison
    • Zerbia:
      • +5 mil_epic
      • +2 mil_mythic
      • +1 food_uncommon
    7/4/2020 ( )
    • Fixed a bug with the Balrock miniboss in Body Offload.
    • Fixed an issue where fireworks would damage players.
    • Fixed issues with Waygates not resetting properly, and also sometimes dropping players into the void.
    • Increased Waygate Parkour time to 60 seconds, up from 50 seconds.
    7/3/2020 ( )
    • Event Dawn of the Second Sun has begun!
    • Added the following Kill Effect Cosmetics
      • MJOLNIR
      • Fireworks of the Dawn
    • - Added the following Arrow Trail Cosmetics
      • Firework Arrow Trial
    • Fixed an issue where Sugar did not display the proper cooldown of 50 seconds.
    • Added back in the Grenade Cooldown of 5 seconds.
    • Fix a memory leak in the Particle Image cosmetic system.
    • Fixed an issue where zone updates were not properly tracking players.
    • Added Location Pop-up messages to Major Locations & Towns
      • Every individual location you enter will display the pop-up once. It will reappear after you leave the area and 30 minutes have passed.
      • This option can be disabled in the /toggle system.
    • The player saving system has been re-designed to help server performance.
    • Web Shot changes:
      • Takes two arrows on a full draw
      • If arrow distance is less than 10 blocks, the web will stay for 1 second.
      • If arrow distance is between 11 and 20 blocks, the web will stay for 2 seconds.
      • If arrow distance is between 21 and 40 blocks, the web will stay for 2 seconds.
      • If arrow distance is greater than 40 blocks, the web will stay for 5 seconds.
    • Camp Kharj:
      • +1 mil_epic
      • +3 mil_rare
    6/24/2020 ( )
    • Fixed some additional memory leaks in the instance system.
    • Water Spire:
      • +2 spire_water
    • Loot tables for the Water, Earth and Wind Spires have been redone to reflect the Loot Overhaul Update.
      • Fire Spire was adjusted on release of the update.
    • Removed Fire Protection 3 and Feather Falling 3 enchanted items from Spire Loot.
    • To match the new progression system, Protection 1 Iron Armor is now known as "Reinforced Iron Armor".
      • The armor values remain the same, and they can not be repaired.
      • All old Protection 1 Iron Armor pieces will now be considered legacy items, and will remain unchanged.
    6/23/2020 ( )
    • Fixed an issue where players with no MineZ save data were unable to login.
    6/23/2020 ( )
    • Fixed an issue where player login timers were not working.
    • Fixed an issue where player zombies were spawning on the coast.
    • Re-designed the login system to help with performance on loading player data.
    • Fixed some additional memory leaks.
    • Iron Sword Damage reduced by 4.4%
    • Diamond Sword Damage reduced by 4.1%
    • Medusa Lake
      • -7 mil_rare
      • +7 mil_epic
    6/19/2020 ( )
    • Fixed an issue where players would be pushed to the surface on login.
    • Temporarily removed player heads on player zombies. This is in place to test if it resolves lag issues on player death.
    6/18/2020 ( )
    • Fixed a bug in Desert Canyon Sanctuary where a door was stuck closed.
    • Fixed Leather Armor being one point lower than what we intended.
    • Broke one of the bridges in Hell Tree.
    • Crowmure:
      • -1 mil_rare
      • +2 mil_epic
    • Fort Saward:
      • Removed Crafting Table
      • Added Zombie Spawners
      • -11 mil_rare
      • +11 mil_epic
      • Button Mythic Chests slightly buffed
    • Barathrum Caverns:
      • Button Mythic Chests slightly buffed
      • One tower mythic slightly buffed
      • +1 mil_mythic
    • Lorfaul Mines:
      • Button Mythic Chests slightly buffed
      • -2 food_uncommon
      • +1 civ_common
      • -1 mil_epic
      • +2 mil_mythic
      • Removed single-refill cauldron
    • Secret Meeting Place:
      • Button Mythic Chest slightly buffed
    • Hell Tree:
      • Mythic Chests slightly buffed
    • Floating Islands:
      • Repositioned a few Mythic Chests. They remain the same in terms of loot.
    • Frostbain:
      • Slightly buffed the pot_uncommon chest.
    • Zerbia:
      • -5 mil_epic
      • +5 mil_rare
    • Zerbia Ship
      • -4 mil_rare
      • +4 mil_epic
    • Medusa Lake:
      • Removed Crafting Table
      • -1 mil_rare
      • -3 mil_epic
      • +4 mil_mythic
        • Two mil_mythic chests are behind hard parkour
    6/17/2020 ( )
    • Fixed an issue where you can die of fall damage when the levitation effect expires.
    • Fixed an issue where repairing tools would remove the ability to break their respective blocks in the map.
    • Fixed a duplication bug that occurred when crafting items in the player's inventory.
    • Entering a dungeon will now display the name of the dungeon on your screen. This system will eventually be
    • improved at a later date.
    • The following changes have been made to Armor Progression as a follow-up to the Loot Overhaul Update:
      • Iron Armor has been slightly buffed to accommodate the new 5-tiered progression system. Iron Armor now has 16 points of defense, up from 15.
      • Chainmail Armor values have been rearranged to better accommodate the changes to Iron Armor. Wearing the full set will remain at 12 points of defense.
      • Weapons Damage has been increased to match the armor changes:
        • Wooden Sword: +14% damage
        • Stone Sword: +9% damage
        • Iron Sword: +7% damage
        • Diamond Sword: +7% damage
        • Stone Axe: +11% damage
        • Iron Axe: +8% damage
        • Diamond Axe: +7% damage
        • Power Enchantment: +17% damage
    • Diamond Axe durability lowered from giant drops
    • Diamond Axe durability slightly buffed from dungeon_t5 chests
    • Fixed a bug where Septus and Grayvale Zombie Spawners were not spawning correctly
    • Reduced Baked Potato spawn rate in spire_fire chests.
    • Made Swamp Pit exit easier.
    • Removed instant death jump in Abandoned Mineshaft.
    6/15/2020 ( )
    • Cosmetic Armor Color for Leather Armor will now save globally and apply automatically when picking up new armor in the world.
    • Fixed an issue where login radius warning messages were not displaying properly.
    • Loot Changes:
      • Gravyale:
        • -1 mil_rare
        • +3 mil_epic
        • -2 food_uncommon
    • Septus:
    • Tweaked Parkour
    6/14/2020 ( )
    • Fix issue where limited-time cosmetics were available to players that shouldn't have had them.
    • Fix issue where you could interact with a beacon.
    • Fix issue where the last slot in your hotbar could not be used when crafting.
    • Fix issue where support kit gave effects if the dye count was at 0 but still turned on.
    • Zombies can now break wooden doors.
    • Loot Update
    • Loot Changes Thread
    6/05/2020 (
    • Fixed an issue where player zombies would sometimes not spawn.
    • Fixed an issue where buttons would disappear immediately once placed.
    • Fixed an issue where PigZombies would explode like it was New Years Eve.
    6/04/2020 ( )
    • Fixed an issue where player zombies would spawn twice.
    • Fixed an issue where killing zombies with an axe multi-hit grants more kills and xp than expected.
    • Miscellaneous backend changes to better optimize code.
    • Fort Kharj now has only one iron door to enter the potion button room and has a clear indicator for button placement.
    • Agni Ignis outer ring: Removed some pigman spawners
    • Medusa Lake: The spawner next to a pot_rare now spawns zombies instead of pigmans
    6/02/2020 ( )
    • Player zombies will now despawn when no one is nearby and re-spawn when a player is close.
      • This will help lower total chunks loaded at a time.
    • Overhauled instance system to improve loading times and instance control.
    • Increased iron sword damage to players by 3.6%
    • Increased diamond sword damage to players by 2.2%
    6/01/2020 ( )
    • More backend code changes.
    • Fixed an issue where the potion button room at Fort Kharj could be farmed with multiple people
    5/31/2020 ( )
    • Adjusted the spawn menu to show the spawn in block counts.
    • Changed the bleeding and infection systems to not work off of a global timer.
    • Fixed a memory leak caused by a scoreboard task.
    • Fixed a bug where using Revitalizer in the support kit would not refresh your absorption hearts.
    • Increased Aloe Vera fire resistance duration from 5 seconds to 30 seconds.
    • Rebuilt Patchwork.
    • Fixed Devil's Respite plate room.
    • Added barriers to the Abandoned Mineshaft instance exit.
    • Edited Floating Islands exit pathway.
    • Reverted Zerbia Depths loot room changes.
    • Frostbain:
      • +4 mil_rare, -1 mil_uncommon, -1 food_uncommon, -1 civ_tool, removed crafting table
    • Disabled the following legendaries in the following dungeons:
      • All Dungeons
        • Seal of Space, Web Shot
      • Zerbia Depths
        • Simoon's Song
    • New Update Post
    5/29/2020 ( )
    • Adjusted Zombie spawns to reduce crowding.
    • Changed chunk unloading system in instances.
    • More general code improvements.
    5/25/2020 ( )
    • Adjustments made to anti-cheat.
    • Redesigned zombie spawn system.
    5/23/2020 ( )
    • Major improvements to anti-cheat system.
    • Updated Eillom entrance sign.
    • Fixed a build error in Maze of the Tenth.
    5/20/2020 ( )
    • Fixed an issue where arrows did vanilla damage.
    5/20/2020 ( )
    • Fixed an issue where gamble would do more damage than expected.
    • Decreased Axis Mundi sharpness book damage values.
    5/19/2020 ( )
    • Fixed an issue where bleeding wasn't working.
    • Increased Axis Mundi Smite book damage values.
    • Fixed bugs in Zerbia Depths
    • - The boat will now teleport you along with it after the third stop.
    5/18/2020 ( )
    • Reworked mob spawning.
    • More improvements made to the chest spawning system.
    • Fixed a bug where any item enchanted with smite was doing vanilla damage.
    • Adjustments made to Zerbia Depths
      • Added cauldrons throughout the dungeon.
      • Adjusted blindness parkour room with feedback from previous dungeon groups.
    5/17/2020 ( )
    • More backend changes to help improve lag.
    • Changes to the zombie AI to help improve movement in water.
    • Legendary Weapons now have proper lore to specify what type of legendary they are.
    • Updated various in-game tips.
    • Fixed bugs in Zerbia Depths.
    • Adjusted resupply chests in Zerbia Depths
    • Parkour to the Water Spire lore block is now easier.
    • Removed a few spawners from Agni Ignis
    5/16/2020 ( )
    • More adjustments to help performance.
    • Added extra logs to help pinpoint problematic systems.
    • Adjusted DCS Parkour.
    • Fixed Armor Stands in Asindia Ruins.
    • Fixed bugs in Zerbia Depths.
    • Zombies in Elite Dungeons and Byesford Labs now have the same health as northern zombies.
    • Changes to zombie spawn system.
    • Zerbia:
      • -4 mil_epic (Note: they were grapple-only chests)
    • Fort Saward:
      • +3 mil_rare
    5/14/2020 ( )
    • Adjusted various quest items.
    • Removed Glimmering Emerald. All current emeralds will still work, but they are no longer required to complete the quest.
    • Emerald Shards no longer stack to 15.
    • Fixed bugs in Zerbia Depths.
    • Adjusted Zombie health in Zerbia Depths.
    • Fixed bugs in Path of Light.
    • Decreased Devil's Respite parkour difficulty.
    • Added more parkour pillars to Sercaul.
    • Removed the snow layer for the exit of the secret room in Clarce.
    • Added more crafting tables to Grimdale.
    • Moved spawners in Floating Islands.
    • Added ways in Carmi to get up from the water onto the docks.
    • Al Hasa:
      • +1 civ_common
    • Aspermont:
      • +2 mil_rare
    • Yawpton:
      • +2 melons
    • Maximum grenade damage to mobs has been lowered
    5/13/2020 ( )
    • Fixed an issue where random spawning stopped working.
    • You can now also use /mz spawn if you wish to spawn.
    5/13/2020 ( )
    • More changes made to help improve lag.
    • Fixed an issue where server name was not showing in the scoreboard when toggled on
    • Axis Mundi Emerald Shard is no longer farmable.
    • Being caught in the Eclipsed Headquarters will now only affect nearby players.
    • Various Eclipsed Headquarters fixes.
    • Various Body Offload fixes.
    • Fixed Emerald Shard Quest red stone error.
    • Removed random pressure plate item near Huntsgrove.
    • Archaeological Digsite:
      • Relooted, now has 2 mil_uncommon, 2 food_common, 1 civ_tool
    • Frostbain:
      • +2 mil_rare, -1 civ_tool
    • Sercaul:
      • +2 food_common, +1 civ_common, -2 mi_rare
    • Grimdale:
      • +1 pot_south
    • Lorfaul Mines can now be entered without 3 people requirement or a button
    • Knoxmoor Inn:
      • Opened up the button room. +1 food_uncommon, -1 mil_epic
    • Agni Ignis: Moved spawners from outer ring to inner ring
    • Removed water source from Axis Mundi
    • Increased zombie health and damage in elite dungeons and tier 5 dungeons
    5/12/2020 ( )
    • Adjusted Shrine of the Dusk Boss Room
    • Fixed potential exploits in Zerbia Depths
    • Chest spawning has been reworked.
      • You will no longer need to walk into a location and wait for the chests to spawn.
      • Chests will now spawn in based relative to the player's location.
    • More changes made to help improve lag.
    5/11/2020 ( )
    • Cake will now show food info.
    • Adjusted chunk loading to increase performance.
    • Fixed Axis Mundi not resetting on reboot
    • Fixed Path of Light exploit
    • Fixed an issue where pigmen can break doors and drop the door item.
    • Loot updates:
      • Huntsgrove: +1 food_uncommon -1 food_common
      • Water Spire: +2 mil_epic
      • Axis Mundi: Removed emerald and elixir, Added prot 1 iron boots
    5/10/2020 ( )
    • Fixed an issue where water bottles gave you health.
    • Fixed an issue where instances would not load.
    • Fixed an issue where breaking chests was not always working.
    • Lowered Zombie spawn rates.
    • Changes to background thread to help with lag.
    • Fixed an issue where Revenants were not spawning in the world.
    • Body Offload Changes
      • Boss Room mobs reduced.
      • Fixed lag issue regarding large soul sand pits.
    5/9/2020 ( )
    • MineZ Origins has been released! Check out the full changelog here
    • PTR testing changelog can be found here
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  2. Goliac Silver

    Oh... So water healing was a bug.
    MTrout likes this.
  3. Spiny55 Gold

    I mean hey at least healing is no longer easy and broken.
  4. 111kittycat111 Platinum

    a lot of very good looking changes here
    Andrew_64_MC likes this.
  5. Andrew_64_MC Retired Staff

    I appreciate reading this every day
    Marine_PvP likes this.
  6. UltimateNemumi Platinum

    Elite zombies are similar to steel now. Please become previous one.
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  7. Smartzz Platinum

    DO grenades still 1 shot zombies?
  8. Napoleon__1er Emerald

    they already didnt one shot zombies before this patch xdddd
  9. Smartzz Platinum

    I did it the other day doing body offload?
  10. Napoleon__1er Emerald

    we needed 3 grenade for 1 wave in anemos
  11. Smartzz Platinum

    You guys straight up posted the brand new legendary before it was dropped. Web shot???
  12. jeFow Regular Member

    hi if i spawnd in the mineZ game i cant respawn what do i need to do help plz me i like it
  13. Marine_PvP Jr. Developer

    If you don't have a spawn item in your hand, you can use /mz spawn to spawn
  14. Andrew_64_MC Retired Staff

    Appreciate this!
  15. Napoleon__1er Emerald

    buff gnome island
  16. frogmarty889 Regular Member

    Following the progression of the mil chests, does this mean Reinforced Iron Armor can be gotten rarely from mil_mythics?
  17. JACOBSMILE MineZ & Film Crew Lead

    No. Reinforced Iron Armor is reserved for Zerbia Depths & Axis Mundi currently, but we may revisit it at a later time.
  18. RoseFredricks Platinum

    BUG: If you put Shovels or Hoes in a Small Bad and logout, the Shovels and Hoes lose their CanDestroy NBT tags, making them useless.

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