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Update MineZ Update Changelog

Discussion in 'MineZ' started by Marine_PvP, Jul 14, 2019.

Update - MineZ Update Changelog
  1. Marine_PvP MineZ Lead Admin

    The purpose of this thread is to provide players with the knowledge of when changes to the map are rolled and what those changes are. Future updates to the thread will be appended to the list below. Note that some changes may be only hinted at or omitted entirely as some changes are intended to be secret or hidden.

    Map changes may not take effect until the servers reboot (friendly reminder you can check server up times with
    '/mz uptime'), but changes listed here have been staged for release on all rebooted servers.

    All Updates are at 6:00 AM CST based on the date of the version below.

    9/15/2019 (
    • Horizontal grappling cooldown will now show in chat at pull.
    • Login timer will now show the time left when you try to login.
    • Spawn kit grenade will not be usable until z = -1000.
    • Spawn kit speed pot duration has been changed from 1m 30s to 50s
      • Any spawn kit speed pot duration will be convert to 50s on login.
    • pot_rare chests can now spawn a speed pot with 30s.
    • All speed pot now has a 15m cooldown before it can be used again.
    • Sugar now gives nausea and blindness at end of effect.
    • Sugar spawnrate has been increased in mil_uncommon.
    • Cosmetic armor color is now live, use /cosmetic to see the menu.
    • Adjusted the loot of the following locations:
      • Hell Tree:
        • +4 mil_rare, -6 mil_epic
        • Lowered max item of chests
        • The tree is no longer climbable
      • Eillom:
        • -1 mil_rare
      • Aspermont:
        • +1 food_uncommon, +1 mil_rare
      • Afaya:
        • -1 mil_rare, +1 civ_tool
      • Paluster:
        • +1 civ_common, -1 food_uncommon
    9/5/2019 (
    • More Anti-Cheat code improvements.
    • Changes to zombie health in the 3 regions based on new damage values below.
    • Buff to Iron and Diamond Swords details below:
      • Changed 6 to 5 hits with a diamond sword to kill a full leather
      • Changed 10 to 9 hits with a iron sword to kill a full chain
      • Changed 12 to 11 hits with a iron sword to kill a full iron
      • Changed 10 to 9 hits with a diamond sword to kill a full iron
    9/3/2019 (
    • Fixed an issue where guardians keep attacking after 1 hit and the beam would not go away.
    • Adjusted Flail to scale better with health lost.
    • Select spawn will now block out the 4 closest spawns to the left and right of the chosen point.
    • /mz kill now has a 1 minute cooldown.
    • All MineZ Tips have been updated.
    9/2/2019 (
    • Fixed an issue with giant drops not dropping.
    • Fixed an issue with grave drops not appearing once the grave is dug open.
    • Patch to fix the no cheat when using a grapple.
    • Patch to fix the no cheat the players are stomped by a giant.
    • Fixed an issue where guardians would instant kill you.
    • Anti-Cheat code improvements.
    • Adjusted the loot of the following locations:
      • McHarlington:
        • Underground prison is now farmable.
        • -1 mil_rare
        • Fixed zombie spawners.
      • Clarce:
        • -5 mil_common, +5 mil_uncommon
      • Barathrum Caverns:
        • 1 pot_rare, button no longer required to enter church.
      • Tenebris:
        • Increased max item of chests
    8/30/2019 (
    • Chests now have the option to have a min/max value to allow us to set item amounts per chest.
    • Gamble has been changed:
      • 50/50 chance to deal or take damage.
      • 2.5 hearts of true damage to deal.
      • 3 hearts of true damage to take.
    • Rabbit Feet have been changed:
      • Jump boost level lowered from 4 to 2.
      • Removed slowness.
      • Jumping now removes 1 dura from the boots every 3 seconds. (If you jump, you lose 1 dura and have 3 seconds before you lose dura again if you are jumping)
    • Fixed an issue where zombies were not spawning underground.
    • Fixed an issue where bleeding was not giving slowness.
    • Room chests now spawn a set number of items in each respawn (Please report any button rooms that still spawn random number of items so we can fix it and roll.
    • Adjusted the loot of the following locations:
      • Fort Saward:
        • Two of the three button rooms are now farmable.
        • -2 mil_epic, +2 mil_rare
      • Jacsebalon Mansion:
        • +3 civ_common,+2 mil_common
      • Heartless Mansion:
        • +3 food_common, -3 civ_common, -2 mil_common, +3 mil_uncommon, +2 civ_tool
    • Fixed an issue where falling in water, lava, or cobwebs from up high sometimes kills you.
    8/18/2019 (
    • Changed cooldown on grenades from 1 second to 5 seconds.
    • Sugar and grenade cooldowns are now shown in game.
    • Fixed an issue with shovels doing too much damage.
    • Slightly lowered the y vector PvP knockback.
    • Stone axes' damage is now between wooden swords and stone swords.
    • Iron axes' damage is now between stone swords and iron swords.
    • Adjusted the loot of the following locations:
      • Forest:
        • -9 mil_rare, +9 mil_uncommon, -1 civ_tool, +1 civ_common
      • Carnival:
        • +1 civ_tool, -1 mil_uncommon
      • Sirus:
        • -2 mil_rare, +1 mil_uncommon, -1 civ_common
      • Floating Islands:
        • -1 pot_rare, +1 pot_uncommon
      • Grayvale:
        • +5 mil_epic, -1 mil_rare
    7/27/2019 ( )
    • Reverted update version (7/26/2019) back to version (7/22/2019) to work on a better fix.
    7/26/2019 (
    • Changed the spawn kit Grenade to a Button. *
    • Changed spawn kit Stone Swords to a Wooden Sword with Smite 1 & Unbreaking 1. *
    • Changed spawn kit Speed Potions to only work while heading north starting at -1000 z. *
      • * Note that these changes have now since been reverted.
    7/22/2019 ( )
    • Fixed an issue where Flail was not doing true damage.
    • Adjusted Flail damage to a max of 2 1/2 hearts since the true damage bug was fixed.
    • Fixed Gamble.
    • Fixed an issue with Heal Sword where it would remove the affected player's selected item.
    • Fixed an issue where some legendary items would give bleeding when they shouldn't.
    • Fixed an issue where Therum's Power would not remove 25% of current durability on armor when hit.
    7/20/2019 (
    • Recoded the pigman damage system to give proper damage and not spawn multiple player zombies on player death.
    • Fixed an issue where you could get double XP on zombie kill.
    • Slightly reduced knockback from punch bows and knockback swords
    • Adjusted the loot of the following locations:
      • Quarry:
        • +1 mil_epic, -1 mil_rare
      • Krubera:
        • +1 mil_epic, -1 mil_rare
    • Adjusted bow damage:
      • Lowered by 1/2 hearts of damage.
    7/19/2019 (
    • Fixed an issue where packets were always showing zombie.hurt in subtitles.
    • Fixed an issue where direct hits from grenades didn't register.
    • Fixed an issue where drinking water and quickly switching between items would replace the selected item to a water bottle.
    • Fixed an issue where pigmen did no knockback and did not damage armor.
    • Fixed an issue where dealing damage to giants didn't lower weapon durability.
    • Removed the ability to stun giants with grenades.
    • Lowered login slowness radius from 100 to 60.
    • Changed the grenade stun on zombies from 10 seconds to 5 seconds.
    • Changes to natural zombie spawning.
    7/18/2019 (
    • Fixed axes doing high damage when crouched.
    • Fixed an issue where you could get double XP.
    • Adjusted the loot of the following locations:
      • Mining Town:
        • -1 mil_epic in the cave, replaced 2 mil_rare to 2 mil_epic on the surface
      • Yongton Abby:
        • -1 mil_rare, +1 mil_uncommon
      • Logging Camp:
        • -1 mil_rare, +1 mil_uncommon
      • Bazel:
        • -1 mil_rare, +2 mil_uncommon, mil_uncommons now spawn more items.
      • Camp Kharj:
        • -2 mil_uncommon, +2 mil_rare, mil_epics now spawn more items
      • Cole Castle:
        • -2 mil_rare, +2 mil_uncommon
      • Sirus:
        • -7 mil_rare, +7 mil_uncommon
    7/17/2019 (
    • Fixed login player radius sound check and effect.
    • Increased login slowness radius to 100 blocks.
    • Added a welcome message with the build version and a link to the change log.
    • Adjusted the loot of the following locations:
      • Crowmure:
        • -1 mil_epic, mil_rare chests now spawn more items
    • Loot tables have been adjusted for the following:
      • Pots
        • Uncommon
        • Rare
      • Food
        • Common
      • Mil
        • Common
        • Uncommon
        • Rare
        • Epic
      • A new item has been added to the mil rare / epic chests that has been long since requested.
    7/16/2019 (
    • Fixed an issue where interaction would cancel on item pickup.
    7/15/2019 (
    • Lowered Flail damage from 5 hearts to 3.5 hearts on low heath max damage.
    • Fixed an issue where switching equipped legendaries would not remove the effects.
    • Adding in shift clicking, right clicking, and drag drop fixes to enable legendaries on equip.
    • Fixed an issue where Simoon's Song was still causing nocheat from knockback.
    • Adjusted login spawn teleport to try to fix an issue where players spawn in before the terrain loads and die.
    • Re-enabled Helmet of Vision.
    • Fixed grenades to work as they should.
    • Fixed potions ghosting on dropping
    • Re-adjusted weapon damage. New values are the following:
      • 8 hits with a wood sword to kill a naked
      • 6 hits with a stone sword to kill a naked
      • 5 hits with a iron sword to kill a naked
      • 4 hits with a diamond sword to kill a naked
      • 11 hits with a wood sword to kill a full leather
      • 8 hits with a stone sword to kill a full leather
      • 7 hits with a iron sword to kill a full leather
      • 6 hits with a diamond sword to kill a full leather
      • 15 hits with a wood sword to kill a full chain
      • 11 hits with a stone sword to kill a full chain
      • 10 hits with a iron sword to kill a full chain
      • 7 hits with a diamond sword to kill a full chain
      • 19 hits with a wood sword to kill a full iron
      • 15 hits with a stone sword to kill a full iron
      • 12 hits with a iron sword to kill a full iron
      • 10 hits with a diamond sword to kill a full iron
    7/14/2019 (
    • MineZ Fighting Update has rolled. Change log can be found here.
    • Fixed an issue where XP was not being granted.
    Previous changes can be found here.

  2. Sandnigr Platinum

    yeah lets see about those anticheat improvements.
    Smartz_, Treetop_Archer and Saviour like this.
  3. Smartz_ Platinum

    You need to buff swords more, bows are still better
    kbsfe likes this.
  4. cyclone_43 Silver

    I disagree with the current sword buff so. yeah lol
  5. Bumi Platinum

    bows are still marginally stronger, not to mention the damage values are messed up when going for weak shots. maybe u should fight more often and actually win before u make another conclusion.
  6. Sh4dowB0t Obsidian

    what u mean man bow fighting is so much fun :D
  7. cyclone_43 Silver

    Hey man, I got into like 4+ fights against full irons yesterday lol. Maybe you should leave hasa for a change :stuck_out_tongue:
  8. Bumi Platinum


    Don't know who you think ur fooling, u and ur group have no business talking about pvp changes at all. u only want swords to be weak so u can bowspam and maybe kill 2 in a 10v5
  9. Marine_PvP MineZ Lead Admin

    9/15/2019 ( update is out
  10. HaSa Regular Member

    뉴비를 위한 패치라고는 하지만 뉴비는 있긴한가?
    점점 망하는길 가는 Minez :wink:

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