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Announcement MineZ Update Changelog

Discussion in 'MineZ' started by Marine_PvP, Jan 27, 2019.

Announcement - MineZ Update Changelog
  1. Marine_PvP MineZ Lead Admin

    The purpose of this thread is to provide players with the knowledge of when changes to the map are rolled and what those changes are. Future updates to the thread will be appended to the list below. Note that some changes may be only hinted at or omitted entirely as some changes are intended to be secret or hidden.

    Map changes may not take effect until the servers reboot (friendly reminder you can check server uptimes with '/mz uptime'), but changes listed here have been staged for release on all rebooted servers.

    • Floating islands has received minor build changes and updated loot chests.
    • Krubera Vault has received bug fixes and build changes.
    • Paluster has received minor build changes.
    • Floating Islands has received build changes.
    • The lore book inside Wizard Tower has been fixed.
    • The captain in Pravus has sailed away on a new adventure, and the Workshop grows cold and freezes over as the seasons change.
    • Lowered the public server count to 1 open from 2. A new server will start up at 50 players.
    • Asindia Ruins and Eclipsed Ruins have reopened with some minor changes.
    • The Lost Thieves Guild exit has been fixed.
    • Medusa Lake has received minor build changes.
    • Something has changed in the sewers below Shrine of the Dusk...
    • Anemos Sanctum's entrance has been fixed.
    • Fixed an issue where the world difficulty was not being set to hard.
    • Re-balanced the damage for the zombies based on the 4 main zones of the map due to difficulty being set to hard.
    • The captain in Pravus is beginning to pack up to set sail. The entrance to the South Pole will close in one week (3/20). Accounts that are logged out there will stay, but no new people will be able to enter. (The Winter Dungeon will re-lock as the magic of the season is vanishing.)
    • Medusa Lake has received a buff and minor build changes.
    • Medusa Lake has been rebuilt.
    • Changed the reboot time to 6AM CST.
    • Added logic to fix an issue where players lost items on login. (Bug was finally found and fixed)
    • Rolled a change to fix an issue where quickly logging in after a reboot caused your player to not spawn in the correct place.
    • Made changes to the Zombie spawn system.
    • Sunken Library has been reopened.
    • Warped Ruins has been temporarily closed.
    • Carmi and Castle Wayvernia have received minor build changes.
    • A few parkour heavy locations have received parkour shrouds: Floating Islands / Necromancer Tower / Warped Ruins.
    • Unsoulbound speed potions will be removed on login. (This is a patch to a bug that caused them to lose their soulbind.)
    • Locations that had hoppers for special items have been updated to use new detectors: Asindia Ruins / Overgrown Tomb / Path of Light / Shrine of the Dusk.
    • Eclipsed Ruins has been temporarily closed.
    • Mount Therum has been reopened.
    • Crafting table at Fort Kharj has been moved to the bar.
    • Tahosa has been rebuilt.
    • DCS has been updated, fixed, and reopened.
    • Anti-logger will no longer spawn an NPC on server kick after a server reboot.
    • Aeternalis Crypts has been reopened.
    • DCS has been closed for bug fixes.
    • Possible fix rolled for /logout not working.
    • Added /msg to work the same way as /tell
    • Added /r that will reply to the last person you had messaged.
    • Fixed an issue with lingering potions not working as intended.
    • Fixed an issue where Zombie Pigmen were not doing 3 hearts of true damage.
    • Adjusted server pre-login start time from 30 seconds to 1 min to try to stop the issue of players logging in too fast and losing their loot.
    • XP fixed and back in the game.
    • Fixed an issue where players being killed from fall damage from an entity was not giving the right death message.
    • Fixed an issue where if a player logs in too fast on server start they would not have their player loaded right and lose their data. Server now has a 30 seconds timer before joining to load all plugins before a player can join to validate proper joining.
    • Fixed an issue where anti-logger NPC was spawning on PVE.
    • Adjusted the mobs spawns in the world.
    • Adjusted the timer on the giant spawns
    • Adjusted the spawn rate of zombie spawning in graves.
    • Fixed an issue when you die from thirst it would not spawn a player zombie. ( Will go into effect after the reboot on 2/3/2019 )
    • Anti-Logger death now snapshots as a valid death ( Will go into effect after the reboot on 2/3/2019 )
    • Fixed an issue with anti-logger, will now take fall damage when jumping and logging out. Min safe distance is 5 blocks after that it will take vanilla damage, and can die from fall damage. ( Will go into effect after the reboot on 2/3/2019 )
    • Fixed an issue with anti-logger having collision enabled.
    • Lowered y vector knockback a little bit.
    • Finally found the issue where dungeons were not loading right.
    • Fixed an issue where if an anti-logger takes any fall damage they would die.
    • Fixed an issue where player heads were not saving right ( This will not fix current broken ones. Let us know if you have any that are broken and we can try to fix them. )
    • Fixed an issue with fishing rods would glitch out players.
    • Fixed an issue where view distance was not set to 5 from the PTR causing the server lots of lag.
    • The winter dungeon has been majorly improved.
    • Fixed issue with stack limit not matching from PTR.
    • Placed a fix to help dungeon instances to load better ( This problem is being worked on and check to validate and more work might need to be done )
    • Finished a new feature where it will auto-save your player data every 5 minutes to help prevent too far of a rollback on server issues.
    • Fixed an issue where dungeon items were not being removed when leaving the dungeons (these items will be removed on login due to it not working before.)
    • Fixed an issue where anti-logger was being killed by mobs.
    • More changes to dungeons instances as we try to fix the issue with chunks not loading correctly.
    • Fixed an issue where you damage players with arrows on PvE.
    • MineZ Re-Code Update released
    • Sanctuary of Peace has been rebuilt.
    • Al Hasa has been rebuilt.
    • A ship has been spotted near Pravus.
    Previous changes can be found here
    PTR changelog can be found here
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  2. Mohawk2 Regular Member

    What's the festival dungeon? And how was is "majorly improved"?
  3. Pichu2002 Builder

    We went through the winter dungeon and fixed all of the oversights the team had that allowed for extreme breaking of the dungeon.
    Marine_PvP, GJrocks09 and Meme_MC like this.
  4. Nalacion Emerald

    Was the Arbreton update intentionally released? Looks a bit "in-progress" for a build release.

    EDIT: One other thing, is Lost Thieves Guild supposed to deal fall damage when you leave now?
  5. Jaime02 Regular Member

    We are stuck at the south pole elf factory, help

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